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SHL Update Assistant
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Useful Information

Why Good Updates Are Important

Depending on how you look it, updating can either be fun or one of the most boring parts of the SHL. Why take the time to format things well?

  • It reduces the number of mistakes made by both you and updaters.
  • It make the updater's job (one of the most difficult in the SHL) a little easier.
  • It only takes an extra few seconds now that we have Updater Assistant.

How to Use Updater Assistant

To use Updater Assistant you need to get three things:

  • Your current total TPE. This should be dsiaplyed in every update. New players start with 155 TPE.
  • Links to the tasks, activity checks, training, or purchases you want to claim. Information on linking claims can be found below.
After you've gathered all of that information fill in the corresponding fields. Add and remove rows with the corresponding buttons and when you're finished generate your update! Updater Assistant currently does not allocate TPE for you. Make sure to allocate your TPE under "Adjusted Attributes" and you generate your update.

How to Link TPE Claims

To get the link to a post you can right click on the number in the upper right corner of a post, then select "Copy Link Location". Simply paste that link in the corresponding "Link to Claim" cell. For more information on linking claims and updating in general you can read the Comprehensive Rookie Tutorual or watch the video at the bottom of it.

How to Format Updates

Updates should follow the following format:

+2 TPE - Activity Check
+5 TPE - Training

Total Points Earned:
1688 + 51 = 1739

Adjusted Attributes:
+10 Defense (40 -> 50)



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