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S70 Minnesota Monarchs Draft Review (x2 draft media)
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After enduring what seemed like an endless rebuild, the Minnesota Monarchs diehard fans are finally starting to be rewarded for their faith in the organization. Season 69 saw the Monarchs return to the postseason for the first time since forever ago. While 17 wins may not be an earth shattering number, the team did exceed a number of peoples expectations in route to sneaking into the postseason. The team was quickly eliminated by the eventual Western Conference Champions, The Winnipeg Aurora, but the Monarchs did manage to steal a game in the series behind a remarkable shutout performance from goaltender Enes Gündoğan. It wasn't just making the playoffs that was so exciting for the Monarchs fans, it was the emerging young talent that helped them get to that point. Boasting one of the best prospect pools in all of the SHL, - S69 Monarchs Future Watch - some of the teams highly regarded young talent began to make an impact in Minnesota. Forwards Meta Knight, Dominik Froste, & Defenseman Julian Flörsch all played key roles for the team and were among the most exciting rookies in the league. This season, Defenseman Nevek Kove, Brendon Laroux, Forwards Alexi Piastri, Hải Nam Hoàng, & potentially other highly regarded prospects are set to make their SHL debuts.

The Monarchs entered the Season 70 SHL Draft in a position of strength for what may have been the first time in a while. The organizations depth would allow them to pinpoint players that they felt would compliment the roster that they had already pieced together, as opposed to drafting players to fill organizational needs. This was evident in the days leading up to the draft, the Monarchs made a big trade with the Toronto North Stars to move up to the 3rd selection in the draft. Minnesota traded pick #6, pick #14, & pick #26 to Toronto for pick #3, pick #31, & Seattle's S71 1st. This trade exemplifies the current state of the Monarchs organization. Minnesota was able to move up to secure a player that they had rated as one of the drafts premiere talents, as they were comfortable moving a highly sought after first round pick in this season's draft, for a first round pick a season further out. There was no panic, the Monarchs didn't need to continue to stock the system with immediate prospects. Minnesota capitalized on Toronto's need to refill the prospect pool after sending out most of the roster in a full scale rebuild and didn't hesitate to move the necessary pieces to secure the player that they were targeting. Pushing out a first round pick by a season may work to the Monarchs advantage in the future.

The Monarchs selected three prospects in the season 70 draft. Each one of the teams draft picks has the potential to be an impact player at the SHL level. While none of them are likely to skate in the SHL for at least a couple of seasons, it's easy to envision a role on the team for each of Minnesota's newest prospects. Let's meet the newest Monarchs!

[Image: MsRq03X_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]

Round 1, 3rd overall pick - Elena Maximova - Defense - Quebec City Citadelles - @enigmatic

When the opportunity presented itself, The Monarchs didn't hesitate to trade up to pick number 3 and select electric defenseman Elena Maximova. An offensive defenseman from the Quebec City Citadelles, Maximova is a player that the Monarchs will have been very familiar with. Elena is the fourth Citadelles defenseman selected in the first round by Minnesota in the past four SHL drafts, joining Nevek Kove, Brendan Leroux, and Alexander Minaj.
*Independent fact checkers have proven this to be false information. Leroux was in fact with The Great Falls Grizzlies** before being traded to Detroit.
**Independent fact checkers have proven this to be false information. Leroux was in fact with The Reginal*** Elk before being traded to Detroit.

A right handed defenseman from Ukraine, Maximova is one of the most skilled defenseman in the SMJHL. Incredibly, Elena led all SMJHL defenseman with 22 goals as a true rookie. Maximova added 29 assists, for 51 total points, and she finished her rookie season with a +32 plus/minus rating. Maximova was a fixture on a dangerous Quebec City powerplay. While it's hard not to focus on the offensive production, Maximova is an excellent all around defenseman. Elena blocked 74 shots, dished out 138 hits, and created 81 turnovers, while only coughing up the puck 12 times herself.

Standing only 5'6" and weighing in at 151 pounds, Maximova relies on skating and proper positioning to get the job done defensively. Elena's creativity with the puck is where her game really stands out. Maximova is extremely gifted with the puck on her stick, she possesses elite puck handling and passing ability, and seems to think the game one step ahead of her opponents. As made perfectly clear by her 22 goals, Elena is capable of firing excellent shots from the blueline. Maximova really gives defenses something to think about with her offensive ability. While she's a defenseman on the roster sheet, she may be the most dangerous offensive player in this draft class.

