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S76 mPT #1: Lessons from pre(diction)-season Due: Sunday, April 14th @ 11:59 PM PST

Conference finals will be same 4 that they were last season (LAP, TEX, PHI and NEW)

Against: The Los Angeles Panthers will not make the conference finals this year. The San Francisco Pride are now stacked and ready to win with Ramen in net and a few big additions to their lineup. This might be a bit of a hot take as LAP has also added some new additions, but I am supremely confident.

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Either Olof Karsikko or Sir Devoir will win the John McBride Trophy
Brother. Justin Time, one of, if not, the winningest goalies in the FHM8 era, has just been shipped from EDM to a stacked SFP team. I would be shocked if he did not end up winning the McBride this season.

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Nobody cares about the SMJHL

Against, before I got called up the only time I cared about SHL level things was the SHL Draft. And since being called up, I've joined Frenchie on an expansion team so that I can do even more than I already am as J PT head to use the Js to develop people onto the best and happiest SHLers they can be. On top of all this almost every season one person writes a media about how they are gonna miss their old friends in the Js, you dont get that if nobody cared, you get that because a LOT of people cared, from GMs to rookie mentors, to fellow teammates they all care about the Js.

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Either Niclas Wastlund or Edouard Lavoie will win the Ideen Fallah Trophy

Against. Is there an argument Maine should be considered front-runners? Absolutely. Colorado finished second in preseason results last season, and won the Cup. Detroit were top the season before, and won the Cup. But the league's reigning MVP ended the preseason last season with a .894 save percentage, and Ubba Lodbrok outscored Froya Solberg. Seven games is way too small a sample size to justify that as an argument.

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Nobody cares about the SMJHL

Against, because for those of us still in the J, this is our reality, and I care about the SHL to the extent of supporting my future teammates, and hoping for fantasy numbers. The rest of these storylines and players? I'll start paying attention in a few seasons. What SHL teams and players are doing well or badly right now hardly matters to me.

Nobody cares about the SMJHL


SMJHL is hugely important to the SHL as we (collectively via the GM's and HO of the SMJHL) help set the pace and get people comfortable and familiar with the league.  Without the fantastic efforts of the J leadership (GM's included) we would just be throwing them to the wolves of the SHL and I feel that would lead to a larger churn of people going IA due to some things being "overwhelming".

Nobody cares about the SMJHL

This I think is true for a lot of recreates - but not for the new creates. It has a really big purpose for anyone new joining the league and the enjoyment of it like most minor teams. Cross league players and recreates might find it less than thrilling though.

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New England is not going to win the presidents trophy. 7-0 and it’s all luck. We are going 0-66 I think. Bunch of bums. And ive been proven correct yet again

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Nobody cares about the SMJHL

Against. This is a terrible take. I would say nobody cares about the SHL. The SMJHL has balance, it isn't impossible to lead your player into being one of the best without taking two years of your life. The Js are the better league and it is silly to suggest otherwise.

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The Conference finals will not be what is listed in the opening post. San Francisco is going to be in the Conference Finals and even winning the entire thing. That is what is truly accurate not what is listed above.

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Nobody cares about the SMJHL

For. This is true because the Detroit Falcons won the S74 SMJHL Four Star Cup in just my third season as GM, having been from second bottom in the league when I took over in S72. And people are talking about other things now like "S76" or "trading cards" and not talking about me and the SMJHL so nobody must care

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Conference finals will be same 4 that they were last season (LAP, TEX, PHI and NEW)


Have you seen who has the #1 and #2 defenses in the league. Those teams are TEX and PHI, both of which were in their respective conference finals last season. What's to say that they can't do it again.

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Against Nobody cares about the SMJHL. I think this claim is inherently false. Players are always pretty attached to their SMJHL Team. They may not care so much about the J once they are up playing in the big league, but at some point or another, they have cared about the SMJHL.

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I think predicting the conference finals are the same as they were last season is a bold claim. How many times has that happened? Not many, and a lot of things have to happen just right so I say that its very unlikely.

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buffalo will miss the playoffs for the first time since S45

against. i believe in tomen and rags too much to argue against the stampede at this point. sure, they're not as good as they used to be, but if a team has a playoff streak closing in on 30 seasons, it's hard to beg against them.

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