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S76 mPT #3: Trade deadline Due: Sunday, April 28th @ 11:59 PM PST

It is the last week before rosters are locked for the rest of the season.
Your task is to tell to GMs who should sell in panic and who should look to add.
25 words minimum!
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
This PT will close Sunday, April 28th at 11:59pm PST. Posts submitted/edited after the deadline will receive 0 tpe.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded.
Graders reserve the right to determine what is malicious. You will not be warned.
This PT is for SHL players and send downs only; it is not for SMJHL Rookies. If your player is S77, go do the J task instead.

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Tampa Bay should sell me because I suck and I am a terrible player. On the other hand, the return would be minimal, so maybe not.

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i am co-gm of the Chicago syndicate so this is a bit awkward but being as we are supposed to be rebuilding and my player wont stop doing to well i guess i gotta say im the one to sell off so we can finish worse or pick up someone to take my spot who will do worse and move me down lines

Well Edmonton is doing exactly as desired right now, so I feel like no trade is a good trade right now for them. But clearly Saint Louis should trade me, because I am just not generating as many points as I should be.

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With the trade line on the horizon, I feel the Timber are in a great position to add another great defensive minded player to help bolster the blue line.

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I think Montreal should be looking to add some serious firepower at the trade deadline; the fact we have won 5 games already speaks to the success this team has had and I thing we should be looking to trade away as many future assets as possible to try and get us into the playoffs

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N'Zola really is the scrubmeister of the scrubs and @FuzzSHL should really consider selling him now that he was able to add Elena Maximova from Minnesota to the roster. From the looks of it dman core is stable but we could really use that Max Carnage guy from Tampa Bay, huh

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Obviously, the Vancouver Whalers need to panic sell NoNo Jo. He’s doing too good- bringing up the team. Oh wait, we want that? Then we could either sell him for a lot of money or we should put him ON the team. Wait, he’s already on the team. Okay well I actually think that our roster is pretty A+ and we don’t need to mess with it. Go VAN!

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I'm no GM, but I would buy any rental player out there for a 3rd round pick. Let's make the playoffs and give me a good chance at that 4 star cup!

If you can't get a rental, then maybe sit tight and let's go elk!

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It is hard to be a seller when you have nothing. But there are some teams that really should be buying. The biggest selling candidate to me in Winnipeg. They really should be kick starting their rebuild.

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The Manhattan, Atlanta, Tampa Bay area of the eastern standings is really interesting to me. On one hand you have the Rage, who are maybe ahead of schedule on the rebuild based on performance this season? They may be in a position to pick up a rental or a contract to help with the playoff push. On the other hand, the other two teams, in particular TBB, seem like they're performing below expectations this season maybe based on rosters and recent history, so they may be looking to sell off a couple pieces in order to 'reload not rebuild'. Ive never been a GM though, so what do i know.


Personally, without any bias on my part, I think that the Atlanta Inferno should sell of their players and do the Platoon can grab them and they can help us with the cup. It will be fun for both of us!

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Nola should clone me and add another version of me on the other wing so I can have double the impact, but what would the contract be then... does mine double? is he a free agent? who knows...

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We're doing relatively well and have no plans to rebuild so we should definitely be on the buying side to improve our winning chances. The question is what we should buy (a goal scorer?). Maybe I'll leave that decision to the real GMs. It's also possible that they're happy with what we have. Just don't sell me please :D

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Yukon sucks so bad rn, we should definitely be sellers. There are a few players on this team in their final years that good get good returns. Fluw is too loyal to his players to do anything though.

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