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Regina Elk - Team Information

General Information
City - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nickname - Elk
Arena - Brandt Centre
Founded - S61
Founder - overdoo
Branding Information
Colours - Wild Purple (2F0038), Wheat Gold (#FBBC19), Wood Lily Orange (#D4780D), Plain White (#FFFFFF)
Button - Elk
Main Logo
[Image: ReginaElkLogo.png]
Wordmarked Logo
[Image: ReginaElkLogoWordmark.png]
Alternate Logo
[Image: ReginaElkLogoAlternate.png]
Alternate Wordmark
[Image: ReginaElkWordmark.png]
Home Jersey
[Image: image0.jpg]
Away Jersey
[Image: image0.jpg]
Alternate Jersey
[Image: image0.jpg]

[Image: overdoo.gif]
Sigs from Jess and Kya

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