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Deep Dive #2 We Are the World (The Future)

The future. What does it hold? What best way to determine the destiny of SMJHL rookies? Sure, you may be one of those people that look at statistics and analytics, make heat maps and graphs, and all other sorts of nerdy smart things to determine what a players likely floor/ceiling is. But that's lame and boring. Why don't we ever get Bob McKenzie on TSN come out and read tea leaves? Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek to read tarot cards. Not only would it be rad as but it likely wouldn't end up being that far off what the "experts' predict in the first place. 

That's the kind of rookie forecast I'm all about. Fast and loose. You won't hear about Corsi or Fenwick or any of that jazz here. Take it from me, a guy who once made all of his decisions for a year based on the outcome of rolling dice, this is a far better way of determining the fate of this bumper crop of Team World rookies. 

But, I hear you asking, how will you do it? Blow the dust off the Ouija board you haven't used since you were a teenager and ask the spirits if Peppi Guiseppe is going to be a star? We could call Miss Cleo and ask her if Deth Klaw is the real deal. Both excellent ideas, but today we will be asking an old friend to help us with our psychic claims. The trusted Magic 8 Ball! So without further ado, let's see who the next wave of Team World (and eventual SHL) rookies are and how they'll fare at this years WJC.......and beyond! (insert ominous, spooky music here)

[Image: 8ball-bart-simpson.gif]

3WW Wingmate-Roc [RW]
Birthplace: Sandsteppe Gate, Tarkir
S75 SMJHL Stats: 11-34-55 [Quebec City Citadelles]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 248
Team World will want 3WW to gather all the magic he can when he takes to the ice. After watching his teammates fill the back of the net in Quebec City, he'll be primed and ready to do the same and boost his draft profile

Will Wingmate-Roc have a long and lustrious career? Magic 8 Ball says: "It is Certain"

Jamie Fraser [C]
Birthplace: Inverness, Scotland, 1721
S75 SMJHL Stats: 2-13-15 [Carolina Kraken]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 270
Never hurts to have the purported #1 draft pick in the upcoming SHL draft on your team. Additionally, it doesn't hurt to have someone from a Scottish clan going to battle with you. Is he a Highlander? There can be only one indeed.....
[Image: Highlander-Movie.jpg]

Will Jamie Fraser defeat the Kurgan and be "the one" (and be good at hockey too)? Magic 8 Ball says: "You may rely on it"

Jennifer Huh [RW]
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
S75 SMJHL Stats: 9-24-33 [Kelowna Knights]
S74 WJC Stats: 1-3-4
Applied TPE: 263
The little engine that could. High profile prospect Huh, all 150lbs of her, did her best to will the Knights to the postseason but it wasn't quite enough as Kelowna had another tough season in the J. With the S75 regular season behind her, the WJC tourney should give her her opportunity to show everyone what the hype is about.

Will Jennifer Huh buck the odds and have a successful career despite her small frame? Magic 8 Ball says: "Don't count on it"

Deth Klaw [LD]
Birthplace: Capital, Wasteland
S75 SMJHL Stats: 12-28-40 [Anchorage Armada]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 350
A monster on the blueline. Literally a monster. A stellar debut for the Armada defensemen. Known more for his defense as evidenced by leading Anchorage in blocks, he showed he's no slouch on the offensive side of the puck either. He makes an already formidable defense corps even better.

Will Deth Klaw have a "figuratively" monster career? Magic 8 Ball says: "It is certain"

Matviy Cajabi [RW]
Birthplace: Kramatorsk, Ukraine
S75 SMJHL Stats: 15-34-49 [Anchorage Armada]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE:
The Ukrainian speedster had an auspicious showing in his debut season. Put up decent numbers despite playing the least amount of minutes on a veteran laden roster. A huge opportunity presents itself at the WJC as he'll get a look on the top line early on in the tournament. 

Will Matviy Cajabi pile up the points (and pierogis)? Magic 8 Ball says: "Yes"

Song Ju-gong [G]
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
S75 SMJHL Stats: 37-6-2 [Quebec City Citadelles]
S74 WJC Stats: 2-6-0
Applied TPE: 349
Chicken or the egg, Did Ju-gong like having 100mph frozen rubber fired at them before or after fleeing the zombie outbreak in Busan? You gotta love those crazy goalies.
Quebec City only required Ju-gong to be average while they were posting comical 80s era Oilers offense, but that didn't stop them from being one of the best goalies in the entire league.

Will Song Ju-gong rise to elite status or be a zombie in the crease? Magic 8 Ball says: "Yes definitely"

Peppi Guiseppe [RW]
Birthplace: Disappointment Island, New Zealand
S75 SMJHL Stats: 22-23-45 [Carolina Kraken]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 250
At this point, Team World might be considering an official name change to Team Kraken as Guiseppe marks the 5th time Carolina is represented on the World roster. "Big Peppi" showed that the disappointment didn't follow him from the island while he racked up 22 goals and 45 points. Could skate on a line with his fellow Kiwi and form a Haka line.

Can Guiseppe be the hero Disappointment Island deserves? Magic 8 Ball says: "You may rely on it"

Stavros Kondos [C]
Birthplace: Athens, Greece
S75 SMJHL Stats: 11-22-33 [Regina Elk]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 271
When he's not being the villain in a James Bond movie, Stavros lays low in Regina and busies his time with being a hockey player. It's the perfect way to go incognito. No one will discover his true identity. Until they read this blurb. Oops.

Will Stavros Kondos quit his villainous job and focus on hockey fulltime to be a star? Magic 8 Ball says: "Better not tell you now" (that's a very cheeky answer, 8 Ball)

Ylib Kove [C]
Birthplace: Quebec City, Canada
S75 SMJHL Stats: 13-24-37
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 350
The best pure centerman on the team, Kove is going to be a busy man at the faceoff dot. Similar to Cajabi in Anchorage, Kove's minutes were slashed in favor of the veterans on the Malamutes roster. That won't be a problem on Team World. He'll get a look in the 1C spot. This could be his chance to bust out in a big way.

Is this the stage for Ylib Kove to prove to the world he's a bonafide 1C? Magic 8 Ball says: "You may rely on it"


Noah Smtih [LD]
Birthplace: Sydney , Australia
S75 SMJHL Stats: 5-21-26 [Carolina Kraken]
S74 WJC Stats: N/A
Applied TPE: 328
The only Team World eligible player that isn't a returnee or a rookie. Missed out on being on last teams roster. Will look to prove that decision was mistake and use that chip on his shoulder to have a great tournament.

Karter Mendenhall [G]
Birthplace: Philadelphia , USA
S75 SMJHL Stats: 19-13-2 [Yukon Malamutes]
S74 WJC Stats:
Applied TPE: 409
After scouring the ends of the earth to find an eligible goalie, Team World came up empty. So we begged the other nations to let us borrow one of theirs. After getting into 5 games with the US White team last year, Mendenhall will be a valuable piece to the World goalie platoon.

Will the two non-returnees/rookies be a success story for Team World at the WJC? Magic 8 Ball says: "Yes"

(Applied TPE at time of publishing)

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