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Season 70 Hall of Fame Ceremony

Our next inductee is almost the opposite of Lilja; the definition of a journeyman once his long and successful career with his first team was finished, spending his final 6 seasons playing for 5 different teams! An insane 6 All-SHL appearances, more than 1100 blocked shots, and more than 2100 hits are clear indications of a fantastic career, and the committee saw this as well! Please join me in congratulating our next inductee . . .

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Parker Smeb


syndicate : S47 - S61
pride : S62
Patriotes : S63
Jets : S64
Platoon : S65
pride : S66
Monarchs-old : S67

Career Regular Season Stats:
: 1226 | G: 190 | A: 520 | P: 710 | +/-: 178 | Hits: 2173 | SB: 1150

Career Playoff Stats:
: 145 | G: 11 | A: 60 | P: 71 | +/-: 7 | Hits: 264 | SB: 199

1x Rookie Team All-SHL
2x 3rd Team All-SHL
1x 2nd Team All-SHL
2x 1st Team All-SHL
2x Scott Stevens Nominee
1x Scott Stevens Winner
1x Challenge Cup Champion (S57)

[Image: 5015.png]

Committee Quotes:
"Leading all ballot members with 6 All-SHL selections, Smeb was a defensive master for over 1200 games over 21 seasons."

"6 All-SHL selections (most among any eligible players for the HoF), a couple of Stevens nominations and a win, one of the most consistent performers on the ballot over a long 21-season career, has over 2,000 hits and 1,000 shots blocked over their career and most points among any eligible defensemen with 710. "

"The longevity coupled with the fact of being a 6-time All-SHL player and having 3 Stevens noms/wins drives it home + having a physical edge with over 2k hits in their career."

"6-time All-SHL and nominated for the Stevens 3 of those seasons (1 Stevens win). He's got 1 cup, over 1200 games played, and over 700 points so he has longevity and success."

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!

Our final player inductee of the season spent all but the final 2 seasons of his illustrious career with one team, providing a consistent and reliable presence in the net for more than a decade and racking up an impressive trophy case in the process, including some awards you don't typically see for a goalie. Please join me in congratulating our final player of the evening . . .

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!

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Peter Larson


Rage : S47 - S59
Forge : S60 - S62

Career Regular Season Stats:
GP: 527 | W: 270 | L: 191 | OTL: 36 | Min: 29,685 | SO: 43 | SV%: 0.914 | GAA: 2.763

Career Playoff Stats:
GP: 73 | W: 30 | L: 29 | OTL: 8 | MIN: 4,231 | SO: 3 | SV%: 0.916 | GAA: 3.035

2x 3rd Team All-SHL
1x 1st Team All-SHL
1x Ron Mexico Nominee
1x Anton Razov Winner
1x Sarmad Khan Winner
2x John McBride Winner
1x Challenge Cup Champion (S52)

[Image: 4794.png][Image: 5055.png]

Committee Quotes:
"3 all-SHL appearances, 1 cup, 1 playoff MVP, and 2 McBrides make him HoF worthy. The nomination for Mexico and the Khan win as a goalie put him over the top."

"One of the few goalies in site history to have gotten a Mexico nom and a Khan win while winning the Razov."

"3 All-SHL appearances, and 4 award wins to go with it that are all MVP focused. His winning percentage is on par with the average for the current Hall goalies, and he has a significantly high number of shutouts in that time."

"How rare is it for a Goalie to get a Mexico Nomination? How about a Razov win? Heck, what about Players MVP?  Larson was able to achieve all of this while finishing in 3 All-SHL teams and a near 60% win percentage across his career."

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!

Our final inductee for the evening is also the only GM on our ballot, so it's no big surprise as to who it is. However, his accomplishments with his tenure are not to be overlooked, starting with a fresh expansion team, and within 10 seasons bringing them to back-to-back Challenge Cup victories, something that had yet to be done in the modern era of the SHL, proving his dedication and skill to building a team that was able to rise to the top and remain competitive. Please join me in congratulating our GM Inductee . . .

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!

[Image: uLQbnhX.png]


Argonauts : S56 - S68

GM Record:
: 448 | L: 330 | OTL: 64

1x Lance Uppercut Winner (S59)
1x President's Trophy (S68)
2x Challenge Cup (S67, S68)

Committee Quotes:
"Built an expansion team from the ground up to win back-to-back cups."

"Back-to-back cups are kinda rare and he did it as an expansion GM."

"He's the only GM in the modern era to repeat as a cup champion, doing so after building his team up as an expansion team only 10 seasons prior."

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!

This concludes the Season 70 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony! Congratulations to all of our new members!

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!


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Honored to have shared a one-season LR with Smeb! Congrats!

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Congrats to everyone who made it in this round and especially to my old goalie buddy from back then (I know you still read the forum) @Tomasnz!

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