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S76 PT #5: Push it to the limit Due: Sunday, May 12th @ 11:59 PM PST
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Please pick ONE prompt to write about. Do not mix and match prompts. Identify the prompt you are using in your submission - Copying and pasting the prompt will deduct from your word count so if you do this make sure YOUR submission is 150+ words excluding the prompt.

Written Option 1: Despite high speeds, countless hits and blocked shots somehow no SHL player has missed a game to injury in who knows how long. How does the league do it? Are players pumped up with so many drugs and steroids that nothing can hurt them? Better doctors than money can buy to operate anyone during intermission? Clones? Is it all just a simulation?

Graphic Option 1: Create an image that shows your player doing extreme injury prevention or recovery.

Written Option 2: Playoffs are here and it is time to put in the next gear. Do you think your player can up their game to next level and how do they do it? If they were already playing their best hockey during the regular season, how do they ensure they can keep up the level of play through all of the playoffs?

Graphic Option 2: Create an image that shows your player breaking their personal record for any training related activity.

You will receive 3 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.


Graphics need to be viewable when PT is graded or you will not receive TPE. Discord only hosts images for very limited time.

Affiliate claims from either PBE or ISFL or WSLB or SSL are accepted; link directly to your post and note if your username is different there.

If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. The graders reserve the right to determine malicious intent, after discussion with me. You will not be warned.

This task is for SHL players and send downs only. If your player is S77 or S78 this is not for you.

PT credit: puolivalmiste

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Option One: 250 words

Jack Keigan sits alone in a doctors office after the last game of the season. He's in a lot of pain and is suffering the kind of injury where it hurts worse than it looks. And it already looks bad. The handfull of prescription pills the doc slammed into his hands before leaving the room was barely doing anything to heal his shattered bones. Too many other patients to deal with. Every night someone was playing with some kind of injury, and those that weren't played like they wanted one. It was the easiest way for them to get their hands on the little pills the teams medical staff handed out like candy after all. The league didn't force people to play through the pain, but didn't exactly give any alternatives. Almost every player at one time or another had been on the drugs for at least a month.
The pills helped with the pain of course, but more importantly they shut down the little voice in the back of their heads that demanded them to take more of those pills.
Now that the regular season was over, Jack would soon need to find a new way to get his hands on the little pills. Its hard to need something to play through the pain when their was no play to be had.
Jack picked up the little orange bottle and sighed. It was a problem for another day. Thank god the kraken made the playoffs.

This is a fun prompt, the SHL is actually a testing ground for lifelike robot's to be stress tested. Think the institute in fall out, each team is controlled by a scientist that is making these robot's so each team is slightly different. When the robot is deemed to be too damaged (injured) to continue it is destroyed (retired) and a new robot is called up from the Juniors.

The Junior League is run by low level scientists whose creations are drafted by the senior scientists who they report to.

The robot's have some level of machine learning, this is why they tend to get better and better until the damage catches up to them which makes them less and less effective. Don't ask me about contracts and the salary cap because I haven't figured out a way to include them in this little SHL world that I have created.

Option one:

I firmly believe that there is a conspiracy at the centre of the lack of injury history through not only this SHL season, but through all of them. It's not ridiculous to believe this, as someone who has spent thousands of minutes on the ice myself without so much as a sprain of bruise. It's my understanding that there was a large contract signed by league Head Office officials with defence contractors known to work with future technology and materials to supply the league with a significant volume of materials used in cyborg-human bioengineering technology.

With the only time players spend in medical offices coming at the league's private offices, it makes you wonder what it is that's happening behind those closed doors? I've personally spoken with several players around the league and nobody can actually seem to recall what happens during these league medicals, yet a week is put in our schedules for it every season?

It stands to reason that something suspect is occurring, and there's no doubt in my mind that players in the SHL are bioengineered superhumans.

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Option 1:

The key to good health as an athlete is often down to conditioning. But the SHL, and the SMJHL for that matter, of course incorporate several other key measures, such as state of the art padding (which some may claim comes from the same programs that produce battle armor), weirdly flexible boards, and, of course, the ever popular secretive cybernetic implants. Despite this, players do get injured, but it is rare that it's a major enough injury to keep them out of the next game. When major injuries do come along, though, it becomes a big deal. Many players see their draft stocks fall, if they're young, or a sharp decrease in their stats, at least for the short term. Most elect to try and play through it, possible only with advanced pharmaceuticals, but some injuries require off season rehabilitation work anyways. At least the SHL has managed to avoid the most dreaded thing of all: ACL surgeries.

