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S46 PT #4 - Discord Commissioner

03-17-2019, 03:28 PMnotorioustig Wrote: If I were to become the SHL discord commissioner, I would embrace my chaotic evil side and add pingybot to show our appreciation for a beloved member of our community. While I know this would be a controversial opening move, I believe that people would grow to love it either naturally or by force. If anyone complains about pingybot (or even worse, pingy himself), they will receive a discord/site/player suspension of one week unless they write a heartfelt apology using the following template:

"Dear pingy and/or pingybot,

Noot noot. I'm very sorry that I made the following prohibited comment: [insert comment]. I love and cherish you as a vital part of the SHL discord, nay, the entire SHL community at large. When I said that you were [insert prohibited insult], what I really meant is that I was frustrated with something else and took it out on you. Keep on oogelin' and boogelin', and thanks for being you.

[If directed towards pingybot, add this part] I also realize that @luketd put a ton of time and effort into creating pingybot for everyone's amusement, and to disrespect the bot is to disrespect Luke. So Luke, I apologize and hope you forgive me as well."

Apologies will be monitored by myself for sincerity, but my hope is that this can be a learning moment for many people and foster a better sense of community with less infighting in the SHL discord.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk

I only forgive if you send me noots

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I'll be honest, I didn't even know we had a SHL discord until today. I would make the button on the front page stand out more to draw the eye. While forum locker rooms are nice, the practicality of discord trumps the use of onsite forums.

As the new SHL Discord commish, I would revamp the site wide discord completely. I would create separated rooms for each team. While this is not meant to replace the individual team discords, it is a central hub to move players between teams. I would also create GM discords for SHL and SMJHL for trade talk as well as discussion on league issues. I would consolidate the fun discord rooms into more broad overarching categories to reduce the clutter. I would add more roles for all teams, not just SHL.

I would also look to add a Stat bot that could pull players stats on command and keep leaderboards. I would also add a Game Day bot that would post updates of the sims to each teams SHL locker room for the players once sims are completed.

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So, it has happened, I am now commissioner, wait of discord... pfffffft, okay fine, here’s what we’re going to do.

1. Team locker rooms on discord work amazing, so the important thing is not to double up that space, this is not a league wide locker room.
2. The website is where content belongs, so discord needs to supplement this not compete with it.
3. Discord activity helps site activity, so how can we help link the two.

So, first off all the channels are going to mimic the heading areas of the site as follows:
#general discussion - off topic area
#player creation - plan would be to be a bot channel that annouces need players joining/recreating and those retiring
#announcments - controlled channel maybe bot that links to site announcements
#game centre - discuss the sims, doesn’t matter which league, all sim ‘live’ discussion can be here
#media - react to/discuss media pieces
#media-graphics - react to graphic submissions, maybe ask questions
#player progression - discuss PT/PGS tasks
#help-me - this is the only none site direct link area because a live general help area is just a great resource.

Done. No other areas, no adventuring no pokemon nothing. All of those th8ngs are great but they are for locker rooms not the SHL discord server.

Take a team of admins, that tag players appropriate team designations as needed. And possibly see if someone wants to become a bot developer on the side, to automate some of these tasks and maintain the server and it’s links to the main site.

Thats the job done. Easy.

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As Comissioner of Discord I recognise that this tool is incredlble in terms of communication over other mediums like Facebook or Google Hangout. Under it's current form I would make sure that there is one Bot and one Room Mod in each of the teams and other official channels we currently have. I would look to see if other rooms are needed and add accordingly. I would do the same with rooms we do not need or use less deleting them and cleaning house making sure we only have what we need and keep away from the superflux. I would push for live events to take place on Discord instead of in the forums such as Finals Playoff Games or the Draft Videos in order to gather more people into the rooms. It works in some e-feds I play in so I believe this is something that would attract more people to the program here especially with the amount of players we have.

