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Deep Dive #2: A deeper look into Tater
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Similarly to Sven Svechnikov, Makrus "The Tater" Jager started his career with the Vancouver Whalers and ended his career with the New England Wolfpack. Makrus "The Tater" Jager has had a much more storied career though, gathering plenty of personal accolades on his way to retirement. So the real question is how will his protoge, Mark "Tater Tot" Jagerson stack up when compared to his old man? Does he even have a shot? Let's see how he's stacking up after the majority of his first season.

Makrus "The Tater" Jager has racked up quite a bit of accolades. He has a 4 star cup with Vancouver in season 61, a WJC Gold medal with DACH in season 59, and 2 Challenge cup victories with the Wolfpack in season 70 and 74. He was the league MVP in season 68 which already puts him in elite company. It's hard to imagine a more successful career, especially when he's still above a point per game in his final season in the SHL. Career stats as of writing are 909 games played, 972 points with a +160, and a career faceoff win of 59%. I can't see how you could ask any more from your Center. He's a first ballot hall of famer for sure.

Now we have the new version, Mark "Tater Tot" Jagerson, with some absolutely HUGE shoes to fill. He was drafted late by Kelowna in the third round at pick 30. That seems like a steal for someone cut from the same cloth as Makrus "The Tater" Jager, but time will tell that story. He's currently sitting at 2 goals and 10 assists for 12 points with a -35 and a faceoff win percentage of 60%, showing that the Jagers can always be counted on for winning faceoffs if nothing else. His unassuming statline is almost definitely because of Kelowna's woes, joining Vancouver at the bottom of the league standings in midst of a rebuild. The J's are a turbulent ride, so he has plenty of time to build himself up like Makrus, but his work is more than cut out for him already.

After the conclusion of the season, Kelowna didn't make the postseason so Mark has a bit of a rocky start to his career. You can't really pick the team you start on though, and his final statline is 2 goals and 14 assists for 16 points. Surely Makrus would be disappointed, but he did win 64% of his faceoffs so the Jager blood is showing there.

So to recap: Mark is nowhere near the legacy of his predecessor, but he has plenty of time to warm up. To match careers Mark will have to earn a variety of personal and team trophies. The Jagers tend to bring winning wherever they go, so there's no doubt that Kelowna's rebuild will pay off soon. Keep an eye on Mark "Tater Tot" Jager in the remainder of his rookie season as he looks to follow in the footsteps of his teacher. Once that happens, Kelowna will be a scary team.

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