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Anaheim Outlaws Captains Announcement (2x Draft Media)

Ladies and gentlemen it is time. With a new season budding around the corner the Anaheim  Outlaws are ready to announce their captains for the upcoming SMJHL season. These are players that exemplify the core values of Anaheim and set good examples off the ice as well as display exceptional on ice ability. Without further delay lets get right into it. 

Captain- John Donair (GCool). Donair, referred to by his peers as "Long" John Donair returns from being an alternate captain last season, a role he excelled in. Anaheim believes there is no one better to fill this role than Donair. The season 56 right winger, is the captain with the most experience under his belt and will be looked upon by his peers to provide leadership to a relatively young Anaheim team. Donair is very skilled on the ice but Anaheim sees much more than that in him and can't wait to see him guide the Outlaws youth to hopeful success. Donair has already made his mark in the locker room, talking with the youth and making it known he is thrilled to be an Outlaw.   

Assistant Captain- Kaapo Kampainen (Marco999). This will mark Kaapo's first stint as a captain for the Anaheim  Outlaws and he, as well as Anaheim hope he can flourish in his new role. Kampainen knows with all the youth on Anaheim stepping into this role wont be easy, but he embraces it and seems ready for any tasks thrown his way as newly appointed alternate captain. the season 57 center is excited to step in and provide leadership for the  Outlaws and the Outlaws seem happy to have him in that role. 

Assistant Captain- Sekai Wollker- (Gai Mormont). Last but not least Sekai Wollker. Wollker comes in as a rookie, but has already shown to Anaheim management that he has what it takes to be a leader on and off the ice. In my short time in Anaheim he has been a great locker room prescence and I can see why he was chosen as a captain. Sekai will represent Anaheim's youth movement and is thrilled to be named a captain in only his first season. The season 59 left defense seems ready but only time will tell how captaincy effects the young defenseman. 

Overall the Outlaws seem to be captained well and the team is very welcoming of their new leaders. Donair, kampainen and Wollker all seem ready for their new roles and should prove to play a pivotal role in the Outlaws successes on and off the ice.

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Well deserved all, and thanks to @FnoRespect for putting the announcement together.

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RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother

congratz Anaheim!

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Never forget

Oh captains, my captains Outlaws

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Thank you Fever, sköldpaddor and OD for the amazing sigs!
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Good luck outlaws! Hope you have a good season under Ace Smile

Oh wow! I am truthfully completely honoured!

LETS GO OUTLAWS! Outlaws Outlaws Outlaws Outlaws

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