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S47 PT #1 - The Big 4
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Mount Rushmore is a sculpture that features the 60-foot heads of 4 celebrated united states Presidents. In modern culture people use that name to highlight the most prominent, important and influential people of the discussion topic at hand. From sports to busines to groups everyone has a handful of people that would be considered part of there mount rushmore.

Writen Task: Since everyones join date and activity level are different, there are 3 ways you can weigh in on this topic. choose any of the options below and *tag* all that are included.

A. Let us know the 4 members who you believe should be on the SHL's Mount Rushmore! and in [u]150[/u] words or more explain why you chose them.

B. Let us know the 4 members who should be on the SHL's Mount Rushmore from the time that you joined the site! and in [u]150[/u] words or more explain why you chose them.

C.  If you are relatively new, in [u]150[/u] words or more let us know what players from your team, from discord or whom you have noticed around the site who you think may have the attributes to one day be apart of the SHL's Mt. Rushmore conversation.

Graphic Task:  Create a graphic of your SHL mount rushmore! Graphic should include a title, either the faces or renders of those 4 players, their names and an SHL logo.

Podtask: Create a 5 minute podcast with 1 of the 3 written task options above as the theme of your show! Make sure your podcast discusses and answers the task requirements.

Additional Information:
You will receive 3 capped TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
This PT will close Sunday, April 28 at 10PM EST.

Welfare claims from either PBE or the NSFL are accepted! *if you’re claiming welfare and have a different username on the affiliates site then you need to state that in your post to get credit.*

Any questions/concerns, please PM me.
Note: Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded.

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Simmer claim


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B. Let us know the 4 members who should be on the SHL's Mount Rushmore from the time that you joined the site! and in 150 words or more explain why you chose them.

Head #1:
@Eggy216 should be on there, he's been keeping things running well since I've joined in November 2017. HO gets a lot of heat quite often which to be honest isn't all that deserved, they are doing their best to keep this as a fun community and hockey simulation.

Head #2: 
@Nobody would be on mine as well, as although we both joined at the same time he's gone above and beyond to help the league grow and stay healthy. He eagerly jumped into a SHL co-gm spot very quickly into his time on the site, and readily applied to be in the SMJHL HO. Later on he eventually took over as SMJHL commissioner for Storm and has implemented a ton of new rules and policies that have largely helped the SMJHL develop into a stronger league. He also spearheaded an expansion with a couple days planning, which was very impressive.

Head #3:
@Mike Izzy would be on my rushmore as well, as his activity on the site is challenged by none. You can find him prowling around all the media articles at any time of the day leaving encouraging feedback, and has since taken over as PT director and has done a great job. Couldn't have chosen a nicer guy to be one of the faces of the SHL. Unfortunately, that face is Tom Wilson which may anger a few fans of the NHL haha.

Head #4:
@.bojo is the final head on my mountain, as he has done a bunch of great work with the bojo box and new banking system (coming soon).

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Barracuda S56 1st Overall Barracuda

Gary Grease Career Stats: Click Here
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Prepare for a bit of egocentricism.

Head 1: Luke, the GM of the Whalers. He helped me out immensely in starting out and helped acclimate me to the culture of the site and go help me get my footing and know what not to do. To honor him, I'd place him as one of the heads.

Head 2: Daco, whom I think is currently with Minnesota. We talked for a bit on Discord and he seems to be another helpful user, and has helped me more with the SHL so far. I'd give him the second spot, or maybe the first, or the third, or the fourth. Does it even matter?

Head 3: Eggy, of course, who helped run the draft and allowed me to get drafted to Minnesota in the first place. Without him, the draft wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't be where I am today.

Head 4: Smurph, the user who drafted me into Minnesota. Without him, I'd definitely not be where I am today.