[Image: Nova1.png]

2nd round, 31st overall - Alekss Ivanova - Forward - Nevada Battleborn @Copenhagen

With their first pick of the second round, Minnesota jumped at the chance to select Nevada Battleborn forward Alekks Ivanova. Alekks joins former Battleborn forwards Dominik Froste & Alexi Piastri in the Monarchs organization. A late addition to the season 70 class, Ivanova was claimed on waivers by the Great Falls Grizzlies and then immediately was traded to the desert. Alekks may have flew under the radar a little bit leading up to the draft, the Monarchs couldn't be more thrilled that he slipped a bit and believe that they may have landed a first round talent at the mid point of the second round.

A natural left wing, Ivanova played exclusively at center for Nevada out of necessity due to the graduation of key players such as Paul Peterson. Ivanova put up very respectful numbers for a rookie, while adapting to a brand new position. Ivanova was a pure offensive player when he arrived in Nevada. He spent most of the season developing his all around game in response to the position change. Alekks centered Nevada's second line during his rookie season. Ivanova scored 17 goals, added 23 assists, for 40 total points, while averaging just over 17 minutes of ice time per game. With Piastri moving on to the Monarchs, Alekks looks to be the odds on favorite to center the Battleborn's first line this season.

As mentioned previously,  Ivanova is an offensively skilled player. Ivanova stands 6'1" and weighs in at 205 pounds.
The Latvian dynamo is a lightning fast skater, knows exactly where to be in the offensive zone to get open, and has a deadly accurate shot when the opportunity arises to fire the puck. Alekks showed remarkable improvements to his overall game during his rookie season. Ivanova and Piastri have some history together, could the duo eventually pair up to form a dangerous offensive line in Minnesota? Ivanova could prove to be the steal of the Season 70 draft.

2nd round, 36th overall - Lasse Zeigler - Right Wing - St. Louis Scarecrows @jaypc8237

With their final selection of the Season 70 draft, the Minnesota Monarchs selected St. Louis Scarecrows right wing Lasse Zeigler. A second round pick, Zeigler was too talented of a player for the Monarchs to ignore. The Monarchs undoubtedly saw plenty of Zeigler when keeping tabs on Season 69 1st overall selection Luca Pane, before the Monarchs top prospect was dealt midway through the season. Zeigler was a bright spot on a rebuilding Scarecrows team and could have been selected much earlier in the draft.

The Scarecrows had a tough season, there's not much to sugarcoat. St. Louis won just 13 games, a total that they certainly hope to improve on this season. Ziegler scored 14 goals and added 16 assists for 30 total points, good enough for 3rd on the Scarecrows. If you tunned into any Scarecrows game, Lasse was one of the most noticeable players on the ice. Zeigler led the Scarecrows with 160 hits, while averaging over 19 minutes of ice time per game.

Standing 6'5" and weighing in at 225 pounds, Lasse certainly has the frame that you look for in a power forward. Zeigler was born in Berlin, Germany and looks to continue the great lineage of successful German players in the SHL. Zeigler should compliment the quick, skilled forwards in Minnesota perfectly, and could be a very important player for the Monarchs in the future. Despite his size, Lasse is a very good skater and has excellent vision in the offensive zone. While his size and statistics scream power forward, Zeigler is an excellent passer and could develop into an elite playmaker. There's a lot to like in Zeigler's game, he could be due for a breakout season, particularly if St. Louis can improve as a team and get back winning games. The Monarchs may have found another diamond in the second round.

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Hopefully Minny fans will be rewarded for their patience now Monarchs

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03-14-2023, 10:15 AMenigmatic Wrote: Hopefully Minny fans will be rewarded for their patience now Monarchs

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Anyday now  Popcorn

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03-14-2023, 11:05 AMluke Wrote: Anyday now  Popcorn

The 3 fans we have left are very passionate

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03-14-2023, 11:05 AMluke Wrote: Anyday now  Popcorn

Looks like 8th place and a playoff spot to me! Wink

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That was sick! thanks for the in-depth dive! was so worth reading!

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