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End of GM Tenure Post cause It's a weirdly hard thing to do
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I don’t know if this glorified ‘thank you PT’ of a media is really worthy of paying but whateva, I don’t need the money. If this was graphics I’d label it an ‘art’ tbh. Regardless this is where I’m putting it. 

I've decided to not do the GM thing anymore for a while. At least I’ve put in my absolute intent to retire after our season ends. I wasn’t really even sure I wanted to do head GM when Jumbo was moving on but I needed to at least try for the team. I’m glad to say that I am extremely happy with our ‘young leadership’ core and it just doesn’t feel right to not let them shine right now. 

I can still remember it like it just happened yesterseason. I had a week previously sent Jumbo a PDF resume as my application, the type of high brow extremely funny humor that I am world renowned for. I was pretty damn confident but still could never have been truly ready. 

Then I got it…. a message from Jumbo “Ruggsy, are you ready?” and it hit all at once. It felt like I was being invited to a bunch of servers (it was actually only 2) while being congratulated in a bunch of other places and it was overwhelming in the best way possible. 

I don’t have to think - I know that I couldn’t have had a better path to where I am now then I have. First joining the Raptors discord with the one and only Halkohol as a UDFA to a ton of people I had not the slightest clue about, which changed quickly. I think part of my success on the site was getting that chance to see immediately that THIS is how a team should be. It was active, friendly, funny and informative right off the bat.

This is truly a hard thing to do for me, I wasn’t head GM for that long at all but along with my time as Co I still feel like yall are all my fake hockey babies. I’m sure you all know that there is nothing I wouldn’t try my damndest to help yall out with, In part because that is how I want you to treat everyone else on this website. Damn if yall haven’t succeeded. 

Of course it hasn’t been all easy. I still have nightmares from the COL GM academy people leaving, although I’m glad yall were able to find your own teams to run. Especially cause I knew you were/are going to pass on that same great COL vibe.

I wish I could tag everyone but I just can’t, not even all the raptors peeps. But I’ll try my best at people I talk to more often than most.

@Jumbobone19- Man were you a good teacher here and really a great role model in general. I was about write that “I strive to some day be at a place where I have to go to children's birthday parties every week” without implying it’s a joke but I feel like most people will take that out of context lol. I’m sad that we never got our cup together but damn was it a run. You put in so much effort to this team and even without the cup did such an amazing job making something memorable. You will always be ‘the legend’ Raptors GM to me and the rest of the Raptors crew. Thank you

@LordBirdman - My dude frfr.  Thank you so much for giving me the chance in Colorado in the first place. You are a super funny guy and a great person to talk to. Hopefully on one of your big boy work trips we can eventually grab a beer and reminisce. 

@hhh81 - My sim grandpapa. You are such a smart dude and I’m super excited to have ended up in Baltimore with you and some of my other favorite people. One of the great D&D minds of our time, I wish I had more RP in me to help you out sometimes. One thing I do know is I wouldn't enjoy one of my favorite hobbies (D&D) if I didn't have the experience of getting directly/indirectly pushed by you to do better.

@Gordon Bombay - If only the league kept test simming. You are such a great dude and I’m so happy we were able to get you in the draft last minute, gotta be probably my ever draft pick considering that. Would have been so proud to see you take the reins of Colorado but sometimes the timing just doesn’t work out. Still it’s great to see you doing so well in other leagues too. 

@Fluw - I still remember joining that first time and you had like a grandma or nanny name on discord and when you switched to your actual name it threw me for such a loop. You have such a great taste in games and character customization. Also thanks for the good trade talks

@sköldpaddor- It’s funny to think about how we evolved from the meme of you ignoring my messages (is it a meme tho?) to actually getting to meet you. What a plot twist. I feel like you are always the first person I’d go to to see if the vibe I’m getting about a user is correct cause you just get it. You understand what great things the league can bring to people and how to foster that mindset. You are a good friend and a great asset to this website I enjoy so much

@lespoils - I’m sad I didn’t get to draft you in COL after TU AS DIT QUE LES RAPTORS DEVRAIENT CHOISIR QUELQ’UN D’AUTRE ET PUIS EIL EST DEVENUS INACTIF. JE GAGNE TU PERDS. You have always been good to us, and you are a master of scouting. I’d share a bud light with you any day of the week, much love.

