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SHL75: #31: David Winter
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David Winter

    David Winter has had a lot of great accomplishments throughout his career. Most we will get into the end of the article on why he deserves to be #31 on this list. One of the pinnacles of consistency, and longevity. David Winter played from S7->S26. So let's start from the beginning. Drafted 3rd OA to the Minnesota Chiefs in S7. Like all players at that time, he was immediately called up into action.

S8 started off his rookie season. At the end of the experimental era of STHS, Winter scored 9 goals, 9 assists for 18 points in his rookie career. The next season, continued his decent climb into being a good player. 12 goals, 21 assists for 33 points in S8. Being in the inflation era, Winter was able to capitalize on that, and being on the Chiefs. S9 saw Winter score 20 goals, 30 assists for a career high 50 points. Good but not great. 22nd in scoring points wise.

S10 saw Winter take full advantage of the era. Scoring a career high 32 goals, 37 assists for 69 points. He also had 177 hits, a precursor to what he would bring to the league later. 8th in the league in points, 4th in goals. Most importantly though, Winter helped lead the Chiefs to their first Challenge Cup win of their franchise. 5 seasons in, 1st win. He was nominated for the Anton Razov Award as well, but we do not know the stats of those playoffs.

S11 saw it be the final season of the inflation era. Winter scored 28 goals, 34 assists for 62 points, 28th in the league in points. 181 hits as well, a career high. S12 saw Winter get moved for the first time of his career. After 33 games with the Chiefs, scoring 13 goals, 13 assists for 26 points. He was traded to the Hamilton Steelhawks in a 3 way deal. With The Las Vegas Kings(TBB) receive Christoph Klose, Chiefs getting Charlie Chiclets and HAM 1st, and Hamilton getting David Winter and the Kings 1st. Finishing out that season with the Steelhawks, Winter in total had 42 points in 50 games. T-12th in the league in points that season.

However, after that season Winter [url]signed[/url] with the Manhattan Rage on a 2 season deal. S13 proved out well for Winter in the new STHS times. Scoring 17 goals, 23 assists for 40 points. He also reached 128 hits that season. Winter was 20th in scoring that season. Another solid to elite level of play from him. S14 saw him score 48 points, good for 10th in the league in scoring. His 2nd time being in the top 10 in scoring in a season.

Winter eventually made his way back to Hamilton though. Signing a 3 season deal with them in S15. Although the signing started off slow. Only 15 goals, 19 assists for 34 points. This was his lowest scoring season since S8. Luckily that changed fast. S16 saw him get back to his normal self. Scoring 18 goals, 30 assists for 48 points. Earning himself a 3rd All Star Team, and an Aidan Richan nomination that season. 48 points was good for 12th in the league in points that season.

S17 got Winter into the first 50+ point season of his career. Scoring 25 goals, 29 assists for 54 points, He earned his 1st 2nd All Star award. 54 points was good for 3rd in the league in scoring that season, as well as 2nd in goals that season. Ontop of that, had 165 hits, the most of his career besides of the inflation era of the league. Continuing his dominance, Winter scored 21 goals, 24 assists for 45 points in S18. Earning himself a 3rd All Star Team. His 45 points was good for 111th in the league in points.

S19 was the worst season for Winter for his whole career except for his rookie season. Only scoring 15 goals and 12 assists for 27 points. He quickly bounced back. S20 showed him reach 24 goals, 23 assists for 47 points. Another 2nd All Star Team, T-5th in the league in scoring that season.

S20 offseason, saw the Rights to David Winter moved. Rights moved to Seattle Riot(TBB) for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and a conditional 2nd. Signing that same day, Winter signed a 2 season deal to Seattle.
S21 was similar, but in a new location. Scoring 20 goals, 23 assists for 43 points. Earning himself another 2nd All Star Team, and his first real nomination for an award. A Jeff Dar nomination. Why the Jeff Dar nom? He had a career high 210 hits that season.

S22 was similar. 18 goals, 25 assists for 43 points. 16th in the league in points. S23 saw Winter score 21 goals, 27 assists for 48 points. T-11th in the league in points. S24 & 25 saw him finally succumb to harsher regression. In his 19 season career from S7-S24, he did not have a back to back under 40 points season, besides his first 2 seasons in his career. Mightily impressive. S24 & S25 however, saw him only get 37 points in both seasons. His scoring going below 20 goals both those seasons.

S26 would mark his last season of his career. Where else but to sign back at home. Signing in Minnesota for his final season. Ironically, it would be one of Winters best seasons of his career. Scoring 28 goals, 26 assists for 54 points . Winters led the league in goals that season, winning the Jay McDonald. His first and only award win of his career. As well as his first and only 1st All Star Team as well. Tied for 3rd in points, it would be a great ending to a legendary career.

Winter is the 2nd player ever to reach 1000 games played. With the first being Brendan Gibbon. However, Gibbon was barely playing at all for half of his career. Being a Texas inactive player. So I would say, David Winter is the first notable player to hit 1000 career games played. On Top of this,David Winter retired with 394 goals, 485 assists for 879 points. Good for 1st all time in points in time of his retirement. He was also 1st in goals at the time of retirement as well.

David Witner might not have gotten any Major awards yet for one Jay McDonald. But he was consistently a top 15 player in the league for over a decade. He also had ten 20+ goal seasons. Ten 40+ point seasons in modern SHL(past inflation). A pinnacle of consistency and it showed. Multiple 2nd and 3rd all star teams. Winter earned his spot in the top 75.

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aye congrats RED!

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Thank you for the kind words my man and for getting this whole project going in the first place Smile

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