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S70 mPT #4: Joined at the Hip
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The best part of any sim league is the locker room, so this season, tell me about your teammates!
Your task: Tell me which of your teammates is your ride-or-die? Who will you always drop the gloves for? Who's in your NTC under "If you trade this user you have to trade me to the same team."?
25 words minimum!
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
This PT will close Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59pm PST. Posts submitted/edited after the deadline will receive 0 tpe.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. Graders reserve the right to determine what is malicious. You will not be warned.
This PT is for SHL players and send downs only; it is not for SMJHL Rookies.

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Im still in my rookie season and getting acclimated with everyone in the group. I wouldn't say I have a ride or die relationship with any particular player, but I would drop the gloves for every single teammate in a heartbeat.

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Well Sir Devoir is willing to fight for everyone on his team, but for me guys like Jumbo and HHH are incredible friends to me. NYR and Zoone are pretty high up there too now that I really think about it.

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I love everyone in Colorado and LA, but while we've never played together at the professional level, I'm gonna nominate @micool132 for this one. 10/10 user, gonna win the cup, would start a goalie fight for.

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Oh 100% its gotta be Caleb for me @Caleb_H They played a huge role in getting me to San Francisco, so now I'm looking forward to being able to play alongside them and have some pop off games for the team
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All of the puppers and sled-dogs on the Malamutes are my ride-or-die, I would happily drop the gloves for every last one of them (maybe not so much Ryan Burton, that guy's weird). Everybody knows that malamutes are physically attached to each other by the harness and work as a unit, so it would be hard to trade any one of us without all of us being involved. There would be riots and blood spilled if @BadWolf was to be traded.

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Taschen Messer and Dwight Knight go back a ways. As player-GM, Knight orchestrated the trade that brought Messer in from Montreal, and he persuaded Messer to resist the prospect of free agency offers from teams perhaps closer to title contention and stick with the Barracuda to build something together. As a leader on the ice, Knight has also been a good mentor for a player who hasn't quite reached his prime yet.

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The entire damn squad. That's right - Sven would go to war with or for any of the Yukon Malamutes. Why? Because you don't piss off Mama 'mute.

Dork loves all his teammates, but knows he has to take care of his star player. Dork's only ride or die is Dork.

Well, I will not be blackmailed by some ineffectual, privileged, effete, soft-penised, debutante. You want to start a street fight with me bring it on but you're gonna be surprised by how ugly it gets, you don't even know my real name- 

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It might be an obvious one here, but my ride or die is @notorioustig

The guy believed in me enough to take me in the first round, and has always been there for whatever is needed. Truly a class act and someone this league is lucky to have.


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I have to pick favorites now? That's not fair, I can't do that! I like too many people on other teams than my own too and that makes it worse. However, I am looking forward to playing together with @Wally in Toronto in a few seasons (finally!).

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My ride-or-die teammate is Willow Soderberg-Snooks. We have been paired on the blue line together all season, and I feel we have made a great pair. I know Willow will always have my back just as I will have theirs.

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Right now, Ekaterina Valieva is one of my ride-or-die teammates.  Although Valieva is never afraid to drop the gloves or throw the body, Lutz has played for 4 seasons with the star forward.  The chemistry is tangible, and whenever someone goes after Ekaterina, Lutz isn't afraid to step in and stand up for his teammate.

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One? One player? The Manhattan Rage are Ride or Die as an ENTIRE TEAM! We are a family, and sure when one of us gets traded the rest of the team can't go to, but they always have their place in the locker room saved for them when they return.

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I guess it has to be James Dion and Tiberius Kane. It's a good thing we're all going to be Renegades together in a couple seasons. Renegades Grizzlies

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