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Before you get drafted into the SMJHL, you need to get a physical to determine if you are healthy and ready to play Hockey. What most people don't know is that during your physical, your doctor will inject you with an experimental drug that makes it impossible for you to get injured. Go ahead and try to break a bone, you'll find out that its impossible. You can still feel pain though so I wouldn't recommend do anything insane. This experimental drug was developed in secret by Big SHL Pharma. It can cure all diseases instantly and heal any wounds instantly too. I remember when I was doing my physical, I had pulled my groin in a game the day before, and when I was injected with this serum I felt so much better instantly. It's strange that a hockey league would develop some sort of super weapon though but I guess they did it for that extra income and views they get of never having a player out for injury

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Written 2

Yeah playing in the postseason is nice and all but what comes to pressure, its immense. All of the games are basicly sudden death ones and even one tiny slip up may cost you the whole postseason. N'Zola never had to take any of that pressure to himself, since so far into his career he was not looked at as much as the other defensemen on the Panthers squad have been looked at, but now that he is starting to play hockey at his utmost best level, the eyes are just looking at the guy even more. Maintaining his rather impressive regular season performance is all about keeping his head together and not fall into the postseason pressure/stress trap which we have seen the Toronto Maple Leafs do one season after another. From focusing on the basics during practice and doing mental training on the side we can ensure that the LA Panthers will be seen deep into the playoffs once more

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Despite high speeds, countless hits and blocked shots somehow no SHL player has missed a game to injury in who knows how long. How does the league do it? Are players pumped up with so many drugs and steroids that nothing can hurt them? Better doctors than money can buy to operate anyone during intermission? Clones? Is it all just a simulation?

It is a well known fact that for decades now, players in the SHL have basically been looked upon as "superhuman".  Their ability, when desired, to be top performers almost at all times is uncanny.  Granted, hockey players have always been known for their tenacity and grit...having played while injured or even returning mid-game after being injured in the previous period.  Stitched up, bloody, no other league can compare to those players in the SHL.  There are, without question, those out in the world who would look upon this league and the players and believe that there are some nefarious things happening behind the veiled curtain.  Rumors have swam abound in equivalent leagues (I'm looking at you NHL) that our players here are riddled with performance enhancing drugs or even, at some point, genetically enhanced.  While as interesting as that might be, the truth is much, much simpler.  Simulation Hockey League players are just plain better.  Full stop.

It will be interesting to see how Jennifer does in the playoffs. Kelowna missed the playoffs last year, and while she did play in the playoffs as a DFA for Regina, this will be her first season in the playoffs as a drafted player. Her regular season really wasn’t anything to write home about, a large part of which is likely due to Kelowna as a whole not playing well. They enter the playoffs as the worst team in the league and are going up against the Quebec City Citadelles, who are firing on all cylinders and will likely be sweeping Kelowna. I don’t think there’s anything Jennifer can really do to help Kelowna beat Quebec City. I know there’s the thought that any team can beat any team on any given day, but I can’t see anything that Kelowna is better at than the Citadelles, and even if Jennifer plays like an MVP candidate, I don’t think it will be enough to go to round 2.

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Option 2

Squidwardo Tentacles definitely steps it up in the post season, trying to push to a faster pace in the playoffs while staying physical and defensively sound. In his first 3 playoff runs he has tied or led the team in hits, similar to the regular season in which he has led the team in hits for the past 4 seasons. A big difference between his regular season and postseason play is he is much more disciplined in the playoffs, not taking as many penalties and cleaning up that part of his game in order to be a more effective "rat". Squidwardo's point production has hovered around .7 points per game which is a little bit of a drop from his regular season success but not by much, especially with the team struggling to score goals. Playing a bit more time in the playoffs, Squidwardo is normally relied on to be on the ice in the defensive zone and start shifts in his own end frequently, but in the playoffs he is out for the majority of the defensive zone starts in order to prevent a goal. He will look to raise his game to an even higher standard in his final SMJHL postseason appearance.

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