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S76 mPT #2: What is colorblindness? Due: Sunday, April 21st @ 11:59 PM PST

The ohio owls jersey design would of course be worn against the most american team of the smjhl, namely the maine timber, mostly because its the only american team i know where is on the map

[Image: Evok.gif]

[Image: merha.gif]

Awesome news, the new black out jerseys were a big hit! Now for our opponent would be Texas, just because the black on black would be very confusing for everyone

[Image: captainLahey.png?width=1000&height=606]
[Image: lIYTYDN.png][Image: tCcIWQC.png][Image: 9pUocRs.png]

For the jersey task, I had the Armada wearing the Habs colours. Now I don't know why I have never really noticed this, but the St. Louis Scarecrows, the team I've played for twice previously, wearing the black and yellow colours, just like the Boston Bruins. So for this match up, I would have the only two teams I've played for. The bleu, blanc et rouge versus the black and yellow.

[Image: Ci4nm13.png]sig by @Bruins10 
Scarecrows   Specters   Canada 

Were in the world is carnen san diego and young fittles but were can the bays be wheb im gine into the abyss nefore time ends were can we go from here

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I feel like the natural team to do that with Texas would be Manhattan, as I feel the colors would math very well together but also not to overpowering of color for the Texas Black

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We played against the tampa bay barracuda since they got a pink too. It was a prank that we decided to play on the referees. Everybody found it hilarious!

[Image: 75fL0ul.png]
credit to Qwest

Atlanta wore their new hot pink alternate jerseys against the Tampa Bay Barracuda as a troll job because they've got pink as one of their main colours so Sim Wen thought it was hilarious to use them against them.

[Image: Jepox.gif]

Well, the team Hugh Manius would like to play and have his alt jersey used in a game wound be against would be Winnipeg. Why, he is a Manius. That is why.

[Image: bonk.gif]
Sigs by @FlappyGiraffe,  @Steelhead77,  @ToeDragon84, @slothfacekilla, @Wasty and other dude I need to find your name

Lil' Manius

Big Manius

Color rush hits the SMJHL! Carolina in their Orange/Purple gets to face off against Colorado and their Blue/Yellow, a pair of inverted colors with garish contrast.

[Image: sve7en.gif]

[Image: 1tWWEzv.png][Image: 8zFnf2t.png][Image: 6Lj3x8E.png][Image: xkAdpbO.png][Image: xnZrhKU.png][Image: 9YigPG2.png][Image: bpYxJ69.png]

I think our colors will go with any teams, I think Toronto will be a good combo. We should do a color rush game like the nfl does that would be a good idea

[Image: gurbs.gif]

Montreal would have a red color competition with the Manhattan Rage and would obviously win as the Patriotes' maroon color is far and away better than the Rage's red


[Image: CampinKiller.gif]

oh man I already forgot what I put for this PT last time. Let's say I went with some super neon green. Neon green goes great with a lot of things but the most important thing is that this particular blinding-highlighter shade of neon green will stand out more than anything else on the ice.

[Image: gunnarsoderberg.gif]

[Image: xJXeYmQ.png]
[Image: DG0jZcS.png]
. : [Image: zS2lCMp.png] : .

I would chose the Baltimore Platoon to wear the Blizzard whiteout jersey I designed. Baltimore is where I sent most of my career so to play against them with the jersey I designed would be awesome

[Image: jumbobone19.gif]
[Image: 9tINabI.png]  [Image: 1DL5JDX.png]  [Image: xc2IPJy.png]  [Image: 1DL5JDX.png]  [Image: wW0VNnL.png]
Thanks to @DELIRIVM @sköldpaddor @Merica for the Sigs

The Panthers would be wearing their pastel colour alternates to face off against the San Francisco Pride. The soft colours would lull them into a false sense of security that can be take advantage of.

35 words.

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Edmonton in red and black would be a very interesting change up to their color scheme, and I think it’s the best color scheme for a sports team personally. It would be a nice clash with the colors I picked last week as well.

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