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S76 PT #2: Oohh, yo momma fight! Due: Sunday, April 21st @ 11:59 PM PST

Please pick ONE prompt to write about. Do not mix and match prompts. Identify the prompt you are using in your submission - Copying and pasting the prompt will deduct from your word count so if you do this make sure YOUR submission is 150+ words excluding the prompt.

Written Option 1: Your offseason xitter activities have earned you some enemies. One specific player from a rival team is instigating a social media beef with you over a questionable call that went your way last season. (Or maybe you’re the one doing the instigating...) Who are you beefing with and how does it go down?

Written Option 2: If you could change one rule in hockey, of any league, which rule would you change, how would you change it, and why that particular rule?

Graphic Option: Make a fan sign taunting a rival team.

You will receive 3 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.

All responses are due on Sunday, April 21st at 11:59 PST. NOTE: IF YOU SUBMIT/EDIT AFTER THE DEADLINE YOU WILL RECEIVE REDUCED/NO TPE.

Affiliate claims from either PBE or ISFL or WSLB or SSL are accepted; link directly to your post and note if your username is different there.

If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. The graders reserve the right to determine malicious intent, after discussion with me. You will not be warned.

This task is for SHL players and send downs only. If your player is S77 that's not you.

PT credit: zerg

[Image: puolivalmiste2.gif]
Sigs by @Carpy48, @Nokazoa and me


Option 1:

It could be argued it's less about a specific call, but I'm starting beef with Sonja Solberg... again. Mostly, with Betzee out of the league, Sonja has become the funniest person to beef with in the league. I already know that I'm guaranteed to receive a hundred thousand or so gifs of Ronaldo blowing kisses and doing poses, but I can just send a hundred thousand gifs of Messi being better than Ronaldo right back for the easy beef win. That's just part one of the beef, though, there's also the war of words, and that part is the real reason to pick Sonja, who is hilarious and also doesn't hold anything back. A lot of verbal sparring will go down about who is truly the better player, with Sonja surely pointing to her superior stats and Alexa pointing out that she carried her entire team last season.

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[Image: 8KlR3Yq.png]

William Salming would like to change a one rule in a game called ice-hockey indeed. That rule is a rule about goaltending interference. People don't understand clearly enough what is an interference and what is not. The border between yes and no needs to be more clear. How that happen? Well, yours truly mr. Salming has an answer. From this point on, he would change the rule like this: If you are in the blue goaltender area, it is always interference. Even without the contact. If you are on the white ice, it is not interference. Even if the contact happens. Simple? Yes. Easy to review from the video? Yes. Clear enough for all people around the world? Yes, sir! Salming thinks that would solve lots of difficult questions what is an interference and what is not an interference. So, he has already reached the SHL rules committee and proposed a change. So far, it hasn't happened but maybe in the near future.

[Image: salming.png]

Written Option 1: Your offseason xitter activities have earned you some enemies. One specific player from a rival team is instigating a social media beef with you over a questionable call that went your way last season. (Or maybe you’re the one doing the instigating...) Who are you beefing with and how does it go down?

At present Chicago is not really the best team so I doubt anyone would beef with us so I would have to look through our list of rivals. And very quickly I would have to decide to instigate beef again our rivals the Winnipeg Aurora and in particular one @JamesT. Since leaving the team along with Melvin Majestik-Moose and Matsmith Soderberg-Tremblay Chicago and Winnipeg have been left with a bit of a hugger gap and so every game we play against them when they first left, we made a hugging ritual with them but it has since fallen off. I would instigate a hugging war with disco monkey Ben Jammin himself and furiously tell him happy birthday every time we hugged. There will not be a game of peace between us and I will send him :huggers: and happy birthday messages via twitter at every opportunity, he won’t be able to handle it and will hug us back twice as much. It will be glorious!
-166 words

PT pass (for writing)

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Option 2

If I could change one rule in hockey, I think I would abolish the shootout. Games should not be decided by a skills competition. I am fine with their being ties again. No one thinks less of a hard fought tie, but to me the shootout is a publicity stunt and honestly not even fun to watch. I would much rather watch my team loose, from a well drawn up play executed to perfection, or have a game end deadlocked with both teams out there battling to the last minute, than to watch a guy go one on one with the goalie 5 times. Maybe make wins worth 3 points, OT wins worth two and a tie worth one. that way there would be incentive to win. Get rid of this 1 point for each team to make overtime and make them battle it out for every last point. It would make every game seem like a playoff game.


