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Credit to Ml002, King, Wasty, Carpy, Bruins10, Rum_Ham, Turd Ferguson, Ragnar and Enigmatic for the sigs.
Forge Stampede Inferno Specters Wolfpack Platoon Armada Scarecrows Uk

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thanks @Carpy48 and @frithjofr and @rum_ham and @Julio Tokolosh and @Briedaqueduc for the sigs
Armada Inferno norway

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Made by Rindiee, rum_ham & Carpy

Jacob Mueller S5-S
Julien Dupont S6-S13
S9 Challenge Cup - Calgary Dragons
IIHF Gold - Germany
Rufus Reinhart S13-S24
S14 Challenge Cup - Texas Renegades
Christoffer Björnsson - S25-S35
S25 Four Stars Cup
S26 Tom Corcoran Trophy - SMJHL Top Goalie

Sami Owens - S36-S52
S38 IIHF Bronze - Canada
S39 IIHF Gold - Canada
S42 IIHF Silver - Canada
S51 Challenge Cup Champion - HAM

Liam Slate - S54-Present
S53 WJC Bronze - British Isles
S54 WJC Silver - British Isles
S55 Four Star Cup Champion - Newfoundland Berserkers
S57 IIHF Silver - Great Britain
S58 IIHF Silver - Great Britain
S60 IIHF Silver - Great Britain
S61 IIIHF Gold - Great Britain
S67 Challenge Cup Champion - Seattle Argonauts
S68 Challenge Cup Champion - Seattle Argonauts
Triple Gold Club


[Image: Fitted_3.png]

2x 4Star Cup Champ s49 s50

1x commissioners excellence award s 50
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[Image: hTAHbeC.png][Image: OaCJVMI.png] | [Image: pMYriGC.png]
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