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S76 Waitlist
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Post in this thread to be added to the waitlist. You will be put in line for replacements and potentially extra groups if there's enough time. In the mean time, you can join the discord server where you will be making picks/swaps if added to a team.

1. JT3 (7)

2. Acsolap (22)

3. roquefort (35)

4. Chris

5. mee (26)

6. soulja (21)

7. Primeapple

8. pauadrian (19)

hodOOOOr'hOOOdoooooooor hoooodor hOOdOOORRRR, Hooooooodooooorrrr HoooooddddddddoooooooRRRR

SMJHL Stats || SHL Stats
[Image: YZjkK9Q.png] PORTAL [Image: rwqM7d3.png]
Berserkers Elk Falcons Renegades Germany

Stats Pre-S53 || Stats S53+
[Image: yXVPZSm.png] [Image: updates2.png]
Outlaws Switzerland Wolfpack
S53 All-Star and Richan Trophy Nominee
S60 Jeff Dar Trophy Winner
Never forget

Me please

[Image: 66624_s.gif]
[Image: 56096_s.gif]
Credit to Ml002, King, Wasty, Carpy, Bruins10, Rum_Ham, Turd Ferguson, Ragnar and Enigmatic for the sigs.
Forge Stampede Inferno Specters Wolfpack Platoon Armada Scarecrows Uk

Player page | Player updates
[Image: wMGKypg.png]


[Image: draft-ad.png?ex=66247d0e&is=6612080e&hm=...cddcfb611&]
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Me aka Jayden on discord 

Oops, I didn't realize i missed it.

Class S55
Reincarnated- Class S71

[Image: x17WALp.png][Image: uNh8ZtE.png]

me please

[Image: pnI7R5r.png]


If there is still room I'll join the list!

[Image: Chairy-Falcon.jpg]

omg hi lemme join pls

[Image: lZacrUG.png]
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