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S48 Four Star Cup Champion (Vancouver Whalers)
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@JayWhy : a long time member of the site who has done pretty much every job there is to do, but also moreso because he goes above and beyond to get new people excited and motivated. Whatever he does, simming, GMing, or a player, he puts his whole heart into it and had groomed many players who have gone on to be HoFers

@Leafs4ever : from commishing, GMing, and having incredible players, he is the glue that has held the site together since the beginning, through all the changes. Don't know if the league now is what was originally intended, but the willingness to adapt has made sure it has evolved smoothly

@Eggy216 : responsible for steering the league through numerous changes over the last number of seasons, also HoF player and GM. It is a hard job to do because no matter what you do, someone shits on you, but he always does his job with a great attitude.

@.bojo / @ArGarBarGar : I will make a 2-headed beast here because I can't omit either of them. These 2 joined the league approximately the same time, I think a season apart, and the efforts they have made to really immerse people into the league with their contributions really show the passion that helps the league thrive and grow

For everyone that didn't make my list but still volunteer their time and energy for this little hobby of ours, THANK YOU

Jets                    Winnipeg Jets GM                        Jets
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norway                          IIHF Team Norway                    norway

Quote:A. Let us know the 4 members who you believe should be on the SHL's Mount Rushmore! and in 150 words or more explain why you chose them.

The 4 members that according to me should have a place on SHL's Mount Rushmore are members that bring something extra to the site that is appreciated by many people.

In alphabetically order

@.bojo For adding the bojo box and working on streamlining updates. The bojo box contains an archive of all player career stats. His new banking management system isn't used yet, but kuddo's to him for thinking outside the box and spending a lot of time programming out his ideas.  
@ArGarBarGar For running the Prospect Showcase which helps in user retention. The prospect showcase is the first game experience for many rookies, which helps getting them hooked to the site. Besides the Prospect Showcase ArGar also adds a lot of other things to the site, such as his top 100 and his enjoyable podcasts.
@luketd For all the lovely TPE stats and trade history sheet. He was nominated for Most Dedicated Member which is well-deserved.
@Mike Izzy For all his hard work organizing these PT's and taking the time for reading a lot of media and responding to them, which helps new users feeling welcome.

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 Wolfpack | Player | Update Thread | royalty#6746 |  Scarecrows
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Victor Fedorov Player Page
Victor Fedorov Update Thread

B. Let us know the 4 members who should be on the SHL's Mount Rushmore from the time that you joined the site! and in 150 words or more explain why you chose them.

1. @luketd for his massive efforts in tracking league/player data and making them available to everyone, as well as being a major part all over the site as a player, GM, updater, and who knows what else for almost a year now.
2. @DrunkenTeddy for being everything from a mentor, to a GM, to one of the best in the SHL, and even keeping the site running during the Rushening - he does it all and he does it all well.
3. @JSS whose incredible work with the recruiting team has led to some incredible draft sizes over the past few seasons, even in seasons without a true reddit draft. The December reddit draft was the largest in history, and his work has brought so many newer and amazing members to the site.
4. @TheDangaZone for leading Ireland to 5 consecutive IIHF gold medals (and counting), as the international game is an important part of the site and this seemingly impossible accomplishment deserves to be commemorated.

[Image: crtigger.gif]
[Image: tigsig.png]

C.  If you are relatively new, in [u]150[/u] words or more let us know what players from your team, from discord or whom you have noticed around the site who you think may have the attributes to one day be apart of the SHL's Mt. Rushmore conversation.

I'm still relatively new here.  It's my fourth season on the site, first season called up to the big show, but I've got some extra exposure through media grading and being an IIHF co-head.  This is my modern take on the Big 4 from my 6 months experience, if they aren't already in the Big 4 picture, they are on the path to be in that conversation.

First up, Joe K.  Between his legacy in STL and his fresh run on NOLA, I think that one is an easy choice, but I am pretty biased as a hardcore crow.

Second, Luke.  He's that data god, putting out his own data and analysis, but also fueling the work of many others.  Huge impact on the SHL stats community.  From a newcomer perspective, he was very supportive when I first joined, and he's encouraging to people doing their own projects.  Also pingy bot.

