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[2X First Media] Hi! im Shootin Blanks/Bazooks_Joe
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Before I really get started this isn't some boring introduction of me and my player. Instead, this is a boring article about my ranking of the logo's/mascots of the SMJHL 1 to 14. Now, I feel to let everyone know that this is just my ranking and has nothing to do with me wanting to play for you or not. To be honest if anyone drafted Shootin' Blanks they would get my best effort and I would love the help the team win some cups if possible. Would like to add that I come from the PBE and I believe these logos are far more superior than the PBE logos. 
So, let's get started.

Coming in last place 14th: Detroit Falcons  Falcons
Few things I do love about the Falcons are their colors, I love that they're keeping the Red, Black and white alive in the motor city, the Red Wings would be proud. Also, for being a Falcon it's a pretty cool logo. The one problem I have is Falcons is a bland name and seems to have no significance to the city of Detroit. I know what your next question is, well neither do the Lions or the Tigers. Well, the Tigers were established way back in the day due to a company from Detroit that fought in the Civil War. They were tough fighters and earned the nickname, Tigers. The Lions followed suit later to go with the Tigers. 

13th: Maine Timber  Timber
I'll be honest, I do like the logo. I live in Seattle and Portland is just South of me with their MLS team being the Timbers. It also works with the state they reside in; the problem is that there are so many other teams that I like in this league logo wise I had to drop them to 13. Also, the name like the Falcons is just bland for me. Color is meh, Brown is a tough option for a jersey. Maybe it works. Not for me. 

12th: Quebec City Citadelles  Citadelles 
Don't shoot the messenger here. Is this for a band or for the fortification of a city or town? I'm a little confused but enjoy the Owl logo, with the "C" in the middle to make sure the Citadelle makes sense to people. Let's face is though; Quebec City deserves an NHL team as well but I'm glad the NHL chose Seattle as an expansion as I live there and now have season tickets. Been a fan since day one lol. 

11th: Carolina Kraken  Kraken
Like I said in my last post I am a Seattle Kraken season ticket holder. The name at the time didn't matter to me, all I wanted was a team for Seattle. When you put it with Carolina it comes off to me as playful or like Crackerjacks. The mythical monster ruining the Atlantic Ocean makes a lot more sense to have it on the East coast instead of the West. The logo is middle of the road for me, the colors I do enjoy though. Not many teams take a chance on orange, and I feel more should. 

10th: Regina Elk  Elk
Nothing fierce about it but the logo itself. Elk ties in with any Canadian city and I believe should not be a mascot. The thing that truly got them this high were their colors. I'm a big fan of Purple and gold. Washington Huskies, East Carolina Pirates, Minnesota Vikings or the Los Angeles Lakers one thing I feel you cannot deny is their uniforms are pretty cool. Next!

9th: Kelowna Knights  Knights
I'm about to go into a whole onslaught of same letter names. What I mean by that is when your city and mascot start off with the same letter, it's annoying to me, lazy maybe. I don't mean to offend but come on. Knights has always had a special place in my heart as a mascot/logo. Green colors are a weird choice for a knight, maybe to show a little difference between the golden knights of Las Vegas but I hope this was created first before the expansion team? Let's be honest, it's the London Knights but in a SIM league. 

8th: Anchorage Armada  Armada
Same letter name's part two. Beautiful city, love everything about it. Armada is not a bad name either and ties in well with Alaska port cities. Colors are pretty normal but work for their logo. You put them both together and it comes in at 8th on my list. I could spend some extra time and suggest different names for each city but thought it would take too long. But for this, the Anchorage Mountaineers? Anchorage Rebels? Anchorage 49ers? I don't know, just throwing things out there at this point. Stop with the same letter names!

7th: Great Falls Grizzlies  Grizzlies
Again, I have been here, and Montana is famous for their Grizzlies. This ties in well with Great Falls and will give them "same letter names" a pass as the best one of the groups. Brown, like the Timber is a hard color to work with but works well here for me and their mascot. The logo is fierce and would love to buy a jersey if it ever came out. Montana deserves more love! 

