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Kelowna Knights Awards
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*Note that all pre-S67 award history has been lost due to KEL's on-site LR being deleted.

Elias Armia Award: Awarded to the regular season MVP.
S67 - Jacques Hammer
S68 - Jacques Hammer
S69 - Ekaterina Valieva
S70 - Ekaterina Valieva
S71 - Rikaad Metzller
S72 - Kevin Kim
S73 - Activity Check
S74 - Daniel Durkburg

John McBride Award: Awarded to the playoff MVP.
S69 - Potential Spam
S70 - Petr Vrana
S72 - Activity Check
S74 - Activity Check

Jackson Rogers-Tanaka Award: Awarded the the player who displays outstanding dedication to the team.
S67 - Jacques Hammer
S68 - Ekaterina Valieva
S69 - Jacques Hammer
S70 - Crystal McLeod
S71 - Logan Webb
S72 - Logan Webb
S73 - Crystal McLeod
S74 - Brooklyn Physt

Maxim Horvat Award: Awarded to the top rookie.
S69 - Wilhelm von Hindenburg II
S70 - Logan Webb
S71 - Arthur Kaliyev
S72 - Daniel Durkburg
S73 - Rodridgo Banes
S74 - Journey Man

Erik Chisling Award: Awarded to the best defenseman.
Jackson Turska Award: Awarded to the player who writes the most media articles during the season.
Miikka Granlund Award: Awarded to the player who displays the best leadership
Saku Perhonen Award: Awarded to the most exciting player.
Riko Muerto Award: Awarded to most under-rated player.
Jonathan Lundberg Award:  Awarded to the player who most embodies what it means to be a Knight.

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