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You only need to post your twitter account once in here
If you change your twitter account go back and edit your post. Do not put up a new post

Simply tweet and reply from your own personal twitter account with the hashtag "#shlhockey"
You can earn 150k per tweet for up to 450k in a single week
You can also earn an additional 150k for 3 replies (50k each) on other people’s tweets

All of the 3 tweets have to be on separate days
All 3 replies also have to be on separate days

The claimable tweets from the week are from Monday 12AM EST - Sunday 11:59PM EST
Tweets and Replies CAN be on the same day, but you cannot claim 2 replies or 2 tweets on the same day

In order to post in the thread you need to follow these rule’s
The link must be a hyperlink(https://) to your account page
The post must ONLY be the hyperlink, no other additional comments or concerns

If you change your twitter handle or create a new twitter account, you have to update your profile link in order to continue to earn money

For example
My twitter profile is

And I changed my handle to Zoltanman

I would go back to my post and change the handle to

[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
[Image: luketd.gif]

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[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
[Image: luketd.gif]

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[Image: 59269_s.png]

S66 Damian Littleton

[Image: CsnVET2.png] || [Image: wu5MVvy.png]|| [Image: c8B2LE3.png]
Battleborn | Barracuda | Usa
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Platoon Elk Elk Platoon
Argonauts Argonauts

[Image: AH23zKq.png]
Thank you karey, OrbitingDeath Ragnar, and sköldpaddor for sigs! 
[Image: BAL_Player_Page.png] [Image: BAL_Update.png]
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 [Image: Jammin.gif]
[Image: wiqZK8C.png]
[Image: zS2lCMp.png] [Image: ixmZA3M.png] [Image: pxjucze.png] [Image: sXDU6JX.png] [Image: IhVx0wj.png]

Thank you @High Stick King @OrbitingDeath @Ragnar @Tesla @MattyIce for the player signatures! 

[Image: Keven.gif]
Thanks to @enigmatic, @Matteo, @sulovilen, @zeagle1, and @TheOPSquid for all the sigs!
Czechia Malamutes Rage Czechia
Canada Citadelles pride syndicate

[Image: Mat10Man.gif]

[Image: bhLfeta.png][Image: UbL0bdg.png]
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[Image: MrStennett08.gif]

Scarecrows Usa Blizzard Panthers Patriotes Stars


[Image: CrazyMojitoSHL.gif]
Canada Blizzard Stars Citadelles Citadelles Stars Blizzard Canada 
[Image: d9J5DHT.png][Image: 16PgOBm.png]


[Image: 4x2jj4a.gif]
S58 Elias Armia Award Winner

[Image: bluesfan55.gif]
Armada Steelhawks Switzerland

Armada Specters Wolfpack Steelhawks Forge Switzerland

Scarecrows pride Chiefs Riot Stars Blizzard Ireland

ty to @High Stick King @EvilAllBran and @Ragnar for the sigs

[Image: draft-aa.png?ex=6623d02e&is=66115b2e&hm=...6f7f7fe7e&]

Grizzlies      S76 SMJHL DRAFT 3RD OVERALL PICK      Grizzlies
norway                     IIHF TEAM NORWAY                       norway


[Image: sBUQCq8.png]

Past Players



[Image: T8nB5Dn.png][Image: KXZ8h4k.png]
[Image: duderino.gif]

Clint Eastwood, Jun 10 2018,  09:36 AM Wrote:Can't buy love, but love can buy a lot.

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