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PGS S54 Game 5: Anaheim Outlaws vs Anchorage Armada


Comment 1: 3 point night (200 words)
2 players from the Anchorage Armada managed to reach the point total of 3 in this crushing victory. Right Wing Chris de Siren and LW Ryan Cvitkovich. They were both very well deserving of the 3rd and 1st star of the game for their immense performance. They and many others on their team! Both players are also very experienced, with Ryan playing in his final year and with there being a big chance that Chris is doing the same. Ryans 25 points is a bit of a dissapointment this season, and the Armada were probably hoping for a bit better output for the class S52 winger. They were probably looking for him to be at about the point totals of Chris de Siren, who will end what could be his final season with 32 points. Chris's game today however was very strange! He rocked an 82 OGR, but only a measly 49 DGR. This big discrepancy only earned him a measly 66 GR, despite his 3 point game. What is even stranger is Ryan ending up on the exact same GR! A bit lower on the OGR but higher than that of Chris saw them share a similar performance today.

Comment 2: 7 goals (116 words)
7 goals. 7 different goalscorers. Lazer, Hanson, Cvitkovich, Vyskoc, Rasanen, de Siren and Gervais all found themselves on the scoresheet in this victory. 7 goals in a single game is not a regular occurrence. Despite that, they managed that feat 3 times during the season! But this was the only time they had 7 different goalscorers add to that tally. Out of the 18 players on the roster lining up for Anchorage this evening, 6 of them didn't manage to get on the paper at all. Despite that, it was a pure team effort to win this game, and it would become one of their many games they can look back fondly on this season.

Comment 3: Goalie change? (150 words)
After a close first period, the Anaheim Outlaws managed to tie the game up twice in the 2nd period before being scored on twice within 12 seconds. With a 4-2 scoreline heading into the 3rd period, you'd expect them to fight back but.. that didn't happen. And after another 3 shots going past Strom Chamberlain, the coach had enough of it and let him take a shower with only 12 minutes left of play. After this change, you'd expect more fighting spirit out of the Outlaws but nothing changed. In fact, they let up 40 shots in almost 50 minutes with Strom in net, but 10 shots in the last 12 on Separa Borro who took his place. An overall disappointing performance from the Outlaws, followed by one of the weirdest goalie changes this season. 12 minutes left, down by 5 goals? Ah well, at least the coach tried something.

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1. Anchorage Finishes Strong
This game was really close for the first 30 minutes. The two teams were tied up until 5 minutes left in the 2nd period. Then Anchorage took their play up to another level. They scored 2 goals in in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd to make it 4-2. And they scored 3 more goals in the 3rd period for a final score of 7-2. Anchorage had 50 shots on net, 25 of which came in the 3rd period alone. Anchorage out hit, out shot, and out worked Anahiem to close out this game. Showing everyone its not how you start but how you finish. 
106 words

2. Good Game/ Bad Game 
Ryan Cvitkovich of Anchorage had a really good game offensively. He assisted on the 1st goal of the game. He scored Anchorage's 3rd goal of the game, which ended up being the game winner. And then he added another assist on the next goal as well. Cvitkovich had a offensive game rating of 76.

Anahiem right winger John Forfeit had a bad game all around. He had a +/- of -2 on the game. He had a turnover in the game and lost all faceoffs he took. He finished with the worst offensive game rating, 47, among the offensive skaters and had the worst defensive game rating , 32. Definitely a game he would like to forget. 
115 words

3. Selfless Player
Armada's Thorbjorn Gunnarson truely gave the best effort all around in the game. The left winger, known for his playmaking abilites, had 5 blocked shots and 3 takeaway while not turning the puck over at all. He had 4 shots on net, a +/- of +3, and also added an assist during his 34 shifts. Gunnarson also spent quality time on the power play unit as well as the penalty kill unit. A remarkable effort by Gunnarson is reflected by receiving the highest game rating, 74, and highest defensive game rating, 76, among all skaters in the game. An effot that usually goes unnoticed but his play was a major factor in this game.  
113 Words

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Dominate Performance?

The Anchorage Armada dominated this game, the shots were close in the first and second but when the game mattered in the third period the Armada came out shooting with 25 third period shots to the Outlaws 7. The final in shots being 26 to 50 for the Armada, anytime your team puts up 50 shots you stand a good chance to win the game. Then you move on to the other stats, the Outlaws got out hit 10 to 27. That is tough when you both are being hit hard and out shot by such a large margin. The Armada were also better in the face off circle but that was a more even battle winning 31/55 draws. Put all that together and you get a 7 - 2 beat down.
132 words

Gave Up?