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As the sole arbiter of the league Discord, I would eliminate all rules. The wise Storm recorded in the primary rules channel the two golden rules of the server: these were, 'don't be a dick' and 'use common sense'. I think it is plainly obvious to all observers that these are crushing restrictions that grievously damage the very fabric of the community. Being abrasive and rude to one another is, after all, what the SHL itself has been built upon. Tens of seasons full of angst, anger and mutual hatred have driven this league to startling successes. It hasn't always been pretty, but it doesn't need to be: this is a hockey league, not a synchronized swimming league.

The second of these rules is legitimately toxic: 'use common sense.' Although I commend Storm for his efforts to improve the overall quality of league discussion, common sense belongs far away from sim leagues. It is an impossible standard to reach, and thusly must be cast aside in favour of an open embrace towards whatever nonsensical screeching appears as the flavour of the day. Indeed, it must be stated that not even the highest ranks of this league can claim to hold common sense. If our leaders can not ascend to such a standard, it is not befitting of members themselves.

Nay, I say to all of you that the Discord should be permitted to descend into chaos and hysteria. That is the true strength of this league, and accordingly, should be the strength of our beloved Discord.

Or maybe delete the Discord altogether, but you know.

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First of all I'd remove whatever this deal is of verify by phone in order to be able to chat. I chatted earlier and this wasn't up, I heard its a recently implemented anti-spambot feature? Sounds interesting, but I'd figure out a way to limit that to new users if we have it at all, or find anohter method of dealing with spambots and trolls.

Second of all I'd streamline chatrooms a bit better. General, Announcements/News, League Talk(SHL/SMJHL), then maybe Sportsball/Gaming channels, and role requests for music/art/NSFW/etc. Mayeb add a botspam channel too, and add bot commands to provide hotlinks to team rosters, schedules, season stats, and other stuff like that on the site for convenience.

I also think we could benefit from adding roles to people who want to be pinged and reminded about PTs in an announcements channel. I can imagine sometimes the team/rookie servers wouldn't be johnny on the spot with these, and I'm sure I'm not the only one paranoid about missing my schweet schweet free skill points. Heck, I almost missed this PT!

Finally I'd ban Pingy. (Just kidding, we love him.)

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If there were to be a discord commissioner, it would clearly be me. I would rule all the discords with an iron fist. I'd demand that I be admitted to all the SHL locker rooms to ensure that none of the users were talking about about the great commissioner Allen. I would make sure that everyone, every single day, in all of the locker rooms, would praise me, with the song of the people. At 9 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) sharp every day they would all chant, "Allen is gracious! Allen is Supreme! Allen is the greatest commissioner, we've ever seen!". Of course, every day twelve hours later, all of the SHL discord users would be required to get into the voice chat so that we could chant it together to finish the day. This would promote team/league unity, and help to make sure that everybody is praising their great discord commissioner probably.
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God forgive you if I am the SHL Discord Commissioner because it's done.... finis.
I have no use for it and quite frankly don't give a fuck about it. Inane chatter and worthless bull shit.
I wholeheartedly agree with the perfectly stated posted reply Here by @Durden

 As the gloss black 2019 Cadillac Escalade limo pulls up in front of the SHL offices. The gathered media descends quickly fighting for room like vultures attempting to get a choice spot on a Tigers fresh kill. Those trapped in the pack thrusting mics and cameras forward on the opening rear door as the perfectly shined black and silver tipped western boots step on the painted "No Parking Allowed" curb. The boots are those of T.T. Wawazat neatly attired in a perfectly tailored charcoal grey Armani suit with his shoulder length  blond highlighted hair slicked back neatly with just the right amount of hair gell. And sporting the perfect Rick Flair approved Rolex platinum watch on his wrist as he reaches up and adjusts the rich reflective dark Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses the Newly appointed SHL Discord Commissioner pauses to take a reporters question.

Q: Mr. Wawazat, You've been named the First SHL Discord Commissioner...Would you care to share Your thoughts on how to proceed on this appointment?

A:It's Still 'Tiger'..and Yes, I will quote Gerard Butler as Clyde Shelton.."I'm gonna pull the whole thing down. I'm gonna bring the whole fuckin' diseased, corrupt temple down on their heads. It's gonna be biblical."

