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S64 PT #1: All or Nothing

Hockey Prompt:

The Montreal Patriotes could easily fill a solid season of content. The main storylines in play would center around the offseason, and the changes it brought. New head office staff, high turnover rates, trades requested. It was a sad and slightly stressful time. The draft was dramatic but extremely successful for Montreal. So far, the main storyline has been the success of the newest Patriotes signing: Kriss Darzins, as well as the rise of Scott Thorn and Leons Briedis. 

Darzins is a veteran of the league, and has already brought a ton of leadership to the Montreal locker room, as well as success on the ice. Scott Thorn and Leons Briedies, the pair of rookies this season, are both putting up exceptional numbers.

On the less successful side, Roderic Banes has been underperforming, and you could run a whole storyline on him and his lack of contribution on the scoreboard.

On the whole, Montreal would be the best choice for the feature, since we're young and growing and the whole tone would be optimistic, and full of plucky underdogs.

[Image: banes.png]

Coming off of last season, I think the expectation for a lot of the players and fans is that we're remaining in a playoff position and that's probably not a wrong conclusion. We finished 2nd in the league last regular season, setting some Maine records and we were all happy with that but sadly fell short to the Newfoundland powerhouse in the second round. Honestly I think what makes us strong this season is a solid mixture of 2nd/3rd/4th year players instead of rookies carrying a large portion of the workload. We've gotten off to a bit of a rough start due to hard scheduling against some of the stronger teams in the league, like Newfoundland and Colorado, but as the season continues to open up and the pack starts the separate I think we'll see ourselves rise pretty steadily. Something to keep an eye on would be adam Rage; our rookie goalie from last season, now our bonafide starter coming into his own.

Words: 166

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Typically Pasta the Turtle is very shy, and avoids the camera and the spotlight. Sometimes he accidentally directs a puck into the net, but this is mostly accidental as he really despises that attention that results from being an offensive contributor. Generally, reporters don't seek out the top shot blocker for a post game interview. It can be unavoidable, at times. As Pasta is on a team with a few war criminals and outspoken specist (primary from the Vancouver Hockey Club), he is often made out to speak out for the animals that his teammates advocate total extermination. This can present as a challenge, as he must overcome his introverted tendencies to advocate for his non-human brethren. In particular, in a brazen act of cowardice, a team mate forced Pasta into an uncomfortable situation. His "will they or won't they" counterpart Makrus "the Tater" Jager invited a reporter to raise these specist issues an attempt to shirk the spotlight.

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Player Prompt:

Ryosuke Sato really does not like to be in the forefront of cameras. However, as a "star player" to some people, they like to ask him questions about his game and most recently about his new team. It is always the same old questions and Sato really could not care to answer it in the hundreth way, so he started to get a little creative with his answers. At first, he started by only responding with one word responses, but the media started to pick that up as something interesting like Kimi from F1. And so, Sato went another route and tried just hiding behind his teammates. He is a small guy and definitely easy to miss amongst the giants, but even then he would get spotted. Finally, the best tactic he found was when during an interview his mom called him. No one asked anything about it, it worked like a charm so when Sato is feeling tired of the media, his "mom" calls and he gets off scott free. It is working... for now.

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Player prompt

Slap McShotty likes to be a diva when he gets a chance. He's been in near-peak physical form his whole career and he likes to let others know, so when he sees recording lights active on any nearby cameras his shirt tends to come off and his sense of direction suspiciously gets fuzzy enough that he finds himself wandering onto screen mumbling about limes and lights. Honestly he should really get that checked out. It seems to be a health hazard on the same level as seizures because his muscles start rippling and flexing in an almost uncontrollable manner. Even nature tries to stop him, though not very effectively, since a light breeze tends to blow through his hair when he wanders about like this. Slap has ways to combat these unhealthy tendencies: he has it in his contract that whenever anyone talks about a shot or a slap shot that they must change the "shot" to either "McShot" or "McShotty", because apparently the more he's talked about the healthier he feels, which can only be a good thing. Right?

hodOOOOr'hOOOdoooooooor hoooodor hOOdOOORRRR, Hooooooodooooorrrr HoooooddddddddoooooooRRRR

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The Manhattan Rage might not win games this season, but the young core is certainly taking steps forward in their careers. It's exciting watching a bunch of rookies taking their first strides in the big leagues and seeing how quickly they evolve. You will see a bunch of goals in the streams so that is always fun to watch for any neutral party, and when the Rage actually manage to get one over on the opposition, the amount of energy and joy from the team will be abundant. Imagine always having a clear underdog to root for in every single game they play, fighting for every win with no real expectation to actually succeed. There are also a lot of top draft picks on the team currently meaning that a lot of the fans have been eager to see them play in the league for many seasons since their draft.

Word count: 150

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so it turns out the raptors of colorado have been chosen for a new television series on a big cable network. now binko koivu is just a new face in the league and he knows that no one is going to pay attention to him for his on ice talents since he seems to have no on ice talents, so he would need to be a very entertaining person in order to get the attention of any one watching the show and in order to gain any sort of fan base. so every day binko koivu comes in to the locker room and gets up to some very wacky shenanigans such as wearing silly hats or wearing some wacky sun glasses or sometimes for special occasions wearing a sparkly butt plug! that last one is something that he picked up when following the social media of some of his favourite players from his childhood such as Puddles @Z-Whiz O'Duck who seems to very frequently post gifs of his duck butt getting plugged and plunged by someone whose face cannot be seen by the camera but people have speculated is Angus @micool132 McFife.