Third, gordieboom.  This one is more of a prediction than the others so far.  Gordie came onto the site a season after me but has definitely added a lot more to the community than myself through various media series, like the Llama Trophy, Gordie's Quest, and the various season reports.  I'm lucky enough to have the extra exposure to gordie through our time on STL.

Fourth, me.  You'll know my name sooner or later, the big scruffy trainwreck.

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credit to Flappy and ToeDragon


[Image: ln8XmUj.png][Image: UDyqktK.png][Image: wu5MVvy.png]
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Choice C tyvm

As someone fairly new, my knowledge of people on the site is kinda limited, so I would like to choose from the S47 SHL rookie class. First and foremost is Gunnar Soderberg, Jess (@sköldpaddor ) is probably the most likeable person in this god forsaken place, and if she can keep up with PTs and her activity level, there is absolutely no way she doesnt get on the mountain. The next person is Cullen Gray. @Gray , who was the top point scoring rookie, is on a path for league domination. There is absolutely no reason why he wouldnt be able to keep up his point production, and take over some of the point scoring records. Aaron Wilson (@aaronwilson ), Wilson revolutionized the way we look at player stats and probably how awards are well, awarded, in the future with his stat scraper, I never even knew we could genuinely didnt even know we could calculate corsi% for a simulation, but he somehow did it, and thats impressive. The last one is @luketd honestly if Luke hadn't been as amazing as he has been, I can't say I would have stayed as active as I have been, I, much like alot of my team, owe alot to Luke.

[Image: SecondSucks22.gif]
[Image: 9wwKDs2.gif]
[Image: ohmEd0h.png] || [Image: apAE8qn.png]
Canada Whalers  Steelhawks 
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B. Let us know the 4 members who should be on the SHL's Mount Rushmore from the time that you joined the site! and in 150 words or more explain why you chose them.

I am now entering my third season here in the SMJHL with the Montreal  Militia i am still getting accustomed to the players around the SHL, so i will be basing my decision on my teams the  Blizzard and  Militia on who can one day be part of the SHL's Mt.Rushmore conversation.

1) @Mike Izzy  has been posting PT's since my time here and i can see that he is a S40 and S42 Challenge Cup champion. He also has been tearing it up with the Calgary  Dragons both in the regular season and the playoffs. Mike has to be a strong consideration for the SHL Mt. Rushmore once his career is over.

2) @BarnabasCollins my current GM in the  Militia has been on the SHL since 2015 and has helped me tremendously with the SHL and providing guidance for me as i develop my play on and off the ice here in Montreal. He also had two players with Kata Vilde and Vladimir Lidstrom (now retired) who are performing and did perform phenomenally. These are the reasons he should be a consideration as well.

3) @Keygan the SHL GM and Co-GM for the  Blizzard he is also from British Columbia like me as well so there is some hometown bias for my preference. During his playing days he was the first overall pick back in the S37 SHL draft. He accumulated over 1,000 TPE during his playing days and is now in the management side of hockey operations. I look forward to developing more of a relationship once my time in the SMJHL comes to an end.

4) @karlssens the other Co-GM for the  Blizzard and who is also part of the awards committee. He has been with the league since 2015 playing since S24. He only retired back in S45 and is now like keygan working on the hockey operations side to help the present and future for the organization. He is a S28 and S45 Challenge Cup champion as well. I look forward to getting to know him more once i get called up to the SHL.

These are my four considerations to discuss for a future SHL Mt. Rushmore

 [Image: d9J5DHT.png]  [Image: 16PgOBm.png]  [Image: DKMMlC3.png]  [Image: IhVx0wj.png]
[Image: player_sig_carpy.png]
Thank you @Carpy48 for the player signature and @NeonLime for the player card avatar

For my Mount Rushmore picks, I'm going to choose who I believe have been the 4 most important players in the 4 seasons I spent with the St. Louis Scarecrows. These players were critical in the two 4 Star Cups we won during that time and who I believe will likely find similar success in the SHL. (These are in no particular order.) There are many more deserving individuals, but I can only choose 4. 

