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Thank you Maine!
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Extra extra! Four seasons for my new create down in the Juniors and what do I have to show for it? Well, it was pretty wild. To start Shootin Blanks went to four straights four-star cups. I'm not sure how many players have done that in the past but I'm sure it's not a long list. Going to four straight and winning two out of the four is a success in Blanks books as it could have just as easily been zero for him. 
From starting off his rookie season with splitting time and hoping to help in the playoffs when his time came, Maine unfortunately came up short that season as they were swept away by their arch nemesis Newfoundland. 
The celebration for the Berserkers was short lived as in season 71 nobody could slow down the Timbers and they ended up beating Newfoundland in the cup championship four games to one. That team in the 71 season is arguably one of the greatest juniors' teams ever put together with players like Edzus Ozolins, Peter Tingle, Patrice Bergeron, William Tree, Iliket Urtles and Trevor Warner. The Timbers put up a record of 51-10-5 in the regular season. Blanks was just trying to find his way in his sophomore year and struggled at times. But who cares as they won a cup.
 Season 72 was very different, but it did not stop the Timbers in the win department. They lost many of their key players and managed to finish first in the overalls standings once again until they came up short in the four-star cup, but this time against the St. Louis Scarecrows in a heartbreaking game seven loss. Blanks had a solid season, and it was his first on line one as the main Center for the Timbers. Blanks had 83 points and a crazy 59% faceoff win percentage. Though it ended in disappointment it only fueled Blanks to get what he wanted in his final season with Maine. 
Season 73 would begin with many frustrations and adapting to not winning as much was starting to take its tole. At one time the Timbers saw themselves fall to seventh overall in the standings and needing to find a new identity. After the mid-season struggle Maine went on a magical run lead by Logan Webb and Mick Mayhem. Shootin Blanks was right there with them in leading this squad to the playoffs and a two seed in the overall standing finishing with an amazing record of 41-22-3. At one point they were 17-17 and a hot mess. In the playoffs nobody could stop Maine as they went on to sweep two straight series to reach the finals for Blanks fourth straight season. In the finals of course Blanks would see the Berserkers for his final season, and they took it to them winning four games to one. A magical run ending with a 12-1 record in the playoffs and being second on his team in scoring for the playoffs with 22 points. 
To say his time in Maine was exciting is an understatement and he wishes he could stay for five seasons, but all good things must come to an end. Blanks hopes he can keep his winning ways going when he gets called up to the Buffalo Stampede and their great organization. I want to get a huge shout out to Soutpaw and ToeJam who run and amazing ship in Maine and it's only growing. I don't see Maine being mediocre anytime soon and it shows with their draft classes that they truly do care about the team and the winning atmosphere that they created in being a Timber. Go Tree's!!!

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Go Maine!! Best off luck in the shl!!

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Very happy I got to join you guys for one season. Cup win or not. It was a great place and experience being there.

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