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S77 PT #1: Guilty On All Counts Due: Sunday, June 16th @ 11:59 PM PST

Please pick ONE prompt to write about. Do not mix and match prompts. Identify the prompt you are using in your submission - Copying and pasting the prompt will deduct from your word count so if you do this make sure YOUR submission is 150+ words excluding the prompt.

Written Option 1: The SHL has recruited your player to shake things up a little with the rules of the game as the league believes there aren’t enough power plays per game. Your player has been tasked with creating a rule that will come with an associated penalty. What is the new rule that your player comes up with? What is the penalty called for a player that breaks that rule? Do rule breakers simply get sent to the penalty box, or is there another form of punishment they must complete before returning to the ice? How often does this new penalty get called per game?

Graphic Option 1: Create an image that shows how referee signs the new penalty from the written prompt.

Written Option 2: How does your player react to getting put into the penalty box? Do they have a fit of rage calling the call unfair? Do they focus on the next two minutes trying to think about what they’ll do when they get back into the game? Does their reaction change when the call is very obvious compared to when it’s a little more ambiguous whether or not the penalty was the right call? Do they plot their revenge on the player who drew the penalty?

Graphic Option 2: Draw your player getting called for a penalty and being put in the penalty box.

You will receive 3 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.


Graphics need to be viewable when PT is graded or you will not receive TPE. Discord only hosts images for very limited time.

Affiliate claims from either PBE or ISFL or WSLB or SSL are accepted; link directly to your post and note if your username is different there.

If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. The graders reserve the right to determine malicious intent, after discussion with me. You will not be warned.

This task is for SHL players and send downs only. If your player is S78 this is not for you.

PT credit: NaomiMannequeen

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Sigs by @Carpy48, @Nokazoa and me


Written Option 2

Trevor Lopez isn’t a perfect man, but he’s always been an understanding man. At the end of the day, the refs are only human and doing their job, and sometimes they may mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be berated for missed calls. If Trevor is sent to the penalty box, he’s going to go quietly without any protest, because he knows that causing a commotion can lead to bigger trouble for the team and he doesn’t want to put that burden on his teammates. He’ll go into the box and spend the next 2 minutes focusing on what he did wrong, thinking about how to improve upon his last mistake. He’s only going into his second season as a player, after all, he’s bound to make plenty of errors regarding penalties. There’s no use crying over spilled milk, he just needs to learn from it.

157 words.

Trevor "The Tijuana Tornado" Lopez

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Written Option 2: Alexa is sent to the box, again. The last call was an obvious one, it's hard to argue she didn't knock the opposing player right on their rear in her attempts to get the puck. That time, she'd gone relatively quietly, just a small personal huff as she sat in the cooler, already focusing on what she was going to do when she got out. This time, though? A terrible call, in her own (correct) opinion. Hooking, of all things. HOOKING! It was actually called stick checking, and she'd made sure the refs, both teams, and the crowd knew her opinion on that, very loudly. Yes, she'd been a little bit behind the opposing player, and maybe she hadn't yet gotten her stick all the way down to the ice, but she was in the motion, and it wasn't her who stopped skating like a coward! She already was burning to be back out on the ice. She was going to take that puck and make them pay with goal after goal.

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PT Credit :D

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During the off season the SHL implemented a new rule to the league to keep things on the up and up. Its a fairly basic rule that will see to it that both teams are playing all their players each period but dose have a chance of not being called late in games unless there is overtime .The rule is call the " Time on Ice " penalty or TOI for short and its rules are simple. Each period every players ice time is tracked by the league and those results are relayed to the officials during the intermission. Any team that has a players on their roster that plays less then 4 minutes of game time per period will suffer a 2 minute minor. If a team has more then 1 player not meeting the minimum will have penalties stacked. instead of resulting in a 5 on 3 or extended multiple player penalty, the offending team will have each 2 minute minor play out one after another.

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Task 2:

Without referees there isn't ball games. Basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, floorball, ice-hockey, tennis, golf, beach volleyball and so on. You need to respect them and behave always well. That is what Wlliam Salming does. He shows an example for his team mates and never says bad words for referees. Why? It doesn't help anymore after the whistle. You just have to accept the call and go straight to the penalty box to serve your penalty if you have done bad things. During the two minutes that Salming sits in the box, he just watches thre game and cheers for his team mates. He tries to give them energy boost to kill the penalty and at the same time he thinks about the game deeply and what changes they could make for their game plan to help secure the win. You need to able to adjust your tactics also inside the match alongside good pre-scouting. So yeah, remember to respect the referees and accept their decisions.