The game was tight going into the third it was 2-2 and the shots were close. The Outlaws were in it and had tied the game twice and looked like we would have an even match up. That was until the Armarda broke that tie with 5 minutes left in the second, that is a tough goal but you can tie the game up with one more goal. Unfortunately that goal never came for the Outlaws in fact it came for the Armada shortly after. That 4 -2 goal was a back breaker and crushed the spirit of the outlaws which would lead to the 25 shot third period and 3 goals for the Armada, the outlaws just gave up in the third and let the game become a blowout.
130 words

Goals By Committee

Most nights when a team has an explosive night in offense it is a one man show lighting the lamp but the Armada was more of a scoring by committee. You can see that by the nights three stars. Ryan Czitkovich, Bork Lazer and Chris de Siren all had a single goal and two assists to be the three stars. If the Armada can continue to get contributions from multiple players in the line up they will be a tough team to deal with this season especially if they make the playoffs. The big question after this game is which one was the fluke, the Armada offence or the Outlaws defensive or goaltending.
113 words

Comment 1: Defensive Breakdown
When a game ends with seven goals going into the back of your net, questions need to be asked. What went wrong for the Anaheim Outlaws, especially considering they've been having a solid start to the season? Simply put, the Outlaws' defence collapsed, and allowed their goaltender to be peppered with shots. While the goaltending performance could've been better - a 0.860 SV% isn't great - any goalie could be forgiven for being a bit off on a night he faces 50 shots. The Outlaws blueline must be better throughout the rest of the season if they hope to not be embarrassed like this in the future.
Words: 105

Comment 2: Dominant Performance
This game wasn't just domination on the scoreboard for the Anchorage Armada, but all across the board. The Armada outshot their opponents from Anaheim by nearly double, 50-26, but they also outhit the Outlaws 27-10. The Outlaws were absolutely punished in every way tonight, and its bound to be a demoralizing loss - literally one that adds insult to injury when you consider the beating they took in the hits department. For Anchorage, this is a very positive sign as they have struggled to find any consistency so far this season, and they'll hope this is a springboard to better things to come.
Words: 102

Comment 3: Difference Maker
It's hard to narrow down just one difference maker in a game like this, because the entire Armada crew was good. It's easy to point to a difference maker in a close game, but in a blow-out that becomes more difficult. Each of tonight's three stars put in quality performances, though, with Ryan Cvitkovich and Chris de Siren scoring 3 points apiece - each with a goal and an assist. However, in this game my difference maker award goes to Armada defenceman Bork Lazer, who finished the night with a goal and an assist. After opening the scoring, Lazer got a helper on the Armada's second goal of the night to re-take their one-goal lead. He was also an integral part of the Armada's defence preventing the Outlaws from getting any momentum, and for that reason he is tonight's difference maker.
Words: 140

Comment 1: Offensive Explosion!

Anchorage didn't waste any time getting on the board in this game. Scoring in the first 5 m inutes off the stick of star defender Bork Lazer. His laser of a shot beat the goalie on the glove side and set the tone for the rest of the game. Moving into the second period the Armada and Outlaws were ready to unleash a flurry of goals the likes of which the league hasn't seen this season. At one point scoring 4 goals in a span of 5 minutes, the two teams finished the period with 5 total goals. Anchorage then used the third period to cement their win with 3 straight goals in the first 8:14 of the period. With Chris de Siren becoming the driving force in the third with 1 goal and 2 assists in the third alone. 

[141 Words]

Comment 2: Chris de Siren 

Anchorage Left Winger Ryan Cvitkovich ended up with the first star in this game posting the same line as Right Winger Chris de Siren. Here I am going to tell you that de Siren earned the first star in this game despite what the voters chose. His run of points in the third period cemented the win for the Anchorage squad and put the game away. There is no reason that a player that got that hot in such an important part of the game should be the third start behind Ryan Cvitkovich and especially Bork Lazer. Chris de Siren is a very underrated player and someone to watch out for moving forward. 

[113 Words]

Comment 3: Chased

Anaheim Outlaws goaltender Strom Chamberlain was chased in the third period after giving up 7 goals through most of three periods. Usually one of the more talented goaltenders in the SMJHL, Chamberlain struggled with the Armada scorers in this contest. What is more concerning is that the Outlaws, 5-2-0, were completely swarmed by Anchorage with 50 shots. So while giving up 7 goals is terrible in general, Chamberlain did his absolute best when facing the sheer number of shots flying at him in this game. Hopefully he is able to regroup for the sake of the Outlaws the rest of this season. Strom Chamberlain ranks currently among the top two goaltenders in the SMJHL and should find a way to regroup. But this game sure will sting for awhile. 

[129 Words]

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The Artist Formerly Known as InciteHysteria

Three Stars: (123 words)
First Star: After an evident cold streak, Ryan Cvitkovich recorded a three point game. This started off with a creative pass to Bork Lazer and he followed it up with a second assist, and his first goal of the year.

Second Star: The aforementioned Bork Lazer was able to find the back of the net first in this game off a pass from Ryan Cvitkovich. Lazer would later tally on an assist to bolster him to two points.

Third Star: Chris de Siren came out of the gates in the third period. This started with a low shot on net that earned de Siren his first goal of the year. He continued on to have two assists for a three point third period.