1. Aleister Cain - One of the best goalies I've ever played in front of, his ability on the ice can only be surpassed by his friendliness off. He has already become one of the better net minders in the SHL. @SlashACM

2. Nicholas Williams - Starting my Scarecrow career on the 3rd line with him was a joy and a privilege, his leadership was key in our 1st Cup win. @Nictox

3. Bernard Freeman - A fun guy off the ice, but is all business when the puck drops. A bright future for this kid. @Allen

4. Slip McScruff - The Captain of our 2nd Cup win may have had a different style of leadership, but it did push the team to a 3rd straight Cup win after I made the jump to the SHL. @Scrufdaddy

[Image: 5pVbyes.png]

Player Page  Scarecrows  pride  Specters  Updates

Since I've joined, a bunch of players have created and become stars in the league. Here's players from S36 and onwards who could be considered as a Top 4 Player of All Time.

1. Roman Augustus (@TheDangaZone) was one of my teammates in the SMJHL and with Ireland as well. He's a great guy and an even better player. Augustus is one if the most consistent producers in the league and will go down as one of the best twoZway players of all time.

2. Tigole Bitties (@Ace) was another one of my teammates in the SMJHL (shoutout St. Louis!). We were stacked, and he was singled out as the best. He still leads our class in TPE and is a great leader (shame you couldn't lead us to a 4 Star!). Like Augustus, he has been a consistent producer since day 1, and could probably play forever if he wanted.

3. Oisin Fletcher (@Evok) might be the best right winger in the SHL right now. Oisin has been a pure goal scorer since his first game with Halifax. He's a big reason why Ireland has been so successful, as both a player and GM. We won 5 golds for a reason!

4. Nicholas Williams (@Nictox) has shown immense potential to become a top 5 player of all time. He's been consistently active, and like Bitties, is a born leader. Hell, he's taken over for the legendary Joe K as a GM and lead the Crows to a Cup! He's going to become New Orleans's best player in no time.

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Specters Wolfpack Armada Switzerland

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

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rip dangel #AD26
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The four face that make up my mount Rushmore of the SHL consists of the following:
@Leafs4ever – The man that started it all. This choice is a no brainer and personally, I cannot explain any SHL user’s Mount Rushmore that does not include Leafs.  In addition to all the standard praise that leafs gets, I would have to Leafs was a force in my development my former player and me as user. Leafs was the one that drafted the shooting goon built by a user that rarely posts so that to him for that.

@JackCross – The person is my second choice for my Mount Rushmore. Jack was someone I felt that I could ask a question of. Jackcross was force in the Jet’s locker room and his player was force on the ice during our time together.

@.bojo – I give the man plenty of grief but I love him. He has done much for the site and not to include him would be a huge disservice and clear sign of disrespect. On second hand, maybe I should not include him.

@Eggy216 – The man that is currently steering the ship. Thanks for putting up with all the childish bullshit that you have to put up with. I do not always agree with head office decisions but I rare know all the factors in a decision so sometimes I maybe way off base. So I appreciate someone that has to listen to all side and make the call. To hold that position for so long also speaks to his patients.  

Words ~250

[Image: bonk.gif]
Sigs by @FlappyGiraffe,  @Steelhead77,  @ToeDragon84, @slothfacekilla, @Wasty and other dude I need to find your name

Lil' Manius

Big Manius

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Since I've only been here for a tiny while, let me make the Lethbridege Lions Mount Rushmore (Option C)

Firstly, we have Monkey D. Luffy (@TnlAstatine ). I don't feel like he needs an introduction, so I'll get right to the point: Luffs has been a great captian, from helping out the rooks to even test simming. Dude is a TPE beast/whore, and it'll be a shock if he drops out of the league any time soon.

Next, we have

[Image: MCP_.gif]
     [Image: ICON1.png][Image: lions-button-updates.png]

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