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S75 SMJHL mPT #2 - Party Time! Due: Sunday, February 18th @ 11:59 PM PST

We're called the Kelowna Collective and we're reminiscent of The Fugees, blending elements of hip-hop, soul, and reggae into our sound. Band Members include Jennifer "Jam" Huh - Lead guitar and vocals. Graham "Groove" Schwartz - Multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist, and Five Hole "Flow" Sieve - The group's master of beats.

[Image: f7IGJw3.png]
[Image: UFYQyLU.png]

"Thank you for having us! You may be accustomed to boy bands typically having 5 members. Well, we're here to break those stereotypes. You better have a big stage because there's 17 of us and we're called The Drizzlers!!!
We're a Drake cover band that perform his songs from his traditional hip-hop style to emo to death metal. There's something for the whole family to enjoy! (Note: not recommended to bring young children to the SMJHL party. It gets hectic). While there will be instruments on the stage, and from time to time we will pick them up, be forewarned that none of us have any idea how to play them and we'll be channelling our inner Ashlee Simpson. Or Milli Vanilli. Or whatever lip-synching reference that makes sense to the generation you belong to.
A particular highpoint will be the 17 saxophone choreographed rendition of "Hold On, We're Going Home" done in the style of George Michael's banger "Careless Whisper". Trust us when we say, you're not going to want to miss it. 
So sit back and enjoy the show, folks. Oh, and tips are welcomed."

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I think the Kraken would play the Electro Who-Cardio Floox, from Dr. Seus. It just seems like a full-team type of instrument and this team is all about that teamwork.

Jamie Fraser would be the pretty front man, Ongo Gablogian would be shredding the guitar, while Rence Sykut handled the drums and Betzee Nickelback the bass.

[Image: sve7en.gif]

[Image: 1tWWEzv.png][Image: 8zFnf2t.png][Image: 6Lj3x8E.png][Image: xkAdpbO.png][Image: xnZrhKU.png][Image: 9YigPG2.png][Image: bpYxJ69.png]

The Detroit Falcons band would be called the Dirty Birds and they'd probably play some rock music. Ana being the quieter one would probably be the drummer or something, letting her more outgoing teammates take the lead.

[Image: uH0UL2r.png]
[Image: XigYVPM.png]
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Sig credits to @sköldpaddor @Possum Queen
2;717;William Hartmann receives the pass in stride and he's in on a breakaway!
2;717;William Hartmann makes his move...

2;717;It's across the line!
Game 2, S56: TOR @ EDM
11:52 2nd: William Hartmann (1) assisted by FR Finn-Rhys (3) and Karlstrasse Scholz (2)

02-12-2024, 08:23 AMPyro182 Wrote:
The SMJHL is throwing a party and your team has the privilege of being the band. 
Written: who on your team would play what instruments, what kind of music you would play, what your band would be named, and how you think the night would go.
25 words minimum!
Graphic: Create a graphic showing your player/team playing instruments or posing as a band.
Secondary Option for Teamless Friends: You are in charge of the afterparty write about what you will have as the main afterparty entertainment or create a graphic advertising your afterparty.
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
Only S75 SMJHL Rookies (S76 SHL Draftees) are eligible for this PT.
Deadline: Sunday, February 18th @ 11:59pm PST
Honestly, I would play the piano because I’m him. And my GM South Paw would definitely play the saxophone. Straight up we playing chill jazz and we finna get lots of money. The band would be called the hurricanes because we are both Canes fans.

[Image: Ark20.png?ex=657a74c5&is=6567ffc5&hm=e64...3b994236e&]

I don't really know what everyone would play but I know I'd play the bagpipes for sure, I just love annoying people and the bagpipes seem like the right instrument for that. I wonder if you can play some Taylor Swift songs on the bagpipes I mean they both have something in common... annoying. Anyways I'd also want some drums and an organ in my band to make a lot of noise. I know I want Jason Warwaha playing the organ because he has the same first name as me, and everyone named Jason is cool. but not sure who on my team would play the drums... lmk if you wanna play the drums in my band!

I based this off of my other work out lining the potential seasons gems in the other PT.
Alexa Johansen rocks the electric guitar up front and showing off! Kris sets the beat on drums, steady on the rudder as a goalie usually is! Wyatt King brings versatility on the keyboard, as our first line center and Jack Booth, a top defender lays down solid bass lines for the band "Puck Rhythms". Their night is a dynamic mix of covering both rock and pop, showcasing each player's “interesting” style. The crowd could expect to experience an energetic performance with Johansen's flair, Kris's precision, King's adaptability, and Booth's balance, leaving what one could call a lasting impression (if not for all the right reasons) of a musical “journey”.

Well there's a few people on my team that I think I can get down with. Thomas Hudson has been a great person in the locker room for me to get to know so I think that would be my answer.


[Image: gayheghog.gif]

peepee poopoo

[Image: Cody-Rhodes-American-pro-wrestler-2022.jpg]

Well, this Point Task doesn't apply to me because I don't have a team but Scape Goat would play guitar very well! He would play Wonderwall

[Image: paugoat.png?ex=65e71f95&is=65d4aa95&hm=2...d68daf628&]

I think @TannerPitts is a napper and would play the triangle. He would wake up from super awesome guitar solo and play a single note of triangle and then go back to sleep, haha what a napper.

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SMJHL S19 President Cup
Drafted 2nd Round, 21st Overall by Toronto North Stars
S35 Champion

-Nathan Explosion btw, semi-decent career but didn't keep track of it

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Scar Bealey knows that he doesn't want anyone else playing instruments beside him. He is a moderately accomplished electric harpist, and nobody else could keep up with him anyway. Yes, he rocked the party.

[Image: JKortesi81.gif]

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Wizard would play the Orb, Cal Juice would play the yelling/screaming guitarist (where he needs to constantly rehydrate), Jim Wieners would play the guitarist who bangs their head up and down

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