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Bongo's TOP 10 Prospects and GRADING REPORT


1. Jamie Fraser - Kraken - Scotland
CENTER - 6'3 - 210LBS
Projection: Bonafide Generational Player

The SHL will be blessed with another generational talent from the Kraken development camp. If Jamie Fraser isn't your number one draft pick, you probably need a lobotomy. Fraser is a 6'3, 210 pound wrecking ball of a center who at his young age has exhibited both leadership skills and on-ice skills. He is opting to play Right Defense to selflessly plug some holes in the depth of the middling Kraken. Although Fraser has only 6 assists at this point in the season, his numbers prior to joining the Kraken were astronomical. Not to mention, this is his first crack at Defense. This kid makes it look effortless. If you want a winner, you want JAMIE FRASER - who is Number 1 in our draft ranking.  Jamie Fraser, you are a Montreal Patriote, or at least whatever team wins the lottery. 
Fraser has been heard stating "I don't mean to be this full of myself, but I should be First Overall".  He has the arrogance of a winner. 

2. Jennifer Huh Knights - Korea
RIGHT WING - 5'8 - 150 LBS
PROJECTION: Franchise Player

The 5'8 150 pound right winger is already making a case for themselves to win the rookie of the year in the SMJHL, already with 24 points on a struggling Kelowna squad, we can assert with confidence that Huh will be a top 3 pick. For now, their ranking is #2. This is the first Korean player in a while who has exhibited qualities of being an Elite to potentially a Franchise talent. If Huh can transfer their game to the big leagues, we will see an absolute weapon going forward. The game is changing, so a speedy forward may fit the system of a bottoming franchise right now. 

3. Anna Skovgaard Citadelles - Norway
CENTER - 6'3, 180 LBS
Projection: Mid Franchise / High Elite

4. Ylib Kove Malamutes - Canada
CENTER - 6'2, 198 LBS 
Projection: Mid Franchise / High Elite 

The top 5 are saturated with centers. In any other draft year, Kove and Skovgaard would likely be 1OA locks. Kove and Skovgaard are built like Greek gods, at 6'2 and nearly 200 pounds of pure muscle. Both Centers would fit best on a team that requires some grit, size, muscle and youth. Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Baltimore lack center depth, and may be trading up to supplement the middle of their lineup. However, a bottom 5 team such as Montreal, Seattle, Manhattan are unlikely to give up an option to select a first round gem, so the return would have to be enticing. Whether you opt for either Kove or Skovgaard, it is a coinflip.

5. Alexa Johansen - Scarecrows - USA
 LEFT WING - 5'10, 176 LBS
Projection: Low Franchise - High Elite 

Johansen is turning a lot of heads early. As a 'new create', there are some biases. I am high on Johansen, and think that they can be a top 5 Gem. I know this will not age poorly - with the potential to nearly max earn, we can assert that with Johansen, there is still much to be seen. Johansen is a top 10 earner and runaway best Left Winger in the draft. Bottoming teams may be skeptical when taking a waiver on Johansen, but a good fit would be in Buffalo, a team lacking left wing prospects, and near the middle of the standings. I'd be surprised if Johansen isn't selected in the top 10. 

6. Will Nuck Scarecrows - Germany
Projection: High Elite 

The big German defenseman is a arguably the best in the S76 draft class. Teams who need size to offset their speedy forwards should take note of Nuck, and seriously consider selecting him. Nuck doesn't get selected outside of the Top 10 in my opinion, perhaps he will even be a top 5 selection, given that the team in question doesn't favor scoring. Nuck has the potential to command the first line of an SHL franchise for a good chunk of a window. Teams that are offense-heavy in their prospect pool may want to take a waiver on Nuck.  If the chips fall where they may, I foresee New Orleans being an ideal destination for Nuck. 

7. Cade De Vries Battleborn - Netherlands
Projection: High Elite 

Nuck's 'draft class rival', this absolute monster is off to a hot start in his inaugural rookie year. If a team is eyeing a Right Defenseman, they cannot go wrong with DeVries, who has similar metrics to Nuck, except for the fact that DeVries is a plus size gentleman. Again, I think New Orleans watch the development of both of these players closely, and make a game time decision on draft day. Their scouting staff are likely flipping a coin. Both have a similar ceiling, and are projected to go Top 10.