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Quote:Written Task: Tell the executive everything about your team going in to S64 and why the world should care. What are the story lines developing on your roster this season? Is this a season where your team is all in on the cup? Has there been a big trade or free agent signing? Maybe this is a season full of new fresh young guns? What stories would a TV show covering your team this season need to capture? (150+ words)

I tell the executive that there's no more exciting journey to watch than one of a team that's favored to win the cup. Whether you succeed and get to witness a journey to the top, or fail and get to watch at train get derailed. Either way, that's drama, that's exciting. In terms of storylines, there's the fresh-out-of-the-oven prospect Alexej Komarek (played by the former GM JR95) who's made it to the big leagues with sub-600 TPE. My player Adam Barron has declined to the point he's worthy of the middle to bottom pairing, but the team won't miss a beat with the ascension of Jasper Maximov and Zebulon Leavitt. The insane top line of Jones/Nikiforov/Duncan has a new challenger: Lord Raiden, who's proving he can hang with the big boys. Tony Pepperoni, practically an SHL institution, is playing in his final (corpse) season and wants one more ring to add to the resume. And finally, the team is 16-1-0 to start the season. Baltimore means business and the TV world would be wise to take notice.

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HOCKEY PROMPT - You find yourself in an elevator with a high-powered TV executive who is a massive SHL fan and immediately recognizes you! They tell you how they've got a huge opening on a major streaming service early next year that they want to fill with premium sports content.

Written Task: Tell the executive everything about your team going in to S64 and why the world should care. What are the story lines developing on your roster this season? Is this a season where your team is all in on the cup? Has there been a big trade or free agent signing? Maybe this is a season full of new fresh young guns? What stories would a TV show covering your team this season need to capture? (150+ words)

I've got two ideas to pitch to the TV guy, as I'm a send-down for MAN and still playing with QCC. MAN is still deep in a rebuild, but just called up some rookies who were big hitters in the J leagues. The show would focus on them and how they're about to mold MAN into a contender in the coming seasons. QCC would be a little of the same - the rookies and sophomores of the team are going hard and should be seeing a serious four star cup run in two seasons. The recent draft pulled some great players, as did the one before. Some alumni have returned to the team to make it feel like something special. Neither will be seeing incredible seasons, most likely, but that's not an issue. For now, both are teams where the players are having fun, doing their best, and hoping for some wins along the way.

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Player prompt

When it comes to getting attention and standing in the spotlight, Evert completely loves it. So when the cameras are rolling Evert would mostly go around pulling practical jokes on his teammates and basically being the locker-room clown that would make him get a lot of screen time in the final cut. Evert would also get really mad intentionally after a loss just to give the show producer that extra hockey drama that will be needed in a successfull TV-show. Maybe even "sabotage" the rivaling teams locker room by sneaking in and duck tape someones equipment during an away game? Who knows what he will put up infront of the camera? All we know is that it would probably end up in Evert getting fined or reported because of all the damage he would cause. But I mean a couple of dollars in fine is a small price to pay for standing in the spotlight.

Igor Victory is making a special trip to New York City to go visit his agent in Manhattan. You see, Igor's agent is big shot agent Shooter McGavin, the best of the best that there ever was. Well, in his agents building there's a handful of other companies that operate there as well. One of them being the offices of a big sports production company called ADIDAA (ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT ATHLETICS). They just came off filming a team in the ISFL and the PBE. While in the elevator he runs into one of the producers from that company. He immediately recognized Igor and told him that he loved the jock straps he put out a few seasons ago, and his kid's hockey team is sponsored by his brand. Igor thought that was a weird intro, but whatever. The producer got really excited because they just got done airing those PBE and ISFL documentaries, but those were busts he said. Nobody cares about Baseball, and in football it's just a drop in the bucket at this point. So he asks Igor if the Forge would be interested and is there any good stories this season. Igor, being the humble finn that he is, says he and his team are just there to work hard, score goals and get into the playoffs for a chance to win the cup. The producer pushes a little bit more, and Igor resisted. He said if he really wants to get to know the boys, come down for a public skate with some media credentials and that'll help get a small glimpse into the forge's daily life

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While Calvin Hobbes is not the limelight seeker who wants to be in the spotlight all the time, he is one of the pranktsters on the team. What better time for a pranktser to shine than when there is cameras in place showing the reactions of the unsuspecting teammates (and maybe even the camera team). So setting up the pranks and practical jokes on his teammates Calvin Hobbes would want the camera to capture the time and effort spent preparing the prank, if only to ensure that the result of the prank will be captured.
As mentioned, it is not too far fetch that he would also play pranks on the camera team, showing up disguised as someone else and giving fake interviews as the disguised person.
When Calvin has had enough and want to avoid the cameras he would use the backdoor entrances or use a different locker room to get changed in to avoid the camera team.

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