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S75 SMJHL mPT #2 - Party Time! Due: Sunday, February 18th @ 11:59 PM PST
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The SMJHL is throwing a party and your team has the privilege of being the band. 
Written: who on your team would play what instruments, what kind of music you would play, what your band would be named, and how you think the night would go.
25 words minimum!
Graphic: Create a graphic showing your player/team playing instruments or posing as a band.
Secondary Option for Teamless Friends: You are in charge of the afterparty write about what you will have as the main afterparty entertainment or create a graphic advertising your afterparty.
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
Only S75 SMJHL Rookies (S76 SHL Draftees) are eligible for this PT.
Deadline: Sunday, February 18th @ 11:59pm PST

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Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

Scar Bealey is a guitar player, and I refuse to take any other answer. Alexa herself is way too aggressive to do anything but play drums, and Jack Booth is probably the bass, setting everyone else up. Nathan Abel might be vocals, but who knows how anyone on the team sings? (Probably poorly to the last). Kris, being a goalie, is clearly the keyboard, as the forgotten one who sits in the back.

I think we have a good time, at least. The people partying? Maybe they should have hired a REAL band.

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[Image: yRQ5DtN.png][Image: ZSWcyJU.png][Image: jrRwwma.png]

Mark doesn't know much about forming a band but he assumes he would be the lead singer. He could never be in the background. After all do you know who his dad is. The band would of course be called The Taters

[Image: qm0v49d.png]

I think the obvious choice for the band name is Knights of the Round Table. Jennifer being an idol would be the lead singer, but can also play guitar and piano if needed.

[Image: OX6Yrrn.png]

[Image: hPSkjwC.jpg]
Thank you @xjoverax and @phoenix for the sigs!

Anna would definitely be one of, or maybe even the main singer in the QCC band, as she used to a singer in a pop group back home in Norway when she was growing up.

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Gabe for sure would play the triangle, outside of that I'm not sure the musical talents of my team. Deth Klaw is limited to the drums basically with his giant claws, though.

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Sig credits: OrbitingDeath & enigmatic

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Timber Scarecrows pride Aurora France

There's too many players on the team to all form a band, so we'll compete for band roles by playing rock band and seeing who does best on what role. I guess that means there will only be 4 roles of vocalist, guitar, bass, and drums. The band will be called the Un-muted 'Mutes.

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Thanks to @enigmatic, @Matteo, @sulovilen, @zeagle1, and @TheOPSquid for all the sigs!
Czechia Malamutes Rage Czechia
Canada Citadelles pride syndicate

Our band name is the Berserker Ballad. Our lead singer is Patty for sure. Cuffy will be the bouncer to the club we are preforming at due to his ability to block shots and underage people. I will a background guitarist because I took lessons 15 years ago. I do not still have it though. The rest of the team is background vocalists but Jason Warwaha will be the loudest. We are also singing heavy metal because why not.

[Image: mattyj.png]

The Grizzlies two goalies have started a Daft Punk cover band. Lee Harrison and Peter Parker are putting on concerts in arenas after they play games at night. They are set to release an album soon with the rest of the team singing choir vocals on one track.

[Image: dVy6XWn.jpg]
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First SHL goal on first SHL shot in first SHL game.


The band name would be "The Pacific" considering the location of the team. Caper would probably play the bass, setting the tone for the rest of the band, which i imagine would be punk inspired considering nobody really knows how to play their instruments anyways.

[Image: t0DZX3k]

I can't tell you who would be playing exactly what instrument but I can tell you would be our lead vocalist. That would be our Cal Juice, who is just taking the charge and leading this team with goals and leading our band.

[Image: HIXWkkp.gif]




S41 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7, Game Tying and Game Winning Goals.

I think on the Quebec City Citadelles, Froya Solberg would play bongos made out of empty froyo containers that she's had. It would be a huge assortment from various stores in the cities we go to play in

[Image: oP5bFGO.png]

The band that the Grizzlies put out for the party 3rd Line Magic! Featuring:
Thomas Hudson on Vocals
James Howlett on Drums
Realpolitik Devious Hedgehog on Keyboard
Viktor Vyzovsky on Guitar
and David Doughtty on Bass!

Due to our lackluster start the band would be called "anything to help us forget this season" personally I am of the belief that chopper would kill it on the drums and have a sick solo at the end of the performance.

Teamless guy here unfortunately, but for me it would be a variety of things. Definitely a DJ with good music, food and snacks and of course some adult beverages, maybe some interactive games to get everybody involved and have fun. Some friendly competition never caused any harm haha.

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