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Team Switzerland Eligible Players List
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[Image: p7cQMcs.png]
Switzerland SWITZERLAND: SegiBlues Switzerland

32 Eligible Players

(S46) D Mathias Seger
(S46) G Tibuk Soonika
(S47) RW Seemu Telanne
(S47) LW Nicolaj Muller[/b]
(S47) C Slap McShotty
(S47) LW Lallo Selman
(S48) D Noah Tedla
(S48) LW Nick Connolly
(S49) LW Anthony Archer
(S49) RW Elijah Jones
(S49) D FR Finn-Rhys
(S50) C Luca Veccelli

(S50) D Daniel Kuster
(S50) D Ursin Zimmermann
(S50) G Markus Tegernako
(S50) LW Ricky Bobby
(S51) C Mitchell van der Heijden
(S51) D Danila Zhernov
(S52) RW Cal Labovitch
[b](S52) D Bryce Turner[/b]
(S52) C Riley Kuse
(S53) C Rocco Berni
(S53) D Jack Von Arx
(S53) LW William Hartmann
(S54) LW Adriano Ippolito
(S54) D Elias Kierkegaard
(S55) G Nicolae Antonescu
(S56) D Karl Schaufelberger
(S56) LW Jonas Caspari
(S56) RW Thomas Rose
(S57) D Brian Vrieze

Bold = Played in IIHF World Championships

[Image: McZehrl.png]

Challenge Cup Wins:
S18 - Riot Seattle Riot (with Chris McZehrl)*
S23 - Wolfpack New England Wolfpack (with Chris McZehrl)*
S27 - Dragons Calgary Dragons (with VLAD McZehrl)
S34 - Rage Manhattan Rage (with VLAD McZehrl)
S37 - Jets Winnipeg Jets (with VLAD McZehrl)
S46 - Stampede Buffalo Stampede (with GOD McZehrl)*

*first ever Challenge Cup of Franchise History

Four Star Cup Wins:
S24 - Whalers Vancouver Whalers (with VLAD McZehrl)
S39 - Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows (with GOD McZehrl)

SHL Hall of Fame Members:
S24 - Chris McZehrl Platoon Panthers Dragons Riot Wolfpack *
(GP: 764 | G: 322 | A: 461 | P: 783 | +/-: +109)
S40 - VLAD McZehrl Dragons Riot Rage Stampede Jets Wolfpack *
(GP: 653 | G: 333 | A: 361 | P: 694 | +/-: +141)

*1st Ballot Hall of Famer

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