8. ANA SODERSTROM Falcons- Sweden
GOALIE - 5'11, 165 LBS 
Projection: Franchise Goaltender 

Calgary has already acquired the rights to Soderstrom. However, it would be dismissive to not include them in the draft rankings. Calgary are going to get their starter of the future. They will have to time their championship window with Soderstrom's development. It isn't every day you get access to a goaltender with such a high ceiling. 

9. Nathangus McExplosion Raptors - Czechia
Left Wing - 6'3, 220 LBS 
Projection: High Elite 

McExplosion has been said to have a dicey past, but we will leave that aside for now. McExplosion has been quoted as stating that he is going to "win the cup". He really doesn't say much else. McExplosion is arrogant, abrasive, aggressive, but one thing is for certain - he is a winner. If you take a waiver on McExplosion, you may run into some personality issues, and perhaps a trade request. McExplosion does not want to go to a rebuilding squad. He wants to win the cup, and he has said that he WILL win the cup.  His talent is undeniable. If he can keep the off-ice antics to a minimum, he will infact, win the cup. I would typically rank such a superstar talent in the top 5, but he is a wildcard.

10. Stavros Kondos Elk - Greece 
CENTER - 6'2, 211 LBS 
Projection: High Elite

Stavros is a powerful name, and this is a powerful player. Again, this draft class is so deep, and concentrated in elite centers, but Kondos belongs in the company of the potentially franchise altering centers in the S76 draft. You will see Stavros round out the top 10, and possibly the top 5. He's going to change whichever team he goes to. He has to be the last of my top 10, but come draft day, I would not be surprised if he is higher than 10, due to his scoring potential. 


Here, I've compiled a list of my personal draft rankings outside of the top 10. Who do you think i've snubbed or excluded due to my personal biases using my top 10 projection analytic method.


11. Whalers Robo Sven - RIGHT WING - Japan - 6'7, 300 LBS
12. Armada Deth Klaw - LEFT DEFENSE - International - 6'2, 250 LBS
13. Scarecrows Scar Bealey - RIGHT WING - USA - 6'3, 225 LBS (Rights Owned by NOLA)
14. Grizzlies Thomas Hudson - CENTER - USA - 5'11, 200 LBS
15. Kraken Max Belcher - LEFT DEFENSE - USA - 6'4, 215 LBS
16. Timber The Cod Father - LEFT WING - Portugal - 6'0, 155 LBS
17. Falcons Brayden Point - CENTER - Canada - 5'10, 178 LBS


18. Knights Mark Jagerson - CENTER - U.K. - 6'3, 232 LBS
19. Berserkers MattyJ - LEFT WING - USA - 6'0, 192 LBS
20. Citadelles 3WW-Wingmate-Roc - RIGHT WING - International - 6'1, 200 LBS
21. Armada Matviy Cajabi - RIGHT WING - Ukraine - 6'1, 200 LBS
22. Grizzlies James Howlett- CENTER - Canada - 5'3, 195 LBS
23. Battleborn Jim Wieners - RIGHT WING - Sweden - 6'0, 190LBS
24. Berserkers Jason Warwaha - LEFT WING - Switzerland - 6'3, 200LBS
25. Knights Savva Kirik - RIGHT DEFENSE - Russia - 6'3, 212 LBS
26. Whalers Tank Sharksy - CENTER - USA - 6'2, 212 LBS


27. Whalers Nono Jo - CENTER - USA - 6'6, 260LBS
28. Battleborn Lucas Raymond - CENTER - Sweden - 6'2, 195 LBS
29. Scarecrows Jack Booth - RIGHT DEFENSE - Canada - 6'5, 222 LBS
30. Berserkers Turtle Bob - RIGHT DEFENSE - Canada - 5'11, 227 LBS
31. Raptors Chuff D'lee - RIGHT DEFENSE - Canada - 5'10, 206 LBS
32. Timber Kristians Mikelis - LEFT DEFENSE - Latvia - 6'2, 225 LBS

