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Stepping down as Federation Head of Great Britain
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Hear ye hear ye, a proclamation from the Duke of London in service to His Majesty the King (or whatever)

A few weeks ago, I let IIHF management know of my intent to step down as Federation Head of Great Britain. I wanted to take some time to explain myself now, rather than wait for the end of the current tournament. Outlook is grim, but it has nothing to do with my decision and I hope that is clear.

It has been my great pleasure to manage Great Britain for a few years now. The total running seasons I am not sure of, but I'd ballpark it at the very least 10 seasons. Great Britain was the first team to reach out to my first player almost 4 years ago. Coming from a much larger team (USA), it felt special to have been sought out, to have a better shot at making the team. Since then, Great Britain has saw a lot of success with and without me. When Bilbo finally stepped down, I felt that I had an opportunity to do good for this team and I took it.

Even though the IIHF is such a small portion of our league, it's had a special place in my heart. I know many of the Federation Heads feel the same. This feeling is not always shared by the league at large and i find that interest is trending downwards. It is trending downwards for me as well.

I really do care about this team and I want it to be successful, and I feel an obligation towards those I have persuaded into joining our team to ensure this team is successful. I've tried my hand at GMing and it wasn't my game, but Federation Head was always more manageable for my time. I think that's part of what the IIHF fans like about it.

I've always taken pride at Great Britain's success in the IIHF. Any smaller nation who has won gold knows the feeling. It's no slight to the larger nations, but it really does feel like an uphill battle. It's a different beast to run a large nation and I won't take that away from them. It is difficult no matter who you are. But a (theoretical) lazy Fed Head of those teams at least has a pool of players to choose from. They don't run out if the fed head stops recruiting. There's no shortage of creates from Canada, I'm just saying. Not so with smaller nations, we've all seen that first hand. That difference is what makes running a small nation special, but also what makes it so difficult.

This difference is also why I am stepping down. I don't feel I have the aptitude nor the inclination to recruit properly for this team. Moreover, I simply find myself caring less and less about the tournament, to the point where I barely managed it all this season. I've deployed illegal lines and I left the entire roster selection up to my Co. I had feelings of quitting in seasons past, but the obligation to do well felt more and more like just that: An obligation. "I feel thin, like a bunch of butter but an even more bunch of bread and there's too much of the bread part". Bilbo Baggins said that.

Bottom line, this team deserves better. It deserves a Fed Head who cares all season, who can build a locker room, who is poring over spreadsheets and data, who is keeping an eye on who is active and who is not, who checks in with their players to make sure they're happy, who checks the draft every season for potential targets, and who (when legal) spends hours simming the best lines and tactics possible for the best shot at winning gold.

I used to be that person, but I'm not anymore. And I think it's time for someone else to step in. Of course, I'll still be around. Just not in charge.

So thanks for all the memories! It has been great fun. I highly recommend it. Applications are handled by the IIHF and should be posted some time after the tournament is over.

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Fuck the penaltys
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End of an era!
Great run of GMing Great Britain!

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cheerio, top lad

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Props to you for realising it yourself, not easy to give up a job that you love, but if you care it's the right move to make.

Hope your federation will bring a person dedicated as you were!

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All this time I seriously thought you were in charge of The Federation Formerly Known as Russia. Super nice of you to step down in protest of not letting me join Sweden, I always knew you were a true homie.

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Cheers! It’s the end of an era for sure!

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Wait, you’re supposed to put that kind of work in as a fed head?

No wonder Russia is always last, brb

Was truly a pleasure bro <3

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Now I am free <3

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