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|Canada |Steelhawks| Armada|

|Canada| Inferno| Knights|

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Reed Kobo - Winger - #33
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Elijah Jones - Winger - #33 Retired
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Toivo Kosonen - Defenseman - #33 Retired
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Thanks to sulovilen for the sigs!
Adam Prpich Portal Link

Check out past episodes of Rich and Luke!

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Sven Holmberg

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Thnx @Carpy48 for the sig!

Nor Ge

Salzberger Lillehammersson
norway Inferno World Falcons

Anders Christiansen
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     Platoon    Timber
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render cred: @rum_ham, @Rangerjase @Ragnar @supertardis101 @Jogurtaa @Drokeep @evilallbran @Carpy48 @enigmatic
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Armada  Forge  Finland


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Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars Barracuda syndicate

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