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What IIHF Federation and Position Should I Create?
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Believe it or not, your birthplace choice is important when you create your player! In the SHL we have an international tournament every off-season (IIHF) for the senior players and a junior tournament (WJC) for the younger players. When you create your player you can actively choose to play for a Federation or if you are unsure about where you want to play, you can start off your career as an Unassigned player that can then transfer to a Federation later on. Even if you decide on a Federation when creating, you can use a transfer once in your career to move to another one.

The IIHF has currently 14 different Federations and the WJC combines some of the smaller ones to 10 teams playing in their tournament. An updated list of the current number of players and the respective position in each Federation can be found via this link.

The IIHF Federations and their current (as of 2022-04-23) number of active players are:
  • Austria Austria Austria - 19 players
  • Canada Canada Canada - 64 players
  • Czechia Czechia Czechia - 34 players
  • Finland Finland Finland - 40 players
  • Germany Germany Germany - 27 players
  • Uk Great Britain Uk - 32 players (includes Northern Ireland)
  • Ireland Ireland Ireland - 24 players
  • Japan Japan Japan - 38 players
  • Latvia Latvia Latvia - 23 players
  • norway Norway norway - 19 players
  • Russia Russia Russia - 21 players
  • Sweden Sweden Sweden - 42 players
  • Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland - 26 players
  • Usa USA Usa - 59 players

Messages from the Federation Heads:

Austria Austria Austria
Need: Not Specified

Canada Canada Canada
Need: Not Specified

Czechia Czechia Czechia
Need: Not Specified

Finland Finland Finland
Fed Head: @Carpy48
Co-Fed Head: @lespoils
Need: Defense
Team Finland it is still a growing team, but we've had some recent success that led us to some medals. If you want to join "Winland" and help us stay on top in the future as well, why don't you create a Finn? We're especially looking for defenders at the moment, but any position is welcome.

Germany Germany Germany
Need: Not Specified

Uk Great Britain Uk
Fed Head: @steveoiscool
Co-Fed Head: @Aleris
Need: Goalies and Centers
Come play for Queen and Empire! Looking for Goalies and Centers. Join a storied nation who is always a threat come tournament time. God Save the Queen. God Save the SHL!

Ireland Ireland Ireland
Need: Not Specified

Japan Japan Japan
Need: Not Specified

Latvia Latvia Latvia
Fed Head: @lilstifler
Co-Fed Head: @Ragnar
Need: Defense and Forwards
Many would certainly ask - Who is Latvia? The answer is quite simple. We are a small nation in East Europe. We're big fighters and that's what I want to see in my new players as well. We are now in a position that the team needs to rebuild. The only element that has been perfectly completed for the moment is the goalies. Defense and forwards are still in the process of formation. Soon, our veterans will certainly start a career downturn that opens up ample opportunities to fill these places with the young players. So if hockey is your favorite sport and you want to be debuted to the big team as soon as possible, then join us! Such a career milestone is just one click away!

norway Norway norway
Need: Not Specified

Russia Russia Russia
Need: Not Specified

Sweden Sweden Sweden
Need: Not Specified

Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
Need: Not Specified

Usa USA Usa
Fed Head: @Geekusoid
Co-Fed Head: @CampinKiller
Need: All positions, especially defense
The USA powerhouse is starting to age. Soon it will be the youth leading the way to gold.


If you have any questions you are welcome to message the current IIHF Commissioner either with a site PM or through Discord at Canadice#0985.

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