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[Image: Ind_Russia_Logo.png?ex=6546ff5d&is=65348...eaa04756d&]

All-Time Record: 268-271-51

Federation Heads:
Dooley (S20)
Storm (S20-S21)
Riggsy (S21)
mpc (S21-S24, S30-S31)
RaiN (S24-S30)
Mark H (S24-S29)
Pris (S31-S53)
ztevans (S32-S53)
JayTheGreat (S53-S60)
Duff101 (S60-S70)
Jepox (S63-S70)
Hockeyfan (S70-Present)

Storm (S22-S25)
Ferdy (S25-S29)
mpc (S29-S30)
enigmatic (S31)

IIHF Championships:
2 *GOLD* (S26, S38)
3 *SILVER* (S28, S43, S67)
2 *BRONZE* (S32, S51)

IIHF Championship History:
S22: 8th Place, 5-7-1
S23: 5th Place, 10-3-0
S24: Group Stage, 4-2-4
S25: Group Stage, 3-6-1
S26: 1st Place, 8-3-2 *GOLD*
S27: Quarter Finals, 7-3-1
S28: 2nd Place, 9-3-1 *SILVER*
S29: Quarter Finals, 5-6-0
S30: Quarter Finals, 7-3-1
S31: Group Stage, 5-4-1
S32: 3rd Place, 9-3-1 *BRONZE*
S33: Quarter Finals, 7-4-0
S34: Quarter Finals, 6-3-2
S35: 4th Place, 7-5-1
S36: Quarter Finals, 5-6-0
S37: Group Stage, 5-5-0
S38: 1st Place, 7-5-1 *GOLD*
S39: Group Stage, 3-7-0
S40: Group Stage, 1-8-1
S41: Quarter Finals, 6-4-1
S42: Quarter Finals, 6-3-2
S43: 2nd Place, 10-2-1 *SILVER*
S44: Group Stage, 4-6-0
S45: Group Stage, 1-8-1
S46: Group Stage, 6-5-1
S47: Group Stage, 4-7-1
S48: Group Stage, 4-7-1
S49: 4th Place, 7-5-2
S50: Group Stage, 2-6-4
S51: 3rd Place, 8-6-0 *BRONZE*
S52: Quarter Finals, 5-7-1
S53: Group Stage, 4-8-0
S54: Group Stage, 3-9-0
S55: Group Stage, 4-8-0
S56: Group Stage, 2-10-0
S57: Group Stage, 4-8-0
S58: 4th Place, 8-4-2
S59: Quarter Finals, 6-5-2
S60: Group Stage, 3-7-2
S61: Group Stage, 4-8-0
S62: 4th Place, 6-6-2
S63: Group Stage, 4-7-1
S64: Group Stage, 5-5-2
S65: Group Stage, 5-7-0
S66: Quarter Finals, 6-6-1
S67: 2nd Place, 7-6-2 *SILVER*
S68: Group Stage, 3-7-2
S69: Quarter Finals, 7-5-1
S70: Group Stage, 5-7-0
S71: Group Stage, 3-9-0
S72: Group Stage, 3-8-1

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