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Adam Barron says so long and farewell

Three seasons in Halifax raiders
Five in Winnipeg Jets
Six in Toronto Stars
Three in Baltimore Platoon
One (and a cup!) in Atlanta Inferno
and ultimately two in San Francisco pride

S68 will be Adam Barron's last season in the SHL.


Rather than thank all the people individually that made my time here such a fun experience, I'd like to say something more in general.

This league has a lot of moving parts, and I am sincerely grateful to everyone out there that helps keep the lights on. Whether that's HO, updaters, the GMs, people that recruit to keep the league alive, people that oversee the forum and help improve parts of it on the backend, all the organizers and contributors that make things like the current charity drive happen. There's no law that states the SHL has to exist, and no one's getting paid to be here... all of this happens because people care enough about a hockey sim league to volunteer their spare time in service of something we can all enjoy.

I'm really glad I stumbled upon that reddit thread three years ago.

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Legend. Glad we could get you a cup

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Im gonna miss Adam Barron, but i'm sure Charlie will always be around in one of the many discords we share. Props to a legendary career and for winning a cup with us.

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S35 Champion

-Nathan Explosion btw, semi-decent career but didn't keep track of it

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Team Canada legend

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_/_/_/ great career

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Congrats on the fantastic career

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Argonauts Argonauts

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Absolute legend. My fellow Raider Smile We made an impact together and you got the cup!
Have a hell of a ultimate season. Hope to see you around.

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I'm glad you managed to get a cup after our time in TOR Smile Well-deserved and enjoy retirement.

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_/_/_/ another S50 legend hangs em up. Glad we got to share an LR for a couple of seasons!

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Canadian legend. Great career!!

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