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AJ Tirrell Retires

After a very short jrs career I am deciding to retire my first created player AJ Tirrell and recreate. I was forced to be inactive for about a whole season and it killed my momentum. Thank you to everyone who helped me learn the site and all my Outlaw teammates. look forward to meeting some new people in my next creation

[Image: mikelis.jpg?ex=660c1ce5&is=65f9a7e5&hm=c...4a38cd630&]

It happens. Glad you’re sticking around!

[Image: WzzhGnr.png][Image: image0.jpg]

[Image: image0.png][Image: UMRTITC.gif]

Ngl that Tirrell sig is dope af. Glad to hear you're giving it another go, don't ever hesitate to reach out with questions. this site is chocked-full of nerds looking to help others and hang.

Glad to have you stick around bud! Good luck.

Aurora Knights Aurora Knights Aurora Knights Aurora Knights Aurora Knights
[Image: VZtEodi.png]
[Image: 1n0REYx.png]

RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother

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