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S75 SMJHL PT #3 - Rivalry Week Due: Sunday, February 25th @ 11:59 PM PST

Which team is your team's biggest rival in the league and why? This could be due to recent history, old history, medium history, personal beef, branding antagonism, passing on you in the draft, etc. - whatever the reason, which team in the league would you consider to be the biggest rival of your team?
Written option: 150 words on the above
Graphic option: Make a Rivalry Week promo graphic highlighting the two teams squaring off
Teamless Options: Write about or create a graphic showing your player's past or current rival, this could be anything from a certain weight at the gym that they haven't been able to bench yet to a highschool rival, have fun and be creative. Min 150 words.
3 TPE for doing the thing. (Just one of the things, not both.)
Only S75 SMJHL Rookies (S76 SHL Draftees) are eligible for this PT.
Link PBE, ISFL or SSL submissions here to get credit for affiliate claims.
Deadline: Sunday, February 25th @ 11:59pm PST

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Divisional rotation makes rivalries a little hard to come by, but based on proximity (roughly 400 miles, the closest team to Montana) and being in the same division this season, I would list Regina Elk as a rival for Great Falls. The teams finished 6 points apart last season with Regina at 54 and Great Falls at 48, both teams snuck into the playoffs but were eliminated in the first round. This season the teams are 3 points apart at the half way point, Regina at 39 and Great Falls at 36.  Call it bad luck or whatever, about being in the same division as the two championship teams last season, Regina and Great Falls are fighting for 3rd place.  One of these two teams will miss the playoffs, most likely with a winning record.  Great Falls is currently 3-0 against Regina with one more matchup remaining this season, but Regina continues to hold the higher place in the division for the moment. (164 words)

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With the divisions changing constantly there's no team rival I really feel that will last a long time. That said on a personal level I feel like for us in Great Falls we can look to the best of the best and try to rival them. The Quebec City Citadells are the cream of the crop. The best team in the SMJHL and they are run by a great group of people. We got shut out in our first 2 games this season against them 7-0 and 3-0. We have managed to win one game against then recently but they are really impressive. They have two beauty goalies rocking over .900 save percentages with Lukas Konecny and Song Ju-gong. The team seems like it has all the tools to win a championship on paper. They also have the heart. But sports can be crazy sometimes. There's lots of hockey left and it would be a dream come true for the Grizzlies to beat Quebec City this season. To be the best you have to beat the best.

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Every team is my rival. I expect the dominant early ice at all times the grizzlies is our best. We're the bears, dude, we are the Apex predator on land you don't see people on their fucking around grizzly bears. You'll see people fucking around Polaris you don't see people fucking wrong with black bears. All right, the only bare that's ever been soft. Is Yogi the Bear and still if you ran Yogi to fade? I guarantee that Yogi to bear would put them bear. Paul's on you beef, twice your damn if you stay, daddy needs a shakes.

True rivalries are forged in the playoffs. To see which teams might be considered rivals of the Yukon Malamutes we'll take a look at which teams have seemed to beat the Malamutes in the playoffs and end their four star cup dreams. Since their inception in S65, the Malamutes have made the playoffs every season and have somehow only lost to 4 different teams over that 10 season span. Newfoundland, Quebec, Detroit, and Maine could all be considered the biggest rivals of the Malamutes based on this metric. In the early days from S65 to S68 it seemed like Detroit would be the future long-term rival of the Malamutes. They ended the Malamutes playoff dreams in their inaugural season as well as again in S68, twice in four seasons. However, from S70 to S72 there was a three season consecutive span where Maine not only eliminated Yukon, but also eliminated them in the semi-finals every time. This definitely makes the Maine Timber the current biggest rival of the Malamutes. Encountering the same team in the semi-finals three times in a row and suffering the same result every time is sure to fuel a rivalry.

