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S71 DFA Bounties #1 - The Past
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Hello new players!

From the Trade Deadline to the posting of the first task completable for TPE, whether that be the Interested Prospects Threads, Early Bird PT, Mock Draft, etc., DFAs will be able to complete weekly DFA Bounties. These Bounties will function practically identically to PTs, but with money instead of TPE, and will be posted in this part of the forums. By writing 250 words or completing a graphic for a certain prompt, DFAs will earn $500,000 for their bank accounts, with a cap of 4 completed bounties ($2,000,000).

Since the trade deadline was last Monday, I am pleased to bring you the first S71 DFA Bounty:
Written Task: Only the best of the best make it into the SMJHL. Junior players from all over the world come to this league in the hopes of being drafted, becoming a successful SMJHL player and continuing that success in the SHL. But we all have a history too. What is your history? Where did you play? How did you do? How did your career look so far, and what aspects of your player in their pre-SMJHL career is going to make your player succeed? (250 word min.)

Graphic Task: Pictures say more than a thousand words. Show us a pic of the young you, playing hockey. Include your player name and a render of your younger self, and at least one statline.

Reward: $500,000

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S72 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S73) are eligible for this bounty.

There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.

Deadline: Sunday June 25th @ 11:59pm PST

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Thanks to @Ragnar, @High Stick King and @Maxy for the sigs!

Raptors Argonauts 
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Daniel Durkburg was born in Calgary too loving mother sheila and father Donnie jr He is the youngest of his 4 siblings Donnie the 3rd being 10 years his senior with David being 7 years his senior and the only sister of the bunch being Teresa 3 years older than Daniel they were relatively poor but would make it by , Daniel owes alot of his so far success too his Father and older brothers for the continuing teachings and the for his own ability at being able too be so coachable at a young age. Daniel was at the rink too watch his older brothers before he could even talk as a baby to both his older brothers games he eventually started hockey himself age 5. Donnie the 3rd and David both age 15 and 12 at time helped coached when they didnt have there own games going on with an extra adult being present but generally the boys trusted Donnie the 3rd and David more and would generally be better games when the brothers coached for Daniels team they continued coaching for Daniels team for his whole way through they were Dominant group out of Calgary Daniel being a Humble Captain with 2 brothers as Coaches this adds too just who Daniel Durkburg is he can help coach a group and make the players around him way better in his youth those are special players who can do this the scouts are highlighting his Passing , Puckhandling, Offensive and Defensive IQ, Faceoffs and Speed but all in all Daniel Durkburg is a pretty rounded out player with the scouts only poking some holes at his Screening, hitting, shot blocking , and strength, he stays stays away from those a little bit and scouts may want him too get more meat on him eventually


It all started out in New York City, where Roman Roy was born to international media leader Logan Roy and his wife, Caroline Collingwood. Roman was the youngest son with two older brothers and a younger sister. In a family driven by money, power, and greed, Roman opted for the hockey way out. Having a rich family afforded him access to the highest quality coaches, nutritionists, and trainers. This allowed Roman Roy to be one of the premier prospects for any league he's been a part of. While Kendall was at the office absorbing everything he could about the media business their dad ran, Roman was at the rink training to become the next great hockey player. Taking up the position of right wing, Roman excelled at point production on a high level when he was as young as six years old, and this encouraged his development team to seek a higher age group to compete with. It wasn't until he was already well set into the American collegiate circuit that he began setting his sights on the premier hockey league that most kids only dream of achieving: the SHL. Upon making the decision to declare for the SMJHL entry draft, (this would be his first step to reaching the great heights known as the SHL), he began putting in extra work in conditioning and practice so that he was sure he could blow the other SMJHL competition out of the water. Come the day of the S72 draft, we will bear witness to how much of Roman's work will have paid off.

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Player Page - Update Page

artermis,Feb 2 2017, 04:11 PM Wrote:9gag pretty lit tho

Jeff Goldblum, a name synonymous with acting brilliance and captivating performances, has decided to embark on a new journey, transitioning from the world of movies to pursue a career as a hockey player in the SMJHL. While his decision may come as a surprise to many, Goldblum's history and determination provide a strong foundation for potential success in this new endeavor.

Before donning the hockey jersey, Jeff showcased his passion and dedication in various acting roles, honing his skills and developing a meticulous work ethic. His ability to immerse himself in characters and adapt to different roles demonstrates his versatility and adaptability—qualities that can be transferred seamlessly to the world of sports.

Although Jeff's hockey journey is just beginning, his pre-SMJHL career provides glimpses of his potential. Growing up in Pittsburgh, a city with a rich hockey culture, he played in local leagues and community teams, building a solid foundation of fundamental skills and a deep understanding of the game. His commitment to constant improvement and resilience in the face of challenges has shaped his character, instilling in him the grit and determination required to thrive in competitive environments. Goldblum's innate athleticism and physicality have been evident throughout his life. Engaging in regular fitness routines and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have contributed to his overall fitness level, ensuring he enters the SMJHL with a solid physical foundation.

While his previous career may seem unrelated, the skills he developed as an actor are transferable to the ice. His ability to read situations, anticipate actions, and make split-second decisions will give him an edge on the ice, as he can quickly analyze the game and react strategically to maximize opportunities. Jeff's natural charisma and showmanship will not only inspire his teammates but also entertain fans. His ability to capture the attention of audiences will help him thrive in high-pressure situations, bringing an extra spark to his team's performance.

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Former Player

The first known documentation of what is sometimes referred to as the Horror, or at least the entity which has now become the Horror, is in a letter written by Mary Marie (not to be confused with Mary Marie IV) in a letter to a St. Louis recreational hockey league front office in 1937, which detailed the deaths of Marie's acquaintances Esther Quinn and Sam Brown, presumably to the Horror—which is commonly believed to have taken a different, even more terrifying form at the time—at an ice hockey rink managed by the league. It's believed that the Horror somehow haunted the rink for much of the 20th century, until 1980 when it is documented that Louisa Milligen, a local hockey player, had multiple encounters with the Horror over the course of six months, a period during which she would exhibit particularly violent and distressed behaviour (it is unclear whether the Horror's encounters with Milligen were the cause of her uncharacteristic behaviour or the result of it, however the former is popularly accepted as more likely). In June, Milligen would spontaneously murder George Smith, a man she had known for a good portion of her life, before disappearing for an entire decade. In 1991, the Horror appeared in St. Louis once again, taking the form it is currently known to take, which is strongly believed to be the corrupted body and mind of Louisa Milligen. It would stay in St. Louis for more than six decades, playing hockey with many local hockey players at the very same rink it had haunted a century prior. Eventually its superb play was noticed by SMJHL scouts, and it was signed to a short-term deal with the Nevada Battleborn.

Born into small town of Sonkajärvi, in northeastern Finland, as second son of the family, Jani Mänty, started to skate at young age after his older brother. They both showed interest to ice hockey and were participating in local games as young school kids. But as his parents saw how well they both did they ended up finding an opening from nearby town of Iisalmi where they started to play in junior team of the IIsalmen Pelikarhut, a Mestaruussarja team. This opportunity set Jani on path of rapid growth as he honed his skills, soon surpassing his older brother in all but physicality.

He became great asset to the team, specially on offensive side and it didn't take long for him to start playing with older teams than himself. His junior career peaked just last season when as he played with guys who were year older and managed to still score roughly 2 points per game during the season. So when Björn Leppänen came offering a bootcamp for one of teams players it was very clear that he would be one to go.

During the bootcamp he was coached about mental side and shown that SMJHL and SHL could be something within his reach, which led him upping his training to next level once again. With right kind of training and playing few games with adults team in Mestaruussarja, he felt that he would be ready for the challenge and headed back across the bond to join Anchorage Armada to start his career with goal to be one of best forwards the league has seen.

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Sigs by @Carpy48, @Nokazoa and me


Alexandros Mograine the famed Ashbringer known for slaying swaths of undead, or so he was in his previous world. upon his death and purification he did not simply die after being freed by undeath but rather was transported to another world! in this new world he found no enemies to fight and no great evil so he contented himself to enjoy this new life in peace and harmony but being idle in peace can be boring. he yearned to be active once more and something about this "hockey" intrigued him. growing up humbly in Lordearon they had no such sport, this intrigued the previous highlord and he decided to sign up, it took many years of patience and practice to hone his new reborn body to be ready. every day he would ask his new "mom" to prepare a healthy meal and he would begin learning to skate and swing a new weapon, THE HOCKEY STICK! with his new mighty weapon forged in his new homeland of Canada he named the stick blade the Ashbringer after his famed sword and he swings now with intent to aid and not destroy. He faltered for a long time learning how to swing this new blade and skate simultaneously but with every year he got better and better until finally he turned the head of scouts around the country and they began questioning him and it was not long after he was brought in and tested. Now placed in a new home the Carolina Kraken far from his new homeland of Canada he finds himself a fish out of water a second time but ready to find new purpose!

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