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Directory of History Spreadsheets
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I am making this so I can keep track of all the spreadsheets I have for the History Section. Also to find ways to condense stuff and make it a lot more viewer friendly to users. This is also a directory for people who are in need of info can easily find the thread. Of course if you want more info or got a question you can easily message me on site or on discord. Or if there is a mistake on stuff please let me know.


1.  SHL Awards:
    Spreadsheet Link:

2. Franchise Records:
    Goalie Spreadsheet:
    Forward Spreadsheet:

2.a Franchise Goalie Playoffs:
Franchise Skater Playoffs:

3. All Time Records:

4.  Single Season Records:

5.  League of Accomplished Players 2.0:
    Spreadsheet Link:

6. SHL Logo Directory:
    Drive Link:

7. Trade Histories:
    Spreadsheet Link:

8.  GM History/Team History:
    Spreadsheet Link:

9. SHL Awards/All Stars Spreadsheet:
    SHL Player Achievements:

10. Draft Seasons Career Stats:


1. SMJHL GM History/SMJHL Team History:
    Spreadsheet link:

2. SMJHL Awards:
    Spreadsheet link:

Also If you have your own spreadsheet that you think could be a good addition then let me know!

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