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Credit to Ragnar and Enigmatic for the great Signatures

Opt 2

N'Zola would simply abolish the icing rule in its entirety. More or less because it is very much a waste of everyone's time when the play keeps getting interrupted because someone got a little too hot potato to handle for themselves and dumps the puck to the opposing end without hesitation. Not only would this save plenty of time for everyone but also make sure that players would be forced to be more careful on the offensive zone. By losing the puck they are exposing themselves to lose any control that they have had on the offensive zone by being careless after the icing rule was abolished from the league in its entirety. I understand that this is a little biased coming out from a defenseman whose job would be made so much easier by removing that particular rule, but in the end all I want is to have a little more time with my beloved ones so that the precious moments can be made easier

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pt pass

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[Image: U66t7Jy.png][Image: CXrxOKM.png][Image: RyzkmSj.png][Image: zyyvIFD.png]

[Image: lUeg4KM.png]

Option 2:

I would change the tripping call. I mostly understand why it is set up the way it is, but it used to not be this way. Currently, any defensive action that takes an opposing player off their feet is tripping, even if a solid play on the puck is made. This essentially eliminates most defensive slides, aggressive goalie pokechecks, and other entertaining plays. If a goalie challenges a breakaway shooter by doing an old school pokecheck slide, it should not be a penalty if the oncoming player falls over the goalie if the goalie first made contact with the puck. Every time a goalie does this, the crowd goes "wow, that was awesome!" If goalies know they will get a penalty, they will stop doing this play in fear that they will hurt their team. Fantastic plays should not be penalized and this sort of soft call saps a little joy from the game.

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Credit to enigmatic, Merica, and tweedledunn for sigs


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PT Pass

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Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

Simmer PT Pass

prompt 2

i'm changing the icing rule. i don't even think there's a debate as to why the icing rule should be changed. hell, i'm abolishing it. why? i'm all about the speed of the game and ensuring play runs smoothly. if you barely get beat out for an icing call and somehow are able to get the puck away from the defense, that's another scoring chance for your team. i think removing the icing would definitely increase the speed of the game, but it'd also lead to more goals, and we love high-scoring hockey because it's just fun to both play in and watch. the one possible downside to this is players being more fatigued and longer shifts, but good coaching would adjust to that and mitigated it. overall, i think it's obvious that the icing rule is kinda stupid, slows the game down, and should be removed.

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Option 2:

I would change the rule(s) relating to the penalty shot. As it stands, if you are on a near breakaway and slashed or tripped, you (specifically you the one on the breakaway) get a penalty shot instead of a two-minute power play for the team. Currently, I think that this rule is not punishing enough to the team committing the penalty. Instead, I would change the penalty shot to allow the team that is taking the shot to choose which player gets to take the shot. This would allow for one of the most skilled players to show off their moves, which is exciting for fans as well as potentially punishing the offending team. Furthermore, I would make it so if the penalty shot is saved, there would still be a 1 minute (or half of whatever the penalty amount would be) powerplay for the team that was aggrieved by the penalty. This I believe would be sufficiently penalizing to the offending team as goalies have gotten better in recent eras of hockey so it seems as though defenders are more willing to slash or trip players on a rush.

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Shoutout TheOPSquid for the Sig


The rule I would change in hockey would be surrounding the scoring of points. Obviously, Kristian Seppanen, upcoming star of the Atlanta Inferno hockey team, in the Simulation Hockey League (SHL for short), is having a slow season scoring points. In his rookie season in the Simulation Major Junior Hockey League (SMJHL for short), Kristian Seppanen had similar point troubles when he was a defenseman for the Yukon Malamutes, the most northern hockey team in either of the leagues, as a fun fact. The reason I would change this rule would be to promote the scoring of points, namely for Kristian Seppanen, the upcoming star defenseman for the Atlanta Inferno hockey team of the SHL, but in general for any defenseman on any team, so that they have a realistic chance of being recognized for their contributions to the league because as we all know, the league heavily favours offence over defence, which disappoints Kristian Seppanen, the upcoming star defenseman for the Atlanta Inferno hockey team of the SHL. The rule change, in short, would double the value of points for defensemen, and then double that value specifically for Kristian Seppanen, the upcoming star defensemen for the Atlanta Inferno hockey team of the SHL.

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