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S76 PT #2: Oohh, yo momma fight! Due: Sunday, April 21st @ 11:59 PM PST

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option 2 - 174 words

If i had the ability to change one rule in any league of my choosing, I would choose a rule that in my opinion would make things in the league more entertaining, not to say things aren't entertaining right now, just maybe they could be a bit more chaotic in my opinion. The rule i would change would be section 27.7. in the NHL. Just in case you don't know that rule, it's the rule that prevents the goalie from playing the puck past the red line into the opponent's zone. I would make it so that the goalie can play past the red line AND if the goalie scores a goal, it's worth 3 points, its high-risk high reward and I think it could make things exciting to see your goalie pull out of the crease and start charging towards the other teams' net with the puck. This could lead to higher scoring games, either from goalies scoring more goals or more empty netters, probably not a good idea to change this rule...

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(Prompt #1) 
Stavros Kondos. Another center from the 76 draft season, part of the Regina Elks, the Grizzlies nemeses from last season. The original post was innocuous to anyone else, but to James Howlett it was an unforgivable insult to his skills. Whatever the original intention was, Howlett’s response is what escalates it into beef. “I’ve seen the guy face to face on the ice, and he doesn’t scare me. Every faceoff that went my way, every goal scored, that was all me bub. The refs had nothing to do with it.” The beef dies down quickly after a couple days because the phone cage that Rose bought finally arrived and James was removed from Xitter to ‘cool down’. At the Grizzlies’ next practice, though, he’s still muttering about it as he puts on his pads. Something about ‘a real Sabretooth of a guy, that Kondos…’, a statement his teammates were undoubtedly trying to decipher for the rest of the day.
(Arbitrary choice of player, picked more for the team! This league has been real kind to me, but beef can be funny)

"I'm the best there is at what I do... and what I do isn't very nice."

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written option 2

If I Sim Wen could choose to change a rule in hockey I know exactly what I would do. I'm not sure who would be giving me this power but I would use it wisely and responsibly. Sim Wen would look at a number of things that could be changed and how crazy they would be but in the end he would make it so that goalies could cross centre ice as much as the want and play the puck wherever they want. They're a player out on the ice with a stick so what that they've got fancy equipment. Sim Wen would like nothing more than to go on an odd man rush with his brother Jim @Leppish Wen but he would take a penalty if he did that currently so Sim Wen would abolish that rule and go on as many odd man rushes as he pleases with him. This would be a good rule and introduce some risk/reward to the goalie position.

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Written Option 2

I would change the meta structure of the NHL, the low hanging fruit is the playoff format, going from divisional seeding back to a straight first through eight seed and revising the tiebreakers (this current season lol)

I would rather see a full first through sixteenth seed format, better rewarding the top few teams regardless of conference and allowing for the regular season to mean more for the teams that perform well before the playoffs. To build on that I'd also change the regular season format to be 84 games: 

70 games, three in conference games and two interconference games, like the current regular season
14 games, dubbed "The Push", where teams get a home and home with a day's rest in the middle against every team in the division, culminating in simultaneous play on the final day of The Push. The Push is unique because of it's higher point structure. The first 70 games are scored 3/2/1/0 for W/OTW/OTL/L, but the push is 4 points or nothing, with playoff style overtime. This allows for high stakes divisional rivalry games, while keeping the postseason fresh and unique in it's matchups - see NCAA sports for examples of that in action.

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P1: As a rising star in the hockey world, my offseason on Xitter hasn’t been without drama. It all started with a player from a rival team who’s been stoking the fires of discontent. This whole feud traces back to a contentious playoff game where I scored a last-minute goal. While our fans celebrated, many argued it was offside—a call not made by the refs.

The rival player rehashed the incident on social media by sharing clips and adding snarky comments about the referees favoring our team. As tensions grew, I decided to jump into the fray, not to escalate but to add a little humor to the mix. My response? A simple tweet: “Looking forward to giving you more to tweet about next season.”

