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PGS S52 Game 1: Anaheim Outlaws v. Halifax Raiders
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Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws v. Halifax Raiders  raiders  
Game 1 of S52 SMJHL Season!
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The start of a new season is exciting for any sport, but in the SMJHL the start of the season is the start of many a young player's professional career. Game 1 is a showcase of your abilities on the largest stage possible with everyone watching: league scouts, friends and family, rivals, and the hockey gods themselves. This year the first game of the season was played in Halifax. Hosting from the opposite corner of N. America the Anaheim Outlaws. Both teams are known for their physicality and raw talent, and now was the perfect opportunity to see them play with revamped rosters full of new blood. Clearly the league knew what exciting game to put first because this match-up did not disappoint!

First Period:
The first period was a flurry of skill and energy. Both teams were firing on all cylinders and players were tripping over themselves still trying to get their skating nailed after the limited preseason. Winning the first face-off Anaheim came out swinging but was quickly countered as both teams got their turns putting on a shooting gallery. 1:49 into the first Halifax Captain Al Kayhall puts Anaheim goalie on the hot seat by slinging 4 shots at net in the span of 6 seconds, this rapid fire technique is a beauty to behold! Frustrated with the lack of success with his technique Kayhall lashes out at 1:58 and get called for Hooking. This was the opportunity that Anahiem was looking for, a chance to test their power-play and with the Halifax captain in the box, now was the time to strike, and strike they did. At 2:45 while on the PP the first goal of S52 is scored by the Outlaw's, Nicholas Owens who is able to back-skate into the open slot and sling one gloveside over Saarinen Jr. netminder for the Raiders . At this point the game begins to open up, players remembering how to conserve energy and how to play a full strong 60 minute game. Lines are getting cycled a lot more and more players are getting chances on net. Halifax's Indigo Trevino comes up with a beautiful 5-hole goal while rushing past the defense really escalating the grittiness of the goals. At 11:00 minutes the physicality escalates and the defense of both teams really starts hitting and mid-ice turnovers abound. One of these hits from Outlaw Zimmerman knocks Raider Jelly-Ouuh to the ice, but Raiders Cheezy and Kayhall are already heading through no-man's land with speed. They is able to enter the zone cleanly and Cheezy sets-up Kayhall for his rapid fire technique. The first shot is stopped by Outlaw goalie Separa Borro, but rebounds right back to Kayhall's stick who is able to pull it to his backhand and sends it home behind Borro. 

1st Score:  Outlaws  1 - 2    raiders
1st Shots:  Outlaws  9 - 13  raiders
Second Period:
The second period starts with a far more reserved attitude focusing on safe puck possession. That is until on a pretty benign play Outlaw Pooks Holloway is called for hooking 4:45 into the period. The Halifax Raiders start the powerplay off on the back foot just trying to contain an aggressive Outlaw 4 man squad and so end up icing the puck most of the powerplay. At this point the Halifax fans took offense to the cowardly play style and started echoing boos down onto the ice. This time when Halifax takes a face-off in their zone, they are able to sling it up ice but this time to the waiting captain, Kayhall, who shoots one wide of the net but do to a lucky bounce off the boards is able to get it back on his stick (did we mention the insane puck-luck Kayhall is having) and taps it in past the recovering Borro scoring on the Raider powerplay. Anaheim answers back quickly by setting up a no-nonsense deflect goal with C.T. Carragher sending it off Leonid Kofix at 7:12 of the 2nd. Anaheim begins ramping up the physicality again laying some brutal hits, which in turn get the Raiders to return the courtesy. At 4:45 Outlaw Kevin Robinson is called for cross-checking. 10 second later after winning the offensive zone face-off Raider Abel Skinner is "Abel" to tuck the puck into bed behind Barro. Clearly the Outlaw coaching staff saw Barro was beginning to struggle so with an early call decided to change to backup netminder, Strom Chamberlain. The period returns back to its starting pace and focuses on perimeter shots and protecting the puck. Both goalies are thoroughly tested but don't allow anything more past the posts for the rest of the period. 

2nd Score: 
 Outlaws  2 - 4   raiders
2nd Shots:  Outlaws  7 (16) - 8 (21)  raiders 

Third Period:
The stamina fatigue really began to kick in at this point of the game, with both teams getting far more sloppy in terms of mid-ice defense and rather just focusing on limiting the shots of either team to the perimeter. Seeing and discussing the success of Kayhall's rapid fire technique several other Raider players including D-Kalashnikov and  F-Bjornosonson tried their hands at it. The game devolved into an absolute puck blasting battlefield. With the goalies, including Anaheim backup Chamberlain, both standing on their heads to stop the barrages. On one of these barrages guess who comes up to grab and tuck a rebound? Of course it is "C" Al Kayhall for a hat-trick in the very first game of the season! He certainly sent a message with this game and his new technique may upend the entire modern philosophy of offensive play. Dejected with the hat-trick from Kayhall the Outlaws started playing with less passion and some were even overheard discussing on the benches what they thought of Kayhall's technique including some pretty creative uses of profanity. Later on in the period even some of the Outlaws were seen setting up and attempting the rapid-fire technique. Raider goalie Saarinen Jr. was able to stand tall and stop the onslaught, grinding the game back down to a halt. In a perhaps fated consequence, as close as you could get to divine comedy, Anaheim's forward John Forfeit in a "Eeyore" like stride slowly comes up ice and is able to throw Saarnien Jr. off guard with just how slowly and quietly he releases the puck akin to another quite memorable goal: just with less enjoyment. 

