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Manto's top 5.

So, It looks like i'm going to free agency depending on what happens with my signing rights.

However, i thought i'd make a handy guide to where i'd like to sign in a top 5 format.

SO! to start of with #1

#1 Edmonton Blizzard - Blizzard

This is something that hasn't really been a secret. I have been wanting to go to this team since i was drafted. I had a long talk with one of the GMs during my draft year and i still want to go there. One of the main reasons is that i know people on that team and that they have my favourite branding in the league. Currently they have a older goalie that is getting up there in age so it could be a perfect landing spot for Emiko Spector!

#2 Buffalo Stampede - Stampede

I know the General manager for the team and i know some of the player here so i'd potentially interested. However i'd be trying free agency first as i want to see if Edmonton want me or not. I know that they need a goalie but they've just signed an inactive back up so it's not looking good here.

#3 Winnipeg Jets - Jets

I know that this nearly happened last season but now that's way away. I wouldn't mind landing here but seeing as they have active i don't think that is something that would fit either of us. So i'm not holding out much hope. I do however have connections here from Colorado Raptors Alumni.

#4 West Kendall Platoon - Platoon

Honestly, i'm not really interested in this team as Edmonton so it's a bit worthless trading for my signing rights. I'd be testing Free Agency anyways. Basically, i know you have a goalie spot and i'm a goalie but that's basically it.

#5 Tampa Bay Barracuda - Barracuda

Honestly, this is very unlikely to happen however i already know the locker room and everyone within there. However, my main issue is that they already a goalie that is at the top of their game and due to that it'd just be another back up role and my interest in the league would keep getting lower. Now i'm no saying it won't happen but it's very unlikely at this point.

Ok, so if you're no on this list but need a goalie. It doesn't mean i won't take an offer from you. It's just that i don't know the situation very well. I personally think #5 is very unlikely but i do hope that something can be worked out for me this off-season.

This is just to give an idea of what i have been currently been hoping but i obviously know that you can't always get what you want.

Please check out my other media giving an overview of what i'm hoping for from my new team. (Link to other media)

I'm currently trying to work on some media so that my money gets higher so that i'll be more viable for my future team as having $0 isn't the most attractive to a new team.

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Shoo... Platoon goalie spot is mine! miiiiiine!!!!

(right after bojo retires or goes into the deep dark of the regression shadow realm, whichever comes first)

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01-16-2020, 09:34 AMZoone16 Wrote: (right after bojo retires or goes into the deep dark of the regression shadow realm, whichever comes first)

This must be close? I hope not. But no one lasts forever

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01-16-2020, 10:46 AMJKortesi81 Wrote: Specters

Nothing against the specters. Just thought they had goalie and prospects. I mean hell Spector on the Specters...

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