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The fact that this week's prompt has a teamless option is so fucking funny to me. At this point it seems my main rival is head office or other general managers themselves considering I have not been on a team in over a week. I have been earning to the best of my abilities every week and yet I still cannot get on a team so what gives? It is frustrating as hell to want to be part of the league and just because you are not buddy buddy with certain head office members, they decide to blackball you from the entire league. This is not the first time this has happened to me in a hockey league and it is certainly not the first time it has happened to someone here either. In fact, I saw it happen this past draft! So yeah, I guess my main rival during rivalry week, SINCE I'M STILL TEAMLESS is head office themselves

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The Maine Timber are sitting in great position in the league standings right now. As a result every game we play means we have to be playing our best hockey at all times. Being 2nd in the league on a points % bases makes every game a rivalry game, its a playoff game every night and its always game on. If I had to pick one team to call a rival this season alone though, I would say the team that sits above us in first place would be that team. The Quebec City Citadelles are the clear cut number 1 team in the league this year with a stellar 24 - 9 -3 record and 0.708 winning %. This is only slightly better then the Timers 0.706%. Quebec has held 1st place sense basically day one of the season and as a result has owned the standings and put a target on their backs for the entire league to shot for and that is why they are the Timbers biggest rivals this season.

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In the SMJHL, the Quebec City Citadels stand as the Kelowna Knights most hated rival. Quebec is a true juggernaut in our division, and the rivalry between the Citadels and the Knights runs deep, fueled by years of intense matchups on the ice. Each encounter between our teams is not merely a game but a war of enemies, where every goal, every check, and every save carries the weight of history behind it. The Citadels' roster boasts a lineup of elite players, strategically assembled to exploit our every weakness and capitalize on any opportunity we present. But our commitment to excellence and our pursuit of victory makes us a force to be reckoned with, challenging the Citadels to elevate their game to new heights to keep us at bay. As we strive to dethrone the Citadels and claim our rightful place at the top of the division, every showdown between our teams is a battleground where skill, determination, and willpower collide.

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For the Great Falls Grizzlies we just have to look across the U.S.-Canada border to find our rivals, the Regina Elks. Even more than our other division members, the Grizzlies have been roaring to eclipse the Elks more than anyone. This season's divisions have fermented a fierce competition between these two teams, both vying for the third playoff spot. I know that us Grizzlies are watching their games with bated breath and almost as much excitement as when our own come up. Though we're slightly ahead as of writing this, it's definitely anyone's game this season and I'm excited to see how it turns out. No matter who wins the playoffs spot, both teams are worthy foes of each other and will have earned their place.

That being said, Bears are one of an Elk's natural predators. Looking at nature, we can see how this matchup is going to go Wink

It's hard to say STL in its current form has any big rivals, really; the old heads in the locker room like to say it's Detroit, but Saint Louis isn't really that team, given the state of our rebuild. The reality is, we don't currently have any serious rivals, but we do have targets, teams to aim for and take down. The preeminent one, of course, has to be Quebec City (and not just because I enjoy getting to brag to Naomi and Tsunny... but that doesn't hurt!) The feeling is, if you're not going to aim high, why are you even here? So Saint Louis has decided to aim high, and angle to take down the Citadels. We keep an eye on them, but of course, we enjoy playing them too, in no small part because we've now goalied them twice in a single season, with Kris laying down some truly spectacular games to take two wins off the league's best team.

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I would think our two biggest rivals are Anchorage and Vancouver. With the new division structure you don’t really establish season to season rivalries so I decided to go back to the history of the J, and Anchorage and Vancouver are our two northwest division rivals. Since I don’t really know much about Anchorage, I’m going to take this as a chance to slander Seany and Vancouver. Vancouver is named after whaling, which is an immoral practice and they will go to hell for their transgressions. Second they just use Canucks colors, which aren’t great. You’re going to wear green and not pair it with yellow or gold? Sad. Historically there have been many playoff series between Kelowna and Vancouver, and typically they went back and forth on who would win the series. With the newly announced expansion, hopefully Kelowna and Vancouver end up together in a division again and we can see this rivalry come back.

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The biggest rival of the Quebec City Citadelles is themselves, because we strive to be better each day, but also the Newfoundland Berserkers are really close and not in the province, which lends itself to pretty easy rivalry building. It's a shame there's no team in a real province like ONTARIO where we could have a closer and better rivalry, but we've got Toronto (and friggin Hamilton lmao) in the big leagues.

I want to say that in the eventuality that the Quebec City Citadelles ascend as is their right through conquest and victory into the SHL, that Hamilton will never become a rival, as they can't handle or support it. Toronto of course, we all know is the greatest and only city in the whole of Canada and I'm not afraid to say it. Yes, I am from Toronto, why do you ask? And none of this GTA stuff either, proper Toronto city limits, 416 phone number Toronto.

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