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C.K. Supernaw! “

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Managing Discord is a pretty important role for any sim league. It often is the point of first contact for new rookies joining the league, so it's important to make that first impression count. Firstly, I would separate the SHL and SMJHL entirely into two separate channels. The two leagues rarely meet each other and, in all honesty, have very little to do with one another aside from offseason call ups. One of my favorite things about this sim league is the competitiveness of the SMJHL. The SMJHL actually matters to people. And so creating a dedicated SMJHL server or at least channel would be awesome to keep up that energy.

Secondly, I would institute some sort of code of conduct. It is important to get rid of some of the spammy stuff that can fill channels because, like I said, new rookies are often the first ones to see it. You don't exactly want that clutter to fill up the entire channel so a code of conduct would help filter it out. For those who want to keep in that, they can go to their own channel. But I think having a good first impression is really important for sim league recruitment and should not be underestimated by any means.

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I'm pretty sure that if someone were gonna put me in charge of that server, that'd mean I'd have to un-mute it and I don't really wanna do that, so I think I'll pass on this one to be quite honest. It's not that I don't care, that's a lie. It's totally that I don't care. There are too many people in there and no one ever says anything productive and I'm already in too many servers as it is, so...if one of them was gonna get muted, that one was the obvious choice. Organizing the roles or making less channels wouldn't help me at all because I literally never look in there, so whatever. Do what you want with it. Have I already mentioned that I don't care? It bears repeating if you ask me. I guess if I had to keep one channel, it'd be pets, because dogs are never a bad idea. Actually, this seems like as good a time as any to leave the server entirely. Not even sure why I'm still in there.

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Honestly, the SHL discord is bloated at this point. We have a general channel, SHL and SMJHL channel, a draft channel, IIHF, NHL, gaming, music, pets, etc. And the majority of those channels aren't even being used, which means if someone has something that they want to talk about which pertains to any of these topics, the discussion doesn't exist so they don't even bother. I would recommend merging all channels that aren't related to the actual league (NHL, pets, gaming, music) to their own discord channel and rename it "offtopic" or something, allowing people to talk about whatever is on their mind, making a single server that will likely be more active than a bunch of little ones. From there I would merge the SHL, SMJHL and IIHF channels into one, creating a one-stop discussion place for all discussion with relation to the sim itself. If someone wants to talk SMJHL, they can. If they want to talk about SHL or IIHF, they can do that too.

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So, the SHL decided to name me, a very active discord user, the commissioner of the discord. First off, I’d make the rules channel active for everyone to see so they know the rules instead of seeing a blank channel every time you click or tap on the channel. Second, I’d drive for more activity in the IIHF channel during the IIHF. That way, everyone would be hype when the sim goes on and could chirp their opponents (like I do when we beat the damn UK). There are some channels in the main discord (like smash bruhs, food, and devs) that are dead and pretty much irrelevant. I’d delete them. It makes no real sense that the channels even exist now if no one uses them. And finally, I’d try to make the server more community-based. Everyone should get a say in whether dead channels should be deleted or new channels should be added, along with implementing new activities to drive activity in the discord.

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hmm, interesting PT. I can't say I use the SHL discord channel that much, if at all, but it has its purposes. At a first glance I'd remove some of the unnecessary channels, or at the very least create a role or two that hides some of the channels. Not everyone needs to see every single channel available. I must say I do enjoy that each member has a role/tag associated with their SHL team. As others have already suggested I'd have someone play an active role in making sure those roles remain accurate. It may even be worthwhile to add job tags as well, including GM and HO, so that users can filter based on site jobs. It would also help when trying to find a specific person since discord usernames are not always reflective of their site username. I could enforce a rule to make sure the two remain the same, but it's probably more trouble than it's worth. Lastly, while discord is a fantastic tool, its purpose is to supplement the site, not replace it. I'd put a lot of emphasis on drawing attention back to the site, such as adding an announcement channel that pushes league news. The user would still need to go to the site to view it though.

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