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Savoli on Offseason Reboot

Hello, I am Mike Tirico, and I am your SHL on NBCSN Host. We recently caught up with Savoli on how his offseason was going.

"Uh, after the whole thing with Edmonton Blizzard Locker Room deal I went on my own kind of did my own thing to get better, and it has worked massively. I have become one of the best players I can be at the moment. I am still working toward being an even better player. My progress has been close to flawless in my opinion. It's just worked out well this season, and hoping to have another good run for a Four Star with Detroit this season as well."

We also went ahead, and asked him about Contract Extension controversies this is what he had to say on the situation

"I think if Edmonton feels I am worth it for the team, and I can contribute to the team winning cups then they will come to me with a Extension offer. If not I am not gonna sweat it, I can find someone who can take me in, but at this moment I have another 2 more Years on this contract to think this over. I am glad that Edmonton took me in, and glad for the opportunity, but at the end of the day this is a business and businesses do what is best for the team. Whether that be opting for a new player coming in or using me to the best of my abilities.


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