6th: Newfoundland Berserkers  Berserkers
I wanted to rank them higher. Berserkers is a great hockey name, and the mascot is not bad at all. Just give me some color, some pizzazz! something that pops. Instead, we get dark grey and white/black. Yawn city. If the colors were changed this could have easily been number one for me. Coming from someone that loves Norse mythology this name needs to be used more often. But screw it, I'd still buy a jersey. Make it all black with nothing else on it though. 

5th: Colorado Raptors  Raptors
Colors, logo and state. This is a great start to the top 5 for me. Blue and yellow are perfect colors for a hockey team. Previously called the Mammoths. (Which is also a great name, top 5 potential) The Raptors have been a name tossed around for years now since the Toronto Raptors were named. Why don't more expansion teams or leagues use this mascot? Colorado is also one of the states that produce the largest number of dinosaurs fossils. Yea, thank you google for that quick search. Only the best research for this article.

4th: St. Louis Scarecrows  Scarecrows
I know, you expected the Scarecrows to be way lower, so did I until I thought about it. It's such a unique name and the colors seem to work really well to me at least. Something about a hockey team in the Midwest named the Scarecrows just makes me happy and begging for more. Also works for the farmland that is still scattered around the state of Missouri. 10/10 would visit again and buy the jersey. 

3rd: Nevada Battleborn  Battleborn
Again, a unique name that I actually have never seen used before. This almost made number 1 to me just because of the name. Colors are looking slick with a navy blue and almost goldish color? Forgive if I'm wrong I haven't really seen any of the jerseys. Logo is the best Ram logo I've seen even IRL. Love that it's represented by the whole state of Nevada and not just Las Vegas or Reno. Really makes the logo and name work. 

2nd: Vancouver Whalers  Whalers
We have to pay respects to the Pacific Northwest and its Marine life. We see it with the Canucks, Mariners, Seahawks, SeaWolves, and the Kraken, I guess. When they were naming the Kraken there was a contest where you could post your favorite name, Mine was the Whalers or the Greys. I even get the fact that the Canucks is just a fancy word for whale, still it would work for me. Same color scheme as the Canucks as well. Way to not overthink the name of a hockey team in Vancouver. Just keep it simple!

1st: Yukon Malamutes  Malamutes
From one huge animal to one of the most beautiful animals. This was easy for me because again, I've never heard of a team being called this. Maybe I need to get out more but 10/10 please give me a jersey now! The light blue with red is an amazing color scheme as well. Not too flashy and not too bland.  The logo is simple but professional and I feel the crowd/fans all around would agree on this team name. Maybe the away jersey could be a light grey with the red lines and blue outlines? I don't know but you could go so many ways with these jerseys. Gorgeous. 

Well, there you have it. Boring like I said. I wrote this all throughout my work week and if it seems my brain went off in different directions for some teams it's because it did. Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to the scouting part. More articles to come.

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Nice article, really enjoyed reading it all the way through.

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03-11-2023, 01:27 AMspidey Wrote: Nice article, really enjoyed reading it all the way through.

Appreciate that. Thanks!

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im assuming the falcons name comes from the fact that the detroit red wings were actually called the detroit falcons from 1930-1932.

03-18-2023, 04:50 PMhewasajazzman Wrote: im assuming the falcons name comes from the fact that the detroit red wings were actually called the detroit falcons from 1930-1932.

Yea, saw that after I posted. Still 14th for me haha

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I think, and they can correct me if I'm wrong, but Kelowna is essentially a clone of the London Knights from the OHL. Just in a different city

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03-20-2023, 10:49 AM39alaska39 Wrote: I think, and they can correct me if I'm wrong, but Kelowna is essentially a clone of the London Knights from the OHL. Just in a different city

The original Kelowna logo was an old London Knights logo, this is an original at this point but yes the branding + colours is directly derived from London.

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Makes me wonder what's wrong with the red details on the Berserkers design (do people not see that?). But hey, nice write-up overall.

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