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S75 mPT#2: Saying Hello Due: Monday, February 26th @ 11:59pm PST
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Your task: Tag the first friend you made in the SHL and tell them they're awesome! If your inbox got obliterated by this task and you're here to complain, you're welcome.
25 words minimum!
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
This PT will close Monday, February 26th at 11:59pm PST. Posts submitted/edited after the deadline will receive 0 tpe.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. Graders reserve the right to determine what is malicious. You will not be warned.
This PT is for SHL players and send downs only; it is not for SMJHL Rookies. If your player is S76, go do the J task instead.

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@micool132 you're gonna win the cup, just like you won our hearts. LGR, and you should consider getting drafted by LAP for that shiny new forward you made.

[Image: zN6tB52.png]
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I think the first one I ever made in the SHL isn't active anymore so I'll tag @mer who made the S62 draft fun and is still one of my best SHL friends today! @kahri is alright too I guess.

(40 words)

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[Image: zS2lCMp.png] [Image: ixmZA3M.png] [Image: pxjucze.png] [Image: sXDU6JX.png] [Image: IhVx0wj.png]

Thank you @High Stick King @OrbitingDeath @Ragnar @Tesla @MattyIce for the player signatures! 

@Frenchie was my first friend in the league and the first person to reach out to me, words cannot describe how awesome Frenchie is, made me feel welcomed and gave me a home in Carolina and if it weren't for him i might not have stayed at all. stay awesome Frenchie <3.

Hard to say who the first is, but @TheOPSquid what’s up? Cause of you, I hope a little bit less that the bruins will choke in the playoffs.

[Image: F84OPdM.jpeg]
Shoutout TheOPSquid for the Sig

@Mr. Finland aka mr patriot made me create. Love u, create soon cause im lonely boy. Oh boy. Miss your tender lips on mine. You are my everything. No homo

[Image: jE4ioeC.png][Image: meOh9pz.png]

@StaticShocked Congrats on being the last thing maintaining the last crumbs of sanity that I can manage to scrap together. Shoutout to Big Petey and the Flower. Maybe they will play together someday.

[Image: MvfRxO2.png]
sigs by me bitch


@Frenchie I'm sure you are gonna get this a lot from the CAR LR, but you were in fact my first friend and I hope we can stay friends for an extremely long time. Thanks to you and @sve7en in CAR imma have several great friends for as long as I'm active. :D

[Image: pyro182.gif]

Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

I tend to keep to myself here, though I do like everyone I've interacted with. And also I made my first guy like 8 or 9 years ago and I think everyone from back then has since passed from old age. But I did wrangle my (at the time) newer friend, @sludge to play with me when I decided to start, and we're still close to this day. So while I didn't meet him on SHL, this was one of our first endeavors and you'll have to take that as my answer. I'll bring him back to SHL one day.

[Image: Flusso.png]
Sig by @Evil_AllBran

[Image: YztPk3T.png] [Image: 6by0kBi.png]


I don't have any friends, only enemies (especially @baz). Without trying to offend any other Detroit teammate, I'm going to pick our captain from last season @"DigDoug11". I knew Doug a little bit from the ISFL, but it's been great being able to share a couple of locker rooms with him. 

Falcons Falcons Falcons

[Image: dinonuggets2.gif]
[Image: lIYTYDN.png]
Credit to Amidships & sulovilen

My original Nog boy, the one and only @Ohtaay was instrumental to my earliest SHL success. He mentored me through the utterly confusing site and the day to day tasks necessary. I'll always appreciate it


[Image: nQDbTbM.png]

[Image: hA5o4UG.png]

@SledgehammerPete We need you. Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being near you. I miss your laugh! I miss your scent. I miss your musk... When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together!

[Image: 4cvtDWE.jpeg]
Edmonton Blizzard Co-GM
Yukon Malamutes Hall of Fame
[Image: NwdnVLP.png][Image: fDB9MNX.png] 
[Image: 3j8MIXU.png]
Granny Panpan Count: 258

@CementHands you are a wonderful person and I hope you have a great week! @Acsolap you are a pleasure to work with and look forward to the continued success in philly! @Gwdjohnson you still suck! jk its been a lot fun to get to know you even if all you talk about it drake. I could honestly go on and ping everyone on my team and people from around the league that have made my time here truly great but at that point it would likely be half the league!

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some high fibre sigs are Powered by AllBran, 

This one is a bit tough as I made two friends pretty quickly. @Patty and I connected over Blues Hockey. That is likely what lead him to trade for me in the J. @stick and I connected early on as we were both new and paired together on D. This all culminated to our eventual cup run. Go Zerks!

This one is a tough one to write as the user is no longer living. @Emiko you introduced the league to me and reignited my love for hockey. Rest In Peace Emi.

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