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Baltimore keeps the band together
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We're thrilled to announce we've resigned a bunch of people! Platoon

First up, this user has been a revelation since drafting him in S68. The consummate "LR guy", always willing to share a positive word and help in the war room. We're thrilled for the next steps they'll take!

F Ekaterina Valieva @MikeLiut
S73: $4,000,000
S74: $5,000,000

Second, one of the better picks I've had (thanks for the tip @sve7en), diacope has been great and their recent media series was a lot of fun. We're very thankful to have them continue to add depth to our forward group. BAP BAP BAP

F Raiya Rabinov @diacope
S73: $5,000,000

We can't forget Mr. Big Shot, the captain. He's already gotten many BAP franchise records, and he's in striking distance of a few more. Thanks for sticking around through the rebuild, my friend!

F Lord Raiden @Jumbobone19
S73: $3,000,000* + NMC

While we've been awaiting some of our young blueliners to mature, we've gotten great play from this next user. They've been super friendly and team-focused since coming over from Buffalo, and it's gonna be an exciting next season with him in the fold.

D Billy Brooks @supertardis101
S73: $3,000,000*

I'm super excited to see this user join the big club next season after a superb J career. Bring some of that Big Nut energy to the Platoon!

D Sven Petterson @SledgehammerPete
S73: $5,500,000
S74: $3,000,000

D Jamal Nighingale @academydropout
S73: $2,000,000*

AD has been a mainstay on our defense since I took over, and is in striking distance of moving up in some franchise leaderboards. I'm excited to give him one last campaign

Next up, we're bringing back our goalie duo. Zile was a breath of fresh air, taking some pressure off our starter. WFM has been a good member of the LR, usually being the first to greet people in the mornings and sharing random photos of food or their pets.
G Sir Devoir @WildfireMicro
S73: $5,000,000
S74: $6,000,000

G Toms Zile @Advenny
S73: $4,000,000 (IFA)

Finally, we have our goalie of the future. He's a great user doing good work in the J. We're excited to see what he achieves in the next few seasons before joining Devoir down the road. Give it up for Beau!

G Beau Kavanagh @takethehorizon
S73:  $2,500,000

Platoon Platoon Platoon
* Based on projected regression

Platoon Elk Elk Platoon
Argonauts Argonauts

[Image: AH23zKq.png]
Thank you karey, OrbitingDeath Ragnar, and sköldpaddor for sigs! 
[Image: BAL_Player_Page.png] [Image: BAL_Update.png]


[Image: wfm-sig.png]
[Image: Wf5B9wj.png]

Lets do this.. again. Accept!

[Image: jumbobone19.gif]
[Image: 9tINabI.png]  [Image: 1DL5JDX.png]  [Image: xc2IPJy.png]  [Image: 1DL5JDX.png]  [Image: wW0VNnL.png]
Thanks to @DELIRIVM @sköldpaddor @Merica for the Sigs

So proud of our team. Accept!

Ekaterina Valieva - Baltimore Platoon

[Image: 0KH34qN.png]
Thanks @Lazyeye for the sig!


Accept accept accept! Raiya would love to spend some more time in Baltimore, especially with all of the fine names above!!

Platoon RAIYA Platoon RABINOV Platoon


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