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Written Option 2:

As a defenseman, Noah Smith tends to get into the box more than he first anticipated. Most of the time, he tries to be understanding with the ref as getting on the referee's bad side is definitely not a good idea, but sometimes he lets some of his aggression slip out, and goes to try to fight the person who drew it after he gets out. It always never ends well for him, but he does not seem to care. While Noah is in the box, he usually just watches on in complete silence as to not upset the refs more. Sometimes he thinks about strategy, other time he start to think about how he'll get chewed out by his coach. Either way, he just tries to focus on the things ahead instead of the past, to help his team out more. Overall, Noah Smith tries his best to go on with the game after getting penned.

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Written Option 1

Whelp, putting more power into the hands of the crazed nationalist surely couldn't go any worse, right? You know, ignoring all the gong shows that have come previously from similar initiatives. What's he come up with this time? A penalty for not being Czech? Oh? That's actually it? Great, just great. Fantastic even. Everyone who isn't Czech is probably just ejected from the game huh? That's actually it? Great, so happy that we get to have games with but a handful of players allowed to play. I can't wait for all the forfeits to begin piling in. You know what, I bet this is what he wants huh? To speed up the SHL season with so many forfeits and abandoned games that the IIHF can start sooner. He's probably trying to save his failing body so that he can play in more tournaments before he has to retire. Might as well make a "Give Petr gold" rule while you're at it as well I'd say, before he does it first and decides what it entails.

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i play with them a lot.
they didn't like it at first
but after a while, it just felt normal
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McJesus - Today at 10:38 PM Wrote:FIRE EGGY
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Option 2

Dan hates taking penalties, but knows it will happen. When you play a hard nosed style, lines will be crossed. Dan hates being in the penalty box because it allows the other team a better chance to score, and when his primary job is to stop that exact thing he knows he is putting his team at a distinct disadvantage. Dan tries to not allow his emotions get the better of him. He usually sits and ponders what he did wrong to get into the situation in the first place and figure out what would be the best way to go about the situation the next time so not to cross the line. If a penalty is called that is borderline stupid or just down right stupid, Dan will get upset, but he knows enough to not give it to the referees too much. The game moves quick and its hard to see the full context at full speed and mistakes will get made.


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Credit to Ragnar and Enigmatic for the great Signatures

What is the new Penalty? I have a really good one - its called - wait for it - calling the penalty if it is a penalty. Stop putting away the whistle when infractions are being committed and penalize the teams who play dirty and 'bend' the rules. The new rule proposal is start to call slashes/ cross checks and hampering entry into the offensive zone when dumping the puck. All three happen like crazy in every game with the calls never once transpiring during the playoffs, especially in games 5,6,7. If you don't want to be penalized then you need to play the game properly. It is an absolute mockey to the sport when you preach skill and speed but those teams hardly ever win in the post season because it pays to be dirty. The interest in Hockey is dying more than growing due to entry cost and obvious game fixing with the lack of calls when they need to be made. Follow the rule book and the game will naturally grow on its own for what you advertise it as.

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The SHL has recruited your player to shake things up a little with the rules of the game as the league believes there aren’t enough power plays per game. Your player has been tasked with creating a rule that will come with an associated penalty. What is the new rule that your player comes up with? What is the penalty called for a player that breaks that rule? Do rule breakers simply get sent to the penalty box, or is there another form of punishment they must complete before returning to the ice? How often does this new penalty get called per game?

Much to the dismay of the SHL, the nuttiest player to ever lace up was tasked with creating a new rule in order to produce more power-play time in the game.  Unfortunately, the rules for hockey are pretty well fleshed out so it is rather hard to produce something new and meaningful.  With that being said, what's the next best thing?  To strategically adopt another sports rule-set and expand on it.  The rule being presented?  Well, lets call it the Un-Hat Trick penalty.  You see, when a team has control of the puck, a new "shot clock" style of timer is started.  The team creating offense then has a specific amount of time, two minutes perhaps in order to develop a play and take the shot and score, or ultimately turn over the puck.  Failure to do so will result in forced turning over of possession of the puck.  Failure to do this three times (hence the un-hat trick) and the opposing team automatically gets a power-play.

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Bastien Primeau is an intense player who gives it all on the ice every single time, he works like he is the best even if he doesn't darken the score sheet as much as he'd like but no one can argue with the hard work he puts in so he can be a threat to opposing teams every night. That said, when it comes to penalties and how he behaves facing them it's on a case-by-case basis. If he took a penalty and he knows he got busted, he'll take it on the chin and prepare to get back in the mix. But if the official made a bad call that is when he will get chirpy and depending on how badly the call was made he might break his stick or slam the water bottle on the ground while cussing out a storm. The only way to get payback on a player who drew a penalty out of him is by scoring a goal or assisting for one.

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