33. FREE AGENT Lyle Odelein IV - LEFT WING - Canada - 6'4, 200 LBS
34. Battleborn Chopper Donquixote - CENTER - USA - 5'8, 210 LBS
35. FREE AGENT Scape Goat - LEFT WING - Norway - 5'10, 167 LBS
36. Armada Chuck Chunky - RIGHT DEFENSE - USA - 5'11, 190 LBS
37. Whalers Archibald Walker - LEFT DEFENSE - Finland - 5'9, 200 LBS
38. Scarecrows -Nathan Able - RIGHT WING - USA - 5'10, 210 LBS
39. Grizzlies Peter Parker - GOALIE - USA - 6'4, 200 LBS

40. Whalers - Roman Jalopski - CENTER - Canada - 6'4, 233 LBS
41. Grizzlies Realpolitik Devious Hedghog - RIGHT WING - France - 6'1, 180 LBS
43. Timber Daquaivion Davis II - LEFT WING - USA - 5'11, 180 LBS
44. Kraken Peppi Guiseppe - RIGHT WING - New Zealand - 6'2, 190 LBS
45. Scarecrows Kris - GOALIE - Canada - 6'1, 180 LBS
46. Whalers Andy Lammers - DEFENSE - USA - 6'1, 205 LBS
47. Malamutes Dash Jackson - LEFT DEFENSE - Canada - 6'3, 219 LBS
48. Grizzlies Juice Williams - LEFT DEFENSE - Ireland - 5'10, 170 LBS
49. Berserkers Pique Boo - CENTER - Canada - 6'0, 200 LBS
50. FREE AGENT Smash Davis - RIGHT WING - USA - 6'3, 245 LBS
51. Kraken Lukas Fischer - LEFT WING - Switzerland - 6'5, 233 LBS
52. Whalers Caper Poirot - RIGHT WING - Canada - 6'2, 214 LBS
53. Berserkers Connor McDusty - CENTER - Canada - 5'10, 196 LBS
54. Berserkers Joe DeGen - LEFT DEFENSE - USA - 5'11, 185 LBS
55. Elk Bojan Miovski - LEFT DEFENSE - Macedonia - 6'2, 200LBS
56. Knights Carter Stankoven - LEFT WING - USA - 5'11, 199 LBS


REMAINING PROSPECTS ALL BELONG IN TIER 6. I'd be surprised if any make a significant impact in the show. Feel free to reach out if you feel snubbed. I will gladly retract my ranking, should you prove to be a draftable, serviceable player.


My favorite part of this is @Faelax not getting a blurb

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02-22-2024, 01:21 PMsve7en Wrote: My favorite part of this is @Faelax not getting a blurb

I combined 3 and 4

great article another banger by bongo. great choice of name by @Ohtaay

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02-22-2024, 01:21 PMsve7en Wrote: My favorite part of this is @Faelax not getting a blurb

My favourite part of this is getting to share a blurb with @Faelax

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Cajabi at 21 is an absolute disgrace

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02-22-2024, 01:51 PMKeven Wrote: My favourite part of this is getting to share a blurb with @Faelax

You guys have the same player

02-22-2024, 01:59 PMretuperkele Wrote: Cajabi at 21 is an absolute disgrace

Bro the draft class is stacked…

Great article! I love the mystery surrounding the draft, can't wait for it to go down. Smile

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02-22-2024, 03:11 PMTate Wrote: Great article! I love the mystery surrounding the draft, can't wait for it to go down. Smile

I have my eye on you

5th, huh? And an almost top earner? I know where to find my inspiration now at least!

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I am disappointed they weren't all 10 blurbs on the legend adam friedland

Nice article!

Looks like the latest and hopefully greatest Odelein will need to get some games in to start moving up the list!

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02-22-2024, 04:49 PMHuck24 Wrote: Nice article! 

Looks like the latest and hopefully greatest Odelein will need to get some games in to start moving up the list!

Deceptively Talented…. Steal Potential?

02-22-2024, 04:47 PMhockeyiscool Wrote: I am disappointed they weren't all 10 blurbs on the legend adam friedland


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