This kicked off a back-and-forth that soon had fans from both sides chiming in. Memes, GIFs, and fan art started circulating, turning our beef into a spectator sport of its own. While some might see it as just another online squabble, this banter has kept the rivalry alive during the offseason and increased the hype for our next face-off.

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Considering Hugh is too much of an oaf to have a xitter, therefore him making enemies on it would be very unlikely, as that person would be fighting with themselves. So, the rule I would change in the ice hockey would be the return a five-on-five overtime period as to why I would change this rule. It is quite simple as I do not think the game needs much tweaking and they now allow two-line passes. The three-on-three five-minute overtime is garbage and is for the birds. The full extra period was so much better and it lent itself to having the better win as to three weapons you put together for a couple of shifts. Plus, it gives the fans more time for the tension to build as the overtime minute tick away. That is why I think hockey need to bring back the old overtime rules and make things right for the fans.

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Sigs by @FlappyGiraffe,  @Steelhead77,  @ToeDragon84, @slothfacekilla, @Wasty and other dude I need to find your name

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Written Option 2

If there was one rule in any league that I could change for ice hockey, it would probably be the automatic delay of game penalty for shooting the puck over the glass in the defensive zone. It is almost never something that a player or goalie does intentionally, and it is really cheap to see a team get a power play or a two man advantage (or even lose a power play) because someone put a little too much on a puck or it flipped up on them as they were shooting it. I get that when it was introduced it was actually an issue, but I don't think it would become an issue if it were suddenly allowed, just do the college route and disallow changes if you shoot the puck out in the defensive zone, as opposed to going down a man. I've even seen ridiculous power plays from it where the player shoots it down to ice the puck but it goes over the glass.


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I mean let’s face it, HAM is more than happy to lay it down on social media. Let’s face it, everyone wants to Beef with Luke if they had the chance muahahaha. I think it would just be the regular hockey beef you know — beefing between two teams who are better than one another, the usual hockey banter. I think HAM is trying to take that next step to be a playoff contender, and wants to knock of the damn NE team this season. So I think you’d see some playoff beef if we get that to see who’s gonna come out on top. I also think that it’s good in general for our team spirit and the league in general to have some solid banter between playoff teams, because lord knows the league needs some drama! Anyways, I’ll always try and stir the pot as needed!

“I thought I was a goalie, but STA told me forget being a goalie they make nothing, and no one cares about them.  Guess what I was a center all along and I had no idea. Now I am the toast of the town, and I am getting offers from all the GMs and Scouts.”

– Spidey Talent Agency, on Activity Check

written option 1: Lias has had a long-term semi-public feud with sometimes-teammate M'Baku Olubori (teammates in Sweden, rivals in the SHL). Back in the early days when they were both active on Twitter (though it's been many years) the two of them butted heads frequently. But when he hears that Baku has got at least one impersonator out there, he sets out to manufacture some headlines, and starts chirping the fake account. He's fully aware that it isn't actually Baku (seeing as the real Baku followed him back in the day and hasn't been active on social media for years. But instead of letting that bother him, he just keeps bantering with the account. The messages gradually become more and more bizarrely flirtatious in nature until people are left wondering what exactly goes on when the Aurora and the Platoon face off during the season. Then Baku's legal team make the impersonators stop and Lias has to pretend like he didn't know the whole time it wasn't the real thing.

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Option 2

The rule in hockey that I would undoubtedly change is the offside review challenge by coaches in the NHL. I’m not completely opposed to the rule in itself, but calling back a goal more than 20-30 seconds after the initial offsides call is crazy to me. There should be some sort of time limit on when the goal is scored to allow an offsides challenge prior. We’re also looking at incredibly close plays that are very difficult to call for a linesman in real time, so let the human element stay in the game of hockey and officiating. I also think the delay of game penalty for shooting the puck over the glass is just an excuse for the NHL to creat more power play situations. The NHL wants goal scoring and power plays provide that. The last rule I would change is the trapezoid behind the net. Let the goalies have free rein to impact the game in any way possible. Why should they be limited in their puck playing ability?

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