[Image: EarnestSecretIndigowingedparrot-max-1mb.gif]

At this point the game was all but over, with many shots coming in but clearly neither goalie was going to let another in. Having a good save percentage in the first game can dictate public opinion of your performance as a goalie for the whole year and so both Chamberlain and Saarinen Jr. finished the game out strong. It was a great game to behold but some players had the blessings of the hockey gods upon them and were able to secure victory for their team. 
Your Winners of the 1st game of S52 are:
[Image: Raiders-banner.png]
Final Score:  Outlaws  3 - 5   raiders 
Final Shots:  Outlaws  (10) 26 - (14) 35  raiders 
Three Stars:
⭐ Al Kayhall
⭐⭐ Thicc Cheezy
⭐⭐⭐ Abel Skinner

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Comment #1

Big Hit Changes the Game

Just over halfway through the first period, the teams were tied and Halifax was looking for more.  Winger Thicc Cheezy dumped the puck into the corner and Outlaws defenseman Ursin Zimmerman went to retrieve it.  As he attempted to exit the zone, Zimmerman was absolutely lit up by the Raiders defenseman Dank Jelly-Ouuh.  Al Kayhall picked it up and after a bit of a nifty passing with Cheezy, shot on net and scored on the rebound with 7:06 remaining in the first.  The Raiders would never lose the lead afterwards.  While he didn't get any credit for this goal and had no points on the night, Jelly-Ouuh's play was a pivotal moment in tonight's game.

Comment #2

Al Kayhall Dominates

What an incredible performance by Al Kayhall tonight in the opening game of the season.  The Raiders captain scored a hat trick and had a staggering 12 shots on net.  He was all over the ice tonight.  His big highlight of the night had to be on the second goal.  The Outlaws winger Pooks Halloway got sent off for hooking just 4:45 into the second period and it was looking like they were going to kill off the penalty.  But the Raiders had other ideas.  Abel Skinner was able to intercept a pass in the neutral zone and sent Kayhall into Anaheim's zone.  Kayhall's first shot missed, but was able to get the puck back himself and put it home short side and put the Raiders up 3-1.  Kayhall certainly earned his first star tonight, ultimately scoring more tonight than the Outlaws entire team.

[Image: sheepz.gif]
[Image: s9JOf1N.png]  [Image: oMh09WY.png]  [Image: 1DL5JDX.png]  [Image: wu5MVvy.png]

We're back for the third installment of ACE'S CRANKIN HITS for Week 1!

The Raiders came out with a strong 5-3 win over the Outlaws, but it seems like they were only winning on the scoreboard! Take a look at this MONSTAH hit! Ursin Zimmerman came screaming down the wing after having his bucket popped off, and caught Al Kayhall with a beauty hit! This one was the result of a long battle between the two of these combatants. Unfortunately for Zimmerman, although he got the better of the body contact, his squad didn't get the better of the play.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Talk about a CRANKIN HIT!

RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother.

[Image: achisling.gif]

[Image: NR2hsa8.gif]
Kraken Canada Wolfpack Canada Wolfpack Canada Wolfpack Canada Wolfpack Canada Wolfpack Kraken


Comment # 3 (Game 1) (116 Words)
With the first game of the Season for the Anaheim Outlaws, rookie Goalie Separa Borro was in net to start the season. Looks like the Outlaws wanted to showcase their new Goaltender right out of the gate. It was a rough start to the year as The Raiders was firing on all cylinders. They were able to slip two pucks past the rookie in the first period. They fired a total of 13 shots that period, really testing out Borro. The second period was even tougher for Borro with Two goals on 5 shots before ending his night. Both second period goals were on the Raiders Power Play. Not a very bright start to Borro’s season.

[Image: champs_final.png]  [Image: sig.png]
[Image: GIbFGXc.png]
[Image: 75E7R71.png]

Back and Forth in the 2nd
In a less-than two minute span during the 2nd period, we saw a wild sequence where three goals were scored. A pair of consecutive icings from the Raiders led to an Anaheim face-off win by Kevin Robinson. A lazy pass from Nicholas Owens was intercepted by Valentin Kalashnikov who started the breakout for Halifax. On the ensuing attack, Al Kayhall was able to slam in a rebound to give Halifax a 3-1 lead. About a minute later, Anaheim's Leonid Kofix was able to answer with a beautiful deflection of a C.T. Carragher point shot, which ended up behind the Halifax netminder, Olli Saarinen Jr. Riding high after the Anaheim goal, the Outlaws stepped up their physical game to try to equalize the score. Owens rocked Kayhall, and Kevin Robinson followed up with another hit as Kayhall skated to the bench, but the refs ended up throwing Robinson into the box for cross-checking. It was an unfortunate, but accurate, call against the Outlaws because it seemed like all of the momentum was in their favor. On the ensuing powerplay, Halifax's Abel Skinner was able to get the puck past rookie goaltender Separa Borro to extend the lead back to two. Anaheim would not be able to pull any closer for the remainder of the game.

