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Chirper #7 (AC Week #465)

03-30-2023, 03:47 PMLeSizz Wrote: Come to me for all your retro pixel sig needs.
where's the line so I can get in it?

[Image: spartangibbles.gif]
[Image: qGhUIfY.png]  Outlungus   Usa Monarchs  [Image: PlcJv9V.png]

03-30-2023, 03:57 PMdomffl Wrote: Whether it survives a knock knock joke?

Look at it with eggs-ray vision

[Image: 4cvtDWE.jpeg]
Edmonton Blizzard Co-GM
Yukon Malamutes Hall of Fame
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Granny Panpan Count: 258

Whalers off to a pretty good start!

[Image: YztPk3T.png] [Image: 6by0kBi.png] [Image: 1I2bN7C.png]

What’s that thing that DJ khalid usually says?

[Image: kickz_jr.png]
Thanks to Merica for my sig

03-30-2023, 02:03 PMRonniewalker Wrote: It’s already thursday and I’m only now getting round to my first chirp…

You and me both buddy. Been a long week

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Thanks to Merica for my sig

Another day, another chirp.

Can't remember how many of these I have done, so here's another. CHIRP CHIRP

ah yes, activity checks 
very fine

[Image: mvn.png]

3W 1L today, lets keep this up all season

[Image: NOLA-oiduser.png]

Watching this ESPN+ broadcast in Spanish because I can’t stand their broadcast crew. I don’t speak Spanish.

[Image: downer.gif]

[Image: SyiOY8U.png]

LEts go malamutes

[Image: b3ayEGX.png]

Tanner scores another GOAL

[Image: b3ayEGX.png]

Patya play Enhancement Shaman and Warrior in World of Warcraft! AM ENJOY!

Lore: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
[Image: 65011_s.gif]
[Image: Eo2nBCt.png]   [Image: HKi05IH.png]   [Image: gs89eGV.png]

Patya also eat much spaghetti for dinner, but is having chicken and cheese in it. It not be having tomato sauce. Is this weird? Patya not knowing.

Lore: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
[Image: 65011_s.gif]
[Image: Eo2nBCt.png]   [Image: HKi05IH.png]   [Image: gs89eGV.png]

Lots of ‘questionable’ award noms again Tongue

[Image: 63647_s.gif]
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After 69 shots on net with still no SHL goals to show for it, even the opposition started to feel so sorry for Lemo, that they decided to help him out :D
- Bad pass by Jack Klompus, he gave it right to Lemo Pihl.
- Lemo Pihl rips it to the net...
- Lemo Pihl will find the empty net, that should do it!
TEX @ MAN, S59 game 31

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