Tough Night for Chamberlain: (102 words)
Strom Chamberlain has looked like a strong goalie throughout the start of the Season 54 season, however he really struggled throughout this matchup with the Anchorage Armada. Letting in four goals through the first two periods obviously did not show what Strom could do, and to add insult to injury three more past the Outlaw’s goaltender in the third period. At this point, the Anaheim Outlaw coaching staff had seen enough and Strom was replaced by backup, Separa Borro. Once Borro was put in, the floodgates stopped at the Outlaws gave up no more goals, but it was too little too late.

Outlaw Rookies: (104 words)
The young blood throughout the Anaheim Outlaws has seemed fairly solid throughout the first part of the season and that was confirmed today by a flurry of points among these youngsters. Early, in the first period, Harry Walker recorded an assist on the first Anaheim Outlaw goal. Then in the second, Bud Light Lime found the back of the net for his first career SMJHL goal. Also on the scoresheet was Ryu Jones who had a second assist on the Bud Light Lime goal. So despite the lackluster performance by veterans, the Outlaw rookies were able to step up, but it wasn’t quite enough.

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The Real Three Stars

1st Star: Who was actually awarded? ANC LW Ryan Cvitkovich (G: 1, A: 2)
Who should have been awarded? ANC LW Ryan Cvitkovich (G: 1, A: 2)

This is a perfectly fine selection. Especially since these were his first points of the season. It was about time. Cvitkovich assisted Bork Lazer’s point shot goal in the first period, and finally scored his first goal of the season in the second period by making the game 3-2. Only 17 seconds later he assisted Cyril Vyskoc’s first goal of the season. Besides his goal, he had four additional shot attempts, one blocked shot, one hit and one giveaway. He had some minor struggles in the defensive zone, but it didn’t really matter, as this was a strong offensive butt-kicking.

(127 words)

2nd Star: Who was actually awarded? ANC RD Bork Lazer (G: 1, A: 1)

Who should have been awarded? ANC RD Bork Lazer (G: 1, A: 1)

Another completely fine choice. He was the most trusted Armada defender, together with Matthew Sawful and Pojo Biscuit, and managed to get a plus/minus of +3. When he was on the ice, Armada regularly was able to spend time in the offensive zone. He also started the scoring with only four minutes played in the first period, with a beautiful point shot. He also had the primary assist on Taylor Gervais’ first goal of the season, which made the game 2-1. Lazer only had one assist in the season until the game, so it must’ve felt good for him.

(126 words)

3rd star: Who was actually awarded? ANC RW Chris de Siren (G: 1, A: 2)

Who should have been awarded? ANC LW Thorbjorn Gunnarson

Chris de Siren had a solid game, but all his points came in the third period, when the game was already nicely in Armada’s pocket. The unsung hero of the game was Thorbjorn Gunnarson, who only got on the scoreboard by assisting the fourth goal scored by Cyril Vyskoc. He however logged a +3, 4 shots on goal, 5 blocked shots and 3 takeaways. That was a great, complete 200 foot hockey game. The Norwegian was a dominant player in this one, and it’s a shame he didn’t get any recognition from the stars jury.

(119 words)

Comment 1: Firepower

The Anchorage Armada brought the firepower tonight in spades, putting up 50 shots on goal and scoring 7 times on the evening. Ryan Cvitkovich and Chris de Siren led the way for Anchorage with a goal and two assists each. Any time that you're able to put up 50 shots, you should be able to win the game comfortably. Anchorage had no problems with the Outlaws, winning by a 5 goal margin. Nobody in their right mind should expect this kind of offensive production on a nightly basis, but it's encouraging as an onlooker to know that the team can pour on the offense on any given night.

Comment 2: Outlaws Wanted

Where exactly were the Outlaws tonight? I mean, they showed up on the box score, sure. They scored a couple goals, they threw a few hits, but they were outclassed up and down the ice tonight by the Armada. I must admit, the Outlaws did a great job minimizing their penalties and showed great discipline, but they just weren't able to do enough in pretty much every other aspect of their performance. If you want to have a chance against a team like Anchorage, you have to be able to minimize your giveaways, their shot attempts, and faceoff wins. If you are consistently letting the other team gain possession of the puck, you're going to be playing on your heels all night long.

Comment 3: Give Him a Break

Strom Chamberlain was in net for the Outlaws tonight, and it was not a pretty sight. Chamberlain allowed 7 goals on the evening, which makes you wonder a bit why the Outlaws' coaching staff didn't make the decision to pull him earlier. Chamberlain's backup, Seppara Boro, played a great game in relief. Of course, goalie performance isn't enough to make a comeback, but Boro did everything in his power to salvage the game for his team and for that he has likely earned some more playing time going forward. Anaheim's 7 goals allowed is going to be an anomaly on the season, as they are simply too good of a team for this to happen on a regular basis. Still, this is a little concerning and something that should be carefully monitored in order to keep the season from being derailed.

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