Kayhall's Dagger
The Raiders came out of the gates hot in the third period, and it really looked like they weren't comfortable with just a two-goal lead. It seemed like Anaheim just couldn't manage to get the puck out of their own zone. In the first 5 minutes of play, their were 12(!) Raiders shot attempts, which Anaheim did a good job to get in front of as the Anaheim netminder, Chamberlain only had to stop five of them. Kayhall was eventually able to stuff a rebound home for his 3rd goal of the game. Hats rained down on the ice as Kayhall celebrated with his team. The Outlaws, on the other hand, lost their spark and weren't really able to gain it back as the Halifax defense clamped down and closed out the rest of the game.

Frustration from Owens
Not long after Kayhall recorded his hat trick, did some Outlaw frustration start to bubble to the surface. Halifax's Bjornoson Bjornosonson won a draw in their own zone and he was quickly confronted by Nicholas Owens, who did not like how the Raiders chose to celebrate Kayhall's hat trick. Owens made a beeline for Bjornosonson, stuck his finger in his mouth, and then planted it right into the Halifax center's ear, while yelling, "WET WILLLYYY". This led to an easy unsportsmanlike conduct call from the zebras. Why he decided to do it at that time was a mystery at the time, but after the game he told us that he was "just trying to get his team to loosen up" and he wanted to "make the Raiders uncomfortable". While he may have succeeded in the latter, the tactic didn't work out in the end.

[Image: TF7ZTeC.png]
Ziggy Tambo - LW - Anaheim Outlaws

[Image: Yztckjo.png] [Image: PlcJv9V.png]

Sloppy Start From Anaheim

It looks like the offseason stretched into the regular season for Anaheim. Undisciplined play coupled with lack of focus put them in an early hole they were not able to climb out of. Speaking on the lack of sharpness in Game 1, the Outlaws head coach said they just didn't bring their A game and that tends to happen early on in the season when you bring in a bunch of rookies and new pieces. "These guys are just trying to gel as a team still, so it's something we are actively working on, but no I'm not concerned if that's what you are asking".
105 Words

Thicc and Cheezy

Al Kayhill may have gotten the first star but Thicc Cheezy looked very good tonight as well. He was able to get off some nice passes and lead the top line for the Raiders. in the first period he had a great pass in a 2 on 1 scenario that Kayhill buried into the net. Later on in the third he was able to battle for the puck deep in the Anaheim zone. After freeing the puck he hit a slicing Kayhill who powered it into the net. This goal extended the lead to 5-2 and ended up being the nail in the coffin as they took the game 5-3.
110 Words

Shot Block Fest

Anaheim had an enormous 10-2 blocked shots advantage. With Halifax raining down shots on both Anaheim goaltenders, the team was trying to block as many shooting lanes as possible. They were frequently playing down a man due to their 6 penalty kill opportunities which had them trying to do anything to disrupt the Raiders offense. It worked for a little while in the first period but 3 unanswered goals later they were still searching for answers. The change of goalies in the second seemed to help slightly but at that point the damage had been done and the offense was unable to bring them back into the game. 
108 Words

[Image: 15Ng51w.png][Image: draNOgf.png]


Game Synopsis
Anaheim came out strong in their first game of the season with a quick powerplay goal, but Halifax came back with 2 unanswered goals in the first period. Although Halifax took multiple penalties in the first period, the game was still tight at the first intermission. The game blew wide open in the second period due to Anaheim’s constant parade to the penalty box. Surrendering 6 powerplays is not recipe for success, and Halifax capitalized on their opportunities. Halifax went 2 for 6 on their powerplay opportunities and chased starting goalie Separa Borro from the net in the second period.

Key Performer
Al Kayhall was the key performer of the game. With goals in all three periods, Kayhall notched the first hattrick of the season. Anaheim had no answer for Kayhall put on a dozen shots against the Anaheim goaltenders. Kayhall dominated play 5 on 5 as well as on the powerplay, scoring at will. Along with linemates Thicc Cheezy and Julien Villeneuve, the first line of Halifax tilted the rink with their possession and cycle plays. Kayhall, along with Cheezy and star defender Abel Skinner, will be a player to keep an eye on as this season ramps up with his high-octane offensive capabilities.

3 Stars of the Game.
All three stars of the game came from Halifax as they dominated the first game of the season. First star was, as noted earlier, was Al Kayhall, leading the way with a hat trick. Second star of the game was Kayhall’s linemate Thicc Cheezy. His deft passing and shot generated numerous rebounds and chances on goal for Halifax, many of which were converted into goals. The third star of the game is star defenceman Abel Skinner. His astute defending kept Anaheim at bay for most of the game, and his breakout passes made the work of Halifax’s offence easier on this night.

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