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S75 mPT#5: To you 75 seasons in the future Due: Sunday, March 17th @ 11:59 PM PST

It has been an impressive 75 seasons, yet it is just a start. This is a time capsule to S150, to be read after another 75 seasons.
Your task is to write a message to the SHL of the future!
25 words minimum!
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
This PT will close Sunday, March 17th at 11:59pm PST. Posts submitted/edited after the deadline will receive 0 tpe.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded.
Graders reserve the right to determine what is malicious. You will not be warned.
This PT is for SHL players and send downs only; it is not for SMJHL Rookies. If your player is S76 or S77, go do the J task instead.

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Hello, Season 150. This is William Salming calling. I would like to tell you that Simulation Hockey League is probably the most competitive hockey league in the planet right now. Hopefully it is also in season 150, am I correct?

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Hello future. The first 75 seasons have been very much horrible, hopefully things turned out great after the inevitable SMJHL contraction... oh god dont tell me you expanded every 15 seasons did you?

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Hey Season 150!!

The thunderdome was a lot of fun but it is better to leave that sealed up. Also I'm sorry we made the Lobsters and Czechia so over powered. Best of luck!!

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Hello SHL of season 150! Allow me to demonstrate my clairvoyance: goalie TPE still doesn't matter, you still hate your sim engine, and fantasy TPE still exists. At least you've figured out how to retain simmers, right?

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Never forget one of the most dominating dynasties of the S60s and S70s were the Winnipeg Aurora that went 1-4 in the finals. What could have been.

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Hello S150 SHL users! Im sorry for the amazing dynasty I turned Independent Russia into. Sorry for winning 75 straight gold medals! I'm just too goated.

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Россия wants you! Ask for a Transfer! Join Independent Russia Today!

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To the future SHL, I hope that this league is much mlre enjoyable from a sim engine perspective. A better live sim experience, and maybe a place where goalies will hold more value.

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Hello Season 150. Is the real world any less depressing than it is now? anyway sorry i breached containment and the entire league became my plaything i'm not actually sorry

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I probably will not be here anymore at that time, but I hope the sim is still fun and there are still great people to meet. The league is such a great community.

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Hello youths of S150. I sure hope you've moved on from FHM 8 by now. Portal v3 must be amazing! We just got the first portal recently. Hopefully my sig drop down is fully populated beyond S74 when you read this or else something terrible has happened.


Hello future people and welcome to the S75 time capsule - yes it has finally happened - Luke has run out of money finally on their 6th player and they are being forced to re do the top 100 SHL players of all time all over again.

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Hello S150 users, sorry for all the stuff we did and messed up the league as a whole. I am surprised you are still kicking the can down the road. If HFFO is still around and hasn't been replaced by a robotic Mr. Clean AI then there is still a chance of being tampered. Also, I hope they have brought back thunderdome.

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Goalie TPE does matter, no matter what the nay-sayers say.  If we're still on the FHM engine, hopefully they've tweaked it to allow true custom leagues (like ours) that are outside the confines of what is "normal" for NHL standards.  Furthermore, we're glad you're here.

Greeting from the past, I hope that FHM 20 (or so) finally has decent enough live sims that actually looks like it is a hockey. But if it doesn't maybe you can move back to STHS, sure by now people have already forgot why the switch happened in the first place.

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