Mi friend @micool132 - You are the Raptors staple. When I’m scouting and someone is asking about who is on the Raptors, you are the big cheese. You are our French Canadian LeBron with cheese. You are the cursebreaker, the cheese master. I’m grateful for everything you have done for this team and can’t imagine what it would be like without you.

@mer - I don’t know if I’ve ever known such a genuinely good person, at this point I don’t think it’s possible you could ever not put me in a good mood. I sometimes wonder about different timelines, like if I had a gut feeling to take you instead of the legendary Gordo, the world may never know. At least we got to start chatting after in the end.

@Reno - I don’t know you as long as most of the people on this list but you definitely deserve a shout out. You are a really great person, and not just because you are an Isles fan. I appreciate your openness and willingness to do things, and I really hope your foot feels better soon. I’m looking forward to continuing to get to know you as time goes on brotha

@Faelax @Evok - I think you two already know this but I admired your team from the moment I joined the site, and especially the moment I set foot on the ice. You were always the biggest competition in my eyes and I mean that in the best way possible.

@sve7en - What an absolute elite specimen of a human being. It always pissed me off that you did all the things you do while still being a legit graphics artist of all things. This site wouldn’t be the same without you and I hope you know that we all appreciate the things you do.

@Henrik & @AgentSmith630 - Thank yall so much for bringing me into SFP. I can’t say I was at all skeptical about the rebuild when I came in but I sure was still surprised by the result. You’ve built the framework for a really special team even after management changed. If SFP isn’t among the top tier of your ‘top draft locations’ list you are a moron 

@DollaBill - What a trip, you are a great dude and I’m still sad with how things went. I sometimes wonder how much I am to blame for not giving you the full picture on what matters most to GMs but I hope the idea that I now can use that experience as mentor head to bring up everyone who now joins is some consolation. I can guarantee it would have worked out for you in the long term but it is what it is.

@NYR73 - It still cracks me up that I drafted you thinking you were an old man who not only barely used discord but probably could barely figure it out. Damn was I wrong. You are one cool mofo and watching you climb is one of the proudest feelings I’ve gotten on this site. Shake and bake, fuck the rags though

@Carpy48 - What is a thank you list without Carpy. You gave me my first job here and what a ride it has been. Being a mid tier artist myself it's been so helpful to work in the department. I feel like I have such an easy hotline to some of the best artists I’ve ever seen. I may have tried to move on before but as Mordin from Mass Effect would say: “Had to be me, someone else would have gotten it wrong"

@jay2233 - I don’t know if you’ll ever truly know how much you used to annoy me at the start. I’m glad to say that has completely changed at this point. (well before I hired you fwiw lol) You are going to do awesome things both in this league and outside of it and I put the Ruggsy guarantee on that. You have such a great mind for this league and anyone sleeping on that is a fool. I wish you the best for years to come and hope you know I’ll always be able to make time to help you out with anything you could ever need.

Also shoutout to all the other Raptors, COL GM U friends, J GMs during my time, beblos, boyfriends, anyone whos an islanders fan, S68, Ireland IIHF team, Ireland in a general sense, all the other teams besides GB, all my SHL D&D peeps, and most of all every single one of you who does even the slightest thing to keep this site running. 

If I didn’t mention you I’m sorry, and I legitimately hope you don’t feel bad about it. Being a mentor among other jobs for a while now I have met so many people on this website at this point, and I would like to hope that every one of  you enjoyed those convos as much as I have.

I guess if someone actually has questions you can AMA, I’m an open book. Or if you want to call me out for not mentioning you I can do that too.

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Truly one of the greats. Shake and bake, friend. Fuck the isles though

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I'm not crying i swear. Thank you so much for everything Ruggsy, we know its a lot of work to be GM and you were great for the raptors, i'm sure you will still be around and great, so thats nice. Excited for what the future brings to colorado!

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Ruggsy definitely was a great time. You an amazing dude and you are truly the best. Cant say enough good things about you. it was a pleasure. Kids parties will sneak up on you #DINONUGS

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Absolute icon for the Raptors franchise, can never thank you enough for your hard work all these seasons. You deserve a break, especially knowing you've built the team up well for success. Thanks for everything Ruggsy!

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All the best, Ruggsy. Thank you for everything.

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Congrats Ruggsy at a wonderful job building a great team.

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You didn’t mention me and I feel bad about it.

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