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S55 Dragons Budget
(This post was last modified: 08-22-2020, 04:28 PM by Steelhead77.)

Dragonite Calgary Dragon's Season 55 BudgetDragonite

Forwards: 41.5
Defensemen: 26.5
Goalies: 6.5
Current Contract Cost: 74.5
Contracts Retained: 0
Send Downs:
Barkov, Marner, Amundsen, Goodname, Daddy, Suzuki

Total Budget Occupied: 74.5M
Total Budget Cap: 75M
Available: 500K

[Image: TeamBarDragons.png]


Barry Batsbak (S46)  (Katth)
S55: 5M**
S56: 5M**
S57: 5M**

Maxime Bouchard (S45) (weretarantula)
S55: 3M*
S56: 3M*
S57: 3M*

Mikael Choybuk (S44) (DollarAndADream)
S55: 5M

Anders Christiansen (S39) (Norwegiandemon)
S55: 4M

Mack Daddy (S55) (Mack) Send Down
S55: 500K (2.5M)
S56: 500K (2.5M)
S57: 500K (2.5M)

Mike Izzy (S35) (Mike Izzy)
S55: 4M

Mats Marner (S54) (Leafsftw1967) Send Down
S55: 1M (3M)
S56: 1M (3M)

Esa Parmborg (S47) (Steelhead77)
S55: 5M

Nicholas Pedersen Jr (S43) (mstuk41)
S55: 5M

Atlas Rush (S48) (Rublic)
S55: 3M
S56: 3M

Alexei Rykov (S50) (RaginCajun)
S55: 3M

Joseph Weston (S50) (ACapitalChicago)
S55: 3M


Bradley Barkov (S53) (MarlinManiac4) Send Down
S55: 500K (2.5M)

Otis B Driftwood  (S40) (Slappydoodle)
S55: 5M**

Chris Goodname (S55) (kikish18) Send Down
S55: 500K (2.5M)
S56: 500K (2.5M)
S57: 500K (2.5M)

Brennan Kennedy Jr (S46) (BK1689)
S55: 3M*

Oliver Klozoff (S46) (Alex Mack)
S55: 4M
S56: 4M

Leopold Lockhart (S45) (ej27)
S55: 5M***

Chico Smeb (S46) (xDPark)
S55: 4M
S56: 4M

Bernik Vzrala (S46) (Off)
S55: 4.5M


Kata Vilde (S41) (Barnabascollins)
S55: 5M
S56: 5M
S57: 5M

Cale Amundsen (S54) (Wally) Send Down
S55: 500K (2.5M)
S56: 500K (2.5M)

Elle Rush (S51) (slothfacethrilla)
S55: 500K

Keisuke Suzuki (S55) (Rieksts) Send Down
S55: 500K (2.5M)
S56: 500K (2.5M)


*Hometown Discount
***This contract was originally signed as a 3M HTD by SanFran. After our trade it's been adjusted up to 5M according to the rules on HTD limits.

Note: Send down cap hit listed first. Paid salary in (parenthesis).

[Image: parmborg.gif]
[Image: steelhead77.gif]

#1 All-Time SHL Goal & Point Scorer 
- First 2,000 TPE Player in SHL History - 
- First 400 Goal Scorer in SHL History -
- Only 500 Goal Scorer in SHL History -
- First GM to Win 5 & 6 Challenge Cups -
Esa Anrikkanen Award - SMJHL ROY - Est. S34
Vidrik Onoprienko Award Winner - S45

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