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S71 SMJHL mPT #6 - Thank you

The regular season has come to an end, and that's always a nice time to look back and get some perspective.
It's also a good time to be thankful, or appreciative in some other way. You can use this thread to say something legitimately nice about someone else in the league.
(Sarcastic or otherwise toxic posts will not be awarded with TPE)
You will receive 1 TPE for saying something nice about someone else.
Only S71 SMJHL Rookies (S72 SHL Draftees) are eligible for this PT.
Do not claim this TPE until a post is made in the claim thread.
Deadline: Sunday, July 2nd @ 11:59pm PST

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Thanks to @Ragnar, @High Stick King and @Maxy for the sigs!

Raptors Argonauts 
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I'd like to send a thank you to Frenchie, was a great rookie mentor who made me feel very welcome and broke the ice when i was feeling uncertain, haven't been here long but its been fun. all the rookie mentors and gm's I have spoken to have been a joy so i appreciate having them to help me and be patient as i ask a million questions.

Shoutout to the other rookies in Detroit. I love the banter and support. I know you all have great things ahead of you! Best rookie class in the league right now - the Js don’t know what’s coming

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This year has been such a pleasant surprise for me. Coming into the league after the draft I wasn't expecting much, but the Armada are just one big amazing family. Everyone here has each others backs and get along great. Whether it is the locker room chats about movies and music, or drooling over the pictures of the amazing dishes our two resident chefs post, it has really taken the edge and nervousness out of joining a new league. Thanks Armada, couldn't have asked to go to a better locker room. Armada


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Credit to Ragnar and Enigmatic for the great Signatures

I've got quite a list of people I'd like to thank for their part in welcoming me into the league. First I just want to do a blanket thank you to everyone that set up the Junior League Draft, it was lots of fun chatting with all the scouts, the mentors were great for answering any questions I had, and watching the draft itself was also a fun time that I got to share with friends. Secondly I want to thank @ACapitalChicago for giving me a chance to provide a similar welcome to next seasons new creates as the new SMJHL PT Head, I hope to make both you @jay2233 proud. Finally, I want to give a huge shout-out to @Frenchie and @sve7en for creating an amazing locker room culture that has kept me and the other Carolina Kraken rookies entertained and engaged, you guys are doing great work and I hope to get y'all a few cups to show for it.

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Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

i've really enjoyed coming back to the league. figuring out what to build and keeping track of all of the tpe earning opportunities is still a bit hard, but i have to thank my team, especially the GMs, for making it way easier and helping me with updates!

Huge thanks to @Pyro182 for introducing me to the sjhl, it has been a lot of fun so far and I am so glad he showed this to me.

Big ups to the GM in Vancouver, aleks. Seems like a good dude who cares about the squad. Happy to be a part of the unit he's assembled.

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I really only play in this league because Gumba got me in to it, but otherwise yeah bernard lodge is a really cool guy, lazer gago is a really cool guy, not sure about Gadget quite yet but he has been awesome! But the entire Kelowna LR is really kind and the people in it should be ready
for the crazy rebuild that is underway!

I appreciate @Vaxlare for giving me a shot in DET and all of my fellow draftees.  We've got 4 guys at or near the top 10 earners in this class and I'm excited for our careers together. @Aephino @linsangeles @DigDoug11


As my regular season is coming to end and I prepare for the playoffs, I want to take the time out to thank a couple of people.  I want to thank Spidey for recruiting me to be apart of the league and Sburbine in being a great mentor to me. The common theme from all the rookies that we had a million questions and everyone took the time out to make sure we understood the process and enjoyed our time. The league has taught me to be more creative but to read and listen to instructions because everything is spelled out.  Sburbine has been great in teaching me how to claim my TPE even though I some how keep messing it up. This is a league that I'm going to be apart of for awhile.


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I would like to thank everyone who does a league job. Thank you for dedicating a (bigger or smaller) chunk of your time to keep the league running for all of us.

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There are a lot of people I could thank. But I think the biggest person is @RenoJacksonHS. Reno has been an awesome friend to have, and he gave me the opportunity to play on his own SMJHL team.

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I would like to thank all my team mates on the Detroit falcons, especially the team rookies. They all have been friendly and helpful when I’ve asked question about how things work around here, couldn’t ask for better group of people.

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I want to say thank you to @artermis and @Snussu on bringing me to the Kelowna Knights! You have built a wonderful locker room environment! No Toxicity and that's a big plus for me! i hate toxicity! I would also like to thank everyone who was involved in making the SHL a thing, I was unsure of what to expect of a sim league because i have never been in one before but i have to say ive enjoyed my time here so far, i enjoy all the TPE tasks and what not it makes it a more immersive experience, Continue up the amazing work everyone! Im excited to see what season 73 holds! 

GO KNIGHTS GO  Knights  

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