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S72 Championship Week
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Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora vs. Wolfpack Wolfpack Wolfpack Wolfpack Wolfpack
Here are this season's tasks for CW. The maximum is 8 TPE. Mix and match whatever tasks you desire, but the maximum TPE to be earned from this is 8.
The deadline is WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH at 11:59pm PST.
Please copy/paste the prompts (including the # of TPE) into your post; it makes it much easier to grade and track.
This PT is for SHL players and send-downs only. If your player is S73 or S74, that's not you.
One (1) affiliate claim from either PBE,  WSBL, SSL, or the ISFL will be accepted for 3 TPE! *if you’re claiming this and have a different username on the affiliate's site then you need to state that in your post to get credit.*
Please feel free to PM with any questions or concerns.

1. CW TRIVIA, 3 TPE max - 1.5 TPE for participation, 0.5 TPE for each correct answer. This is completed through a Google form linked below. Make sure to spell your answers correctly or you will not get credit. Post your verification word in your CW post.


2. Written, up to 4 TPE - Grab Bag: Pick up to 4 Challenge Cup related topics to write about! Each topic is worth 1 TPE. Each answer must be 50+ words.
a. You can never take success for granted, but these are two of the league's heavy favorites coming into the cup finals. Pick either of our finalists, and tell me what about them impresses you the most!
b. New England vs Winnipeg makes this a rematch of the S70 finals! What does Winnipeg have to do differently to take round two, two seasons later, in season seventy-two?
c. The Aurora defeated the Blizzard in their conference final, and the Wolfpack sank the Forge. Who had the more impressive victory to punch their ticket to the cup final, and why?
d. If it ain't broke don't fix it: Who you got? Who wins? Why?

3. Written, 3 TPE, Peggy's Back, Tell a Friend (150 words min.)
Winnipeg is a cup finalist for an astonishing fourth year in a row! To make that happen in the current era of the SHL requires serious skill and deserves appreciation. What is it that makes this Aurora era so successful? What have been the most crucial factors in their Western dominance? What lessons should the rest of the league learn from their success?

4. Written, 3 TPE, Pack Attack (150 words min.)
The New England Wolfpack have two defensemen and seven forwards that went over a point per game in the regular season, and one in Ivan Lackasmus that lapped it with over two points per game. They haven't slowed down in the playoffs either, so they aren't just inflated by hot games against the tanks. What is it that makes the Wolfpack's offense so incredibly lethal? Can it be imitated, or only envied? Will it be enough to get them another cup with this core?

5. Written, 3 TPE, Cold Sweat and Frozen Tears (150 words min)
How many more kicks at the can will these teams have with their current cores? Winnipeg has been unbelievably dominant with four straight wins of the Western conference. The Wolfpack have been one of the best teams in the league for several seasons running as well. For how long are these two cores going to keep themselves in that top echelon? Which teams will be their biggest threats next season?

Graphics and Podcasts

6. Graphic, 3 TPE, Blood on the Ice
A classic written task moves to the graphics department! Draw the final battle! You can show me the players going head-to-head, or you can draw the mascots duking it out. Wolfpack vs Aurora: go!

7. Graphic, 3 TPE, Jim Wen
Draw your team in the locker room, waiting to start a game that's been delayed due to broadcast issues.

8. Graphic, 3 TPE, Kurzgesagt
Draw how your team's season went! As long as I can tell which team you play for and it conveys some kind of sentiment about your team's season, you'll get credit.

9. Podcast, 3 or 4 TPE
Record a mini-podcast on any of the below topics!
-The S72 Challenge Cup series
-The S72 Four Star Cup series
-An S72 IIHF preview
1 person Mini-Pod: 3 TPE for 8 minutes or 4 TPE for 10 Minutes
2 person Mini-Pod: 3 TPE for 10 Minutes or 4 TPE for 15 Minutes
Post the direct link to your podcast.


10. Written, 3 TPE, IIHF Analysis (150 words min.)
Do you foresee any specific upsets in this season's IIHF? Any risers or fallers that might be hot takes? If not, why do you think the best will stay the best?

11. Written, 3 TPE, Strange Bedfellows (150 words min.)
Do you have any IIHF teammates that play on division rivals in the SHL? How do you feel about sharing jerseys with them? Have you or your player made any friends on their IIHF team that they never would have otherwise?


12. Written, 2 TPE - The Procrastinator Special! (100 words min.)
Looks like [TEAM] won Season 72! Who won and why? What could the other team have done differently to change the result? What was your favorite part of the series?

13. Graphic, 3 TPE - The Procrastinator Special!
Congratulations, graphics-master procrastinator! Much like the written-word-loving procrastinator, you too have a special task! Create a post-series splash screen detailing the outcome of the series, or highlighting the player that you think should be playoff MVP. Include at least 3 stats!

Once again this is due WